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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch1 Taste Test ago
Ch2 More Than You Can Chew ago
Ch3 Bait Fishing ago
Ch4 Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Ch5 What's On The Menu? ago
Ch6 Travel Rations ago
Ch7 Let's Do Lunch ago
Ch8 Rat Meat ago
Side Dish #1 ago
Ch9 Will Work For Food ago
Ch10 Cafeteria Cuisine ago
Ch11 Bitter Pill ago
Ch12 First Come, First Served ago
Ch13 Preheat The Oven To 10,000 Degrees ago
Ch14 Egg Scramble ago
Ch15 Crunchy Critters ago
Side Dish #2 ago
Ch16 They Are Made Of Meat ago
Ch17 All Part of a Balanced Breakfast ago
Ch18 Tips For Delivery ago
Ch19 Fly In My Soup ago
Ch20 Snack Run ago
Ch21 Leftovers ago
Ch22 Jailhouse Rock Candy ago
Ch23 Home Cooking ago
Ch24 Good to the Last Bite ago
Side Dish #3 ago
Ingredients (Glossary) ago
Ch25 Kitchen Prep ago
Ch26 Dining Etiquette ago
Ch27 Salad Fork ago
Ch28 Double Danger Dinner Date ago
Ch29 Brewing ago
Side Dish #4 ago
Ch30 Food Courting ago
Ch31 Refried ago
Ch32 Dinner Bell ago
Ch33 Hangry ago
Ch34 Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts ago
Ch35 Picnic ago
Ch36 Smart Sushi ago
Ch37 Monster Mashed Potatoes ago
Sidedish #5 ago
Ch38 Chew ago
Ch39 Beefy Boy ago
Ch40 Cake ago
Ch? Rubber Chicken ago
Ch41 Smells Fishy ago
Ch42 Sweet, Salty, Sour ago
Ch43 I Can't Believe It's Not Tofu ago
Ch44 Slices of Life ago
Ch45 Bloodsuckers ago

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Interesting Sci-fi Superhero Blend

Reviewed at: Ch32 Dinner Bell

Super Minion is an interesting and well-written story that features a sci-fi based take on super heroes.

The premise of the story is that a designed bioweapon escapes the lab it was built in and tries to integrate into society. The story does a number of things very well, with the writing style and characters being the highlights. The main character's perspective is written very well, with it having a detached and highly analytical point of view. It is very clear that the MC is not a human based on the way it is written to think, react, and respond, and this style is maintained very consistently while also developing organically throughout the story. 

The MC has an interesting and balanced powerset, not being OP but also being strong enough to be able to be plot-relevant in a world of powered individuals. This leads on to the next point, the setting. The superhero setting created for this story is very unique and well-done so far. It allows for the exploration of certain aspects of this type of story not normally touched upon, and gives the story many options for the future.

The supporting characters are well-established, and benefit the story as a whole.

The story is well-edited and chapters are quite long, balancing out the irregular releases.

I would strongly recommend this story.

(As of Chapter 32)

Sage Drunk Kitty
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A great read. If you manage to get past the first 5 chapters.

Reviewed at: Ch31 Refried

Current Progress: Finished chapter 31.

A somewhat but not really simple, light hearted story about a shapeshifting biomech's journey as a minion and lover of food. His adventures, and the way he slowly grows and develops is certainly entertaining. Keep up the great work, author!

  • Overall Score
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Hello fellow definitely nonsuspicius humans.

After having had it as a five star for a long time, I guess it is time to get back to giving it a proper review before another reread.


The style. Very unique style, the politics of this superhero world is very decently though trough  with laws that almost make about as much sense as some that exist in the world today. Evil ish supercorp is building sentient bio weapons for god reasons for evil corps, and cover up its escape for other good reasons(hint: its cash. But the reason for it being so valuable makes sense) , economy makes sense, politics makes about as much sense as politics do. Infrastructure makes surprisingly amount of Even the giant monster ruling the city neighbouring the one in our story takes place in makes sense.


Story: escaped superweapon trying to blend into the crowd, and makes friends. After all  who doesn't like the guys from r/totallynotrobots. Although he keeps getting a  sader and sader past among his friends  "did you know sodas came in different flavours?  Mind. Blown." 


Grammar : excellent. We all blame weird structure on the mc. 


Characters : the characters are excellent. The mc learning to fitt in is a wonderful thing that he does with out anyone thinking aaaaaaanything is off with the weird murderous goffball.


The rest of the cast is also solid. Daughters of known villains and students trying to make enough to pay for college all take up henshing for their own in character reasons. 

Only flaw is that there is not enough of it yet. 



  • Overall Score

This story is so good, tofu is the best, everything is the best.  So Good.  Wish I found this story a year from now so I'd be able to binge it.  

  • Overall Score
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On chapter 24 now and it's been pretty great. The start was a little confusing. I still don't quite understand some of the stuff that was happening, but it was fun. I like the odd perspective, but I'm worried it will soon totally die out. I'd like to see some misunderstandings work back in to keep the alien feel. Anyway I'll be waiting for more.

Miles D
  • Overall Score


I find this both exciting and intriguing, it offers enough to make me think without really stretching my credulity too much. 
I found the first few chapters a bit slow, but still having enough action to hold my interest hard enough to really get into the meat of the story. 
I started reading this morning and at 21.30 I caught up - this speed is rare unless I am enjoying a story.


  • Overall Score

Good, interesting and mostly original story.

So far this story has been quite good! The protagonist “Tofu” has developed quite logically and is enjoyable to see in action. His powerset of “basically Blacklight but less fantastical”  is really great for interesting storytelling and makes for some cool/interesting scenes.

Having him be the minion of an evil organization also works well as a concept. It’s a rare concept to see pulled off well, yet something this story manages.

As a more personal preference I’m extremly glad the MC hasn’t been sexualized or made into some overly gender fluid creepy thing. He/It’s a biologically war-machine and freaking acts like it! 

Overall I’m really interested in seeing where this goes. 

I can certainly see a few resemblances to Worm with some of the naming terminologies. Which would normally be bleh for me, but thankfully this story isn’t grimdark nonsense.

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It starts a little slow at the beginning but it's totally worth the wait. The main character may not always be the most interesting but the supporting cast is great. Ch 22 was especially amusing and largely responsible for making me decide it was time to give this series an advanced review.

  • Overall Score

Non-human and shapeshifting Wooooo!!

 Always had a fascination with non human protagonist, and it being a shifter to booth. My type of flavour.

  • Overall Score
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A slow start and then it takes off like a rocket

The perspective of the MC was strange at first but truly is an amazing character.  Looking at human customs from a perspective with out human knowledge is so interesting.  The moment when you understand what the mc was describing is so satisfying.


Also dessert is best.