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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


Updating Sporadically.

Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2018 Royal Road challenge.

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  • Overall Score

My favorite story on this website I love the settings and the characters

Tofu acts realistically with a bit cartoony feel to not make him a bland organic computer.

The settings well not original is rare enough to feel fresh and excited to see how deep the lore can get 

I would like to write about every character but that would be spoilers so I won't all you need to do is READ IT, it's great 


  • Overall Score

The MC never ceases to be amusing with his outsider perspective on humanity. The world feels intriguing, deep and well-developed. Grammar's good, mistakes are rare. I think that with a more descriptive title and some professional-looking cover art this could break through in popularity. I'd love more of the story, but sadly I'm out of chapters now. Will be following it.

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While the first couple chapters, before the protagonist can use normal english, are a bit hard to read, they are absolutely worth pushing past.

The characters are well fleshed out and often hilarious, the combat is great, and there is even a slow, steady, and satisfying growth of power and abilities from the protagonist.

I particularly like that the addition of superpowers to earth (in the distant backstory) had a massive effect on human civilization. There's no lazy "modern US + superheroes) to be seen here.

"Odd summer", so named because it occurs in summer in random odd-year increments, and because it results in strange occurences, is a time when animals (including humans) and plants mutate or develop powers.

Because of this, humans live in walled megapolises almost entirely absent of plants and animals (well, they try to keep those out)

The city in this story is a circle divided into multiple districts, with those closer to the walls being poorer (and generally more lawless.)

Enter in our protagonist, a restricted nano-weapon (anything not connected with his body explodes shortly afterward, so no grey-goo plague), that triggers during a tough fight with the power to think like a human.

The story revolves around his struggles to survive and blend into human society, and the hilarous misunderstandings caused by his youth, lack of knowledge, and alien nature..

  • Overall Score

So, I'm new to RoyalRoad and I'll be reviewing an entry for the first time. And I must say this is truly worth reading. A sense of humor and an oblivious protagonist that reminds me of Rezkin from King's Dark Tidings(my fav), a great plot and complex characters all along with a perfect balance of world building, action and light-hearted comedy. 5 stars all the way. This deserves publication.

Forged in Flame
  • Overall Score

This story is amazingly creative and original in ways you can't even begin to imagine. It's a unique and classic take on a super hero world that is done quite marvelously. There's just the right amount of world building to give you a comprehensive idea of whats going on in the world, but nothing more than that; no unnecessary mention of other places or cities that have no relevance to the story at hand. 

The MC is creatively balanced in a myriad of ways, simultaneously displaying an OP nature that at the same time, isn't at all OP and in fact can be exploited numerously; with its scientific nature it contrasts beautifully against the dynamic and fluent physics breaking powers seen in the typical Super Hero or Super Villain. The idea of a strong MC working as a janitor basically is quite novel, and that element is pulled off amazingly.

The characters are all quirky, and I mean that in a good way. Each has their own personality and personal life that is adequately expressed at the moment, yet untouched enough that there's nothing stopping the author from revisiting their backstories or something that happened in their past, and in the process of doing so, wouldn't hinder the story at all. The MC's naive but logical personality is quite the ultimate foil to not just one person, but everyone- his social ineptitude allows us to get a better than normal glimpse at how the world works and how his friends operate, and allows seamless exposition that doesn't come off as forced or unneccessary, but as a completely natural thing

Mikey and Tim are extraodinarily normal, probably the most normal people in the entire story thus far, despite Tim's proclivity and unique desire. Having them around allows us to see just how abnormal the world, and by extension, Tofu, is compared to a 'normal' comprehension of the world. They're kinda like the foil to the foil (Tofu), in a sense. 


 I want to give a special shout out to Nicole because she's probably one of my favorite characters in the whole story. Despite being the most mutated out of everyone we've seen thus far, and her isolationist lifestyle, she's more normal than most of the characters and has a genuinely solid grasp of normal concepts, being concerned for Tofu when he's in obvious danger like exploring the tunnels or being homeless, despite the fact he's more than capable of handling such situations. 

Seeing her become more comfortable with herself with the help of Tofu is rather endearing in a way, and I hope she overcomes her own stigma of her appearance with the help of our lovable minion.

 There's a whole lot of other characters too that I really like, like the hilarious comments of the reptile secretary or the brilliant laywer who keeps everyone out of legal trouble with the power of bureaucracy; I love everyone in this story so much I could probably write an essay's worth of praise for them all each. The characters here are one of a kind and I guarantee you won't forget them easily. 

I can't say much about grammar, to be honest. I'm not a literary expert by any means, but there's no grammar mistakes I can see. If there are, they're very superficial and do not distract or detract from the story at all; honestly, only the most hardcore of grammar nazi's could probably find something to nit pick here.

Finally, all the small details. As mentioned before, there's a lot going on in the world that is just kinda sprinkled into the story, but it adds a whole new essence and creativity to the world and highlights just how unique it is. The things like the Flaming Cars? Absolutely brilliant. They're so minor and just casually thrown in there that despite being mentioned frequently, it's never annoying or forced, yet I always smile whenever I see one of them mentioned, or at the fact that by that point, no one even pays them any attention (with one person in the story commenting that 'they drive better than most people') I hope they get a subplot of their own, frankly. 

All these things together combine to make this one hell of a story and probably one of the best ones I have ever read, hands down. Give it a shot for sure; I bet by chapter 2 you'll be completely pulled in, because I sure have.

  • Overall Score

Intriguing plot and have a great story telling

Reviewed at: Ch36 Smart Sushi

This fiction make me excited about our MC adventure in finding his identity and role in the world full of odd things in Odd Summer. The way the author describe the story was great and not boring at all. This story is such good treat. 

  • Overall Score

Amazing story. The grammar is fantastic, and the character development is good too. The only thing keeping this story from being a full 5 stars is that sometimes the MC's naivety can make some confusing situations. Even as bad as that is, I still find it nice how the author is not changing that part of the MC

James Mandy
  • Overall Score

This book is a masterpiece.I felt it has good bits in it. However I felt it couldn't compare with Watership Down as an adventure tale (that is another great book, surprisingly brilliant). My Grandmother ("on my father's side...") once said that I should read the book and put the old, incomplete cartoon into the video player. Intrigued, but didn't really get what was going on (the Black Riders in that cartoon are terrifying - scarier than the movie versions, and cost me some sleep!). later I sometimes considered looking at this book again, but was rather put off the idea due to it's imposing size and the apparent "unfathomability" of the tale in my own ignorance having not read it yet. Nor had my understanding of the cartoon improved. But, somehow in someway, the tale that had not been read just niggled at me from time to time. I met some good friends at 20 years old and they said, "you've not read it yet!? You've got to read it. It's so worth it - but READ IT ALL or you won't get the benefit!" Later that year I bought the one piece, bulky novel and got down to it... It has maps in it, always a good thing and gradually helped my immersion. Gradually, gradually. The first part, the first time, the super minion was kind of slow and for me, was an effort to read, I didn't know the characters, the lay of the land, the lore or anything. It had some tense and joyous moments. It was basically a deeper version of the world found in the Hobbit. But the English and sentence composition was exquisite in many parts. Didn't dig the singing though, for I knew not the tunes or hints! Then after the main character left the lab... Suddenly the book changes tracks! Whoa! It became a massive page turner, though the times I paused reading and was lost in my imagination about what was happening, where and to whom gradually increased in length and frequency. And THIS is what makes it great. You get lost in this world in your own imagination before returning to read the next paragraph... Suddenly the book ends. What an epic and what a fabulously cool ending! Such a good ending, When I read reviews of people complaining about the book, I can see from my own experience that almost all of them didn't get through super minion! LOL. For those who haven't read it yet, heed my old friend's advice, READ IT ALL. It becomes a page turner after the first part. Seriously. This book is awesome. The movies are great (I love them), but they are just like the images you see in the corners of the pages of old children's books. Wonderfully complimentary, but not actually it itself. Read it.