In the war-torn land of Cyraveil, four heroes strove to overthrow an empire. By cold steel and elemental sorcery, they brought peace to a warring land on the brink of destruction. As the flames died, the realm needed strong leadership, and who better than the champions who had saved the kingdom? But when the people sought out their saviors... they vanished.

Matt, Blake, Jen, and Carl: the four mysterious companions, who together had deposed an insane ruler and saved countless lives, were gone—spirited back in a whirlwind of magic to a sleepy suburb in Mellbridge, Oregon, never to return. The friends found themselves home in the real world, exactly as they'd been the night they were taken, as if no time had passed... except only three came back.




Hi there! This was my entry for National Novel Writing Month, because why only write one series at a time? The more the merrier! (meanwhile, my keyboard bursts into flames...)

I'm also the writer of The Last Science, an ongoing low-fantasy/speculative sci-fi series. If you're familiar with that, you know what to expect here: lots of character-focused drama and dialogue, not a whole lot of traditional action. However, I'm writing a bit differently than usual here, and in a very different structure, so there should be some surprises for returning readers. I hope you enjoy it!

 [Discord] — for those of you who want to hang out and chat.


Cover art (fullsize): Path of Revelation, by taenaron (Tobias Roetsch), modified by Etzoli. Normally I like to do my own cover art from scratch, but I was in a rush for the contest. Might be replaced down the line if I get time.

[winner of the NaNoWriMo Royal Road 2018 challenge—Most Favorites]

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English gimmick is just wrong

As much as I like the story, Jen forgetting English just isn't a thing that happens to people. Even brain injury usually doesn't damage your knowledge of your mother tongue. If you're 16 and pick up a new language, it just won't overwrite your knowledge of the original. That gimmick was off putting for how unrealistic it is. I know it's a fantasy themed story, but it's not that kind of fantasy. 


This novel made me sooo mad

This story kept me engaged from first chapter and was fairly interesting. Author have really interesting approach to the characters change after their journey. Personally some of them make no sense from information given about some characters and u have a bad teste after 2 of the characters are shown in very good light while another apparently smartest is unhinged.

This novel ending is ridiculous. Made me soooo mad and I regretted that I even seen it. I really wanted to give author 1 star because of it but it wouldn’t be fair. I just wish there was a continuation to it as there is room there for some revenge story.


Interesting premise, unsatisfying conclusion

Reviewed at: Epilogue

As a tear-jerker, this fiction does a decent job of moving people. The fact we only get hints of what happened in the parallel world rather than having things spelled out for us should make it harder for us as readers to emphasize with the characters, but we are given just enough detail that any sufficiently creative reader can fill the gaps for themselves. Unfortunately, despite being able to connect to some degree with the characters, we are not given enough time with them to build any truly meaningful bonds. This, along with the abruptness of the story's conclusion, left me feeling unsatisfied and disappointed. I do not believe there was enough time to properly develop the drama, especially that surrounding the characters of the "broken man" and the "girlfriend". I can somewhat excuse the cliche circumstances of the later character given that the drama happens near the end of the story, but the complete lack of any attempt to help the former left a sour taste in my mouth. Ultimately a slightly above average short story with a unique premise, but very unsatisfying conclusion.


Pretty good take on what happens to people after a traumatic experience in a fantasy world.  I liked the lore, and the detail in the daily lives of each of the 3 characters.  Multiple viewpoints worked well.  

In sum, a great short story. Self contained, and no need for a follow up or sequel.

For those complaining about the ending: if you think about it, it fits