It's here! Book 2! It's started! Yay!

:: cough cough ::

I mean, I'm glad to announce the continuation of the Dungeon Traveler (Dungeon Travels 1) in Traveling the Dungeon (Dungeon Travels 2).

So continues the tale of the traveling dungeon, Dale, Coldona's [High Priest], or as Denda likes to think of him 'that stone guy who helped me get married.'

The synopsis for the story is a bit bland, I plan to work on that, but for now, it will do. I've got four chapters finished so far, and the next three on my Patreon page. I've also got my new website up and running, or you can reach me at [email protected]. I've also got a Patreon page which should be linked here I think.

If you liked my latest book, Age of Victoria, could you give it a review or rating on Amazon, it would help me out. A single one-star vote can genuinely wreak havoc with your rating!

Thanks for reading!


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Bio: I'm a new indie author. I accept any and all criticism. Please feel free to tell me how you feel, what you think, and how I screwed up.

No criticism is too harsh!

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