The Dungeon Traveler

by alstonsleet

Original ONGOING Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

I spent most of my life trying to get by with whatever happiness I could, that included alcohol, food, and porn.

My death was unpleasant and humiliating. But, death is something we all need to go through. A bit like a proctology exam; necessary but never anything one wants to go through while it's happening.

But death was supposed to be the end of it. Either way, the pain, suffering, and failures were supposed to be over. I was supposed to wink out, or perhaps take a trip to some kind of lovely afterlife!

No, I ended up as a small stone, strapped to a table, while a pimple-faced teenager rubbed my facets and told me how 'lovely' I was.

Last time I checked, birth wasn't supposed to be as embarrassing as death!


[participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Dying, Death, and Birth ago
Chapter 2 - I Think I Pulled Something ago
Chapter 3 - Unleash the Blue Beast ago
Chapter 4 - 'Ware the Damsel ago
Chapter 5 - Crackers. ago
Chapter 6 - Pretty! Oh So Pretty! ago
Chapter 7 - Bitter Medicine ago
Chapter 8 - Coldona's Challenge ago
Chapter 9 - I Am The Stair Master! ago
Chapter 10 - Pretty Toes and Mental Ice Picks ago
Chapter 11 - Dwarves ago
Chapter 12 - Crab Apples and Cherries ago
Chapter 13 - Batter Up! ago
Chapter 14 - Rare Drops ago
Chapter 15 - Mistakes Were Made ago
Chapter 16 - Lizards Are Not Like Dwarves ago
Chapter 17 - Like a Thief in the Night ago
Chapter 18 - Teamwork Is Key. ago
Chapter 19 - Whatever Remains, No Matter How Improbable... ago
Chapter 20 - Females Be Crazy Yo! ago
Chapter 21 - Fight! Fight! Dance Fight? ago
Chapter 22 - Memory Dump ago
Chapter 23 - Uh, Love Triangle? ago
Chapter 24 - Enter Humans, Stage Left. ago
Chapter 25 - Scammer Going to Scam ago
Chapter 26 - No! Don't Do That! You'll Stretch It! ago
Chapter 27 - I am the Standard Cup of Tea ago
Chapter 28 - ...Am I a Monster? ago
Chapter 29 - The Cold Light ago
Chapter 30 - Great Balls of Fire ago
Chapter 31 - Turn Your Problems Upside Down...or Inside Out. ago
Chapter 32 - The Sounds of Madness ago
Chapter 33 - Enter the Labyrinth ago
Chapter 34 - Ponytailed Assassin Bot ago
Chapter 35 - The Start and End of a Rebellion ago
Chapter 36 - Denda's Secret Revealed. ago
Epilogue - I'm sorry. ago

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*spoilers* Fascinating untranslated lizard love


The story is enjoyable. It's novel enough to be interesting, and the untranslated lizard love triangle was fascinating. Though the actual love triangle itself was unpleasant in some ways. 

Brian P.
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Know what you’re getting into

This is supposed to be a reincarnated dungeon story, but it really isn’t. There’s a bit of a bait-and-switch going on here as the author seems much more interested in writing about the gods of the fantasy world than they are in writing a dungeon story.

There is a reincarnated dungeon, sure, but the things that are typically in the genre are missing. The reincarnated individual doesn’t learn from the mistakes of his previous life, he doesn’t grow in power or think up clever solutions when presented with problems, and in fact isn’t driven to improve in any way until the story is practically over. He starts out as a lazy asshole content to rest on his laurels and remains that way throughout.

The magic & menu systems is vague and ill-defined, the kingdoms the dungeon can “travel” to are bare sketches, and the gods, which are the driving force behind the story, have vague motivations and their personalities range from mysterious to mercurial.

And nothing the gods do, no matter how horrid, is ever challenged.

It’s fast paced, sometimes to its detriment as in the final few chapters, but it remains quick read. So, if you just need something to fill the time you can certainly do worse. But know what you’re getting into.

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It's a reincarnated dungeon core story, that's it. Other than what i don't like that's pretty much it. Not too drastically different from what you'd expect.

The first problem i have with this story is one i have with other fantasy stories that have gods. Namely, the way they mess with people for the sake of their own goals. Now here it's not blatantly evil like in other cases but it still works to the detriment of the main character dale as it makes him a clear target for people and gods who now want to murder and or enslave him. The definition of a dick move.

The second and more aggravating problem i have is with dale himself. He's a lazy asshole who grossly underutilizes the almost godlike power given to him and instead tries to be a one trick pony who is heavily outclassed by literally every other gods champion. The author literally stated that dale is pretty much just a vehicle to move the story forward to somehow justify how lazy it is. 

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Overall this is a rather enjoyable read. It is humorous, has (so far) good worldbuilding. Furthermore, it actually seems like e there is purpose to this story and it will have a story rather than the slow meanderings of most dungeon stories.


The only things i'm missing I have no doubt will be expanded on in future chapters. (What deeper motivations does the main character have besides survival?)


The grammar is good, and I noticed no error. That does not mean there are none, but I noticed none at least.


Overall very good, would recommend.

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I have read this in a binge read and I got to say while the MC is sorta overpowered and I hate overpowered characters this was quite okay with me, since this is a dungeon core MC and that makes a difference in my opinion. Basically the MC is asked by various gods to go around the world and make intresting challanges that each race needs to over come to get better and better rewards. I have truly enjoyed this series thus far and hope to continue to enjoy it and would feel great sadness if this discontinues I hope that the author does not do this and if he needs a holiday to come back to this series.


Thank you for reading this post and please people read this series if your a dungeon fan


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Lots of potential at the start...

This story opens great, and if it were given room to breathe and perhaps LATER EDITED for a print release, I could see this story going far!


Unfortunately, the author is like a movie director who put two hours of film in the camera and says "when we run out, we're done!"


The back third of this book is both rushed and crammed to fit a word count target, and the quality of the characters, story itself, and the writing all suffer for it. Plans moving forward discussed in the comments and author post-chapter-box-thing make the future sound grim - the main character Dale the dungeon is going to get a "second main character" story roommate, and that's after the author heads off to write something else entirely in the meantime. 


This story may not be orphaned in the sense that the author abandoned the work - in his eyes, the first volume is complete. But in casting aside or killing off many of the characters with potential, and being dismissive of what should be the main protagonist as just a means to an end, the functional effect for the reader is very similar to the other orphaned works on the site - the story remains unpolished and I would argue unfinished/incomplete in even the first arc itself, and there's no telling when the author may get around to producing more, or tightening up what he's given us already. 


If you're a fan of ongoing RR serials, this is not the book for you. Maybe if you're completely burnt out on dungeon core tales, reading this will bring some form of inspiration - there are a lot of cool ideas/nuggets with potential here... Mostly still unused. If you're a dungeon core story author, you should definitely read this tale for bits and pieces to steal for your own nefarious purposes. For everyone else... Well... The first half or so is really good, and there is probably a way to salvage the rest should the story continue... But until you see a second volume appear here, the only reason to read the first is that the author has declared that he will take the first book down at some point in the future. 

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personally I think this story (currently at chapter 9) has been well thought out so far, there are clear logical reasons for some people having the positions and classes they have, like the rebel king who took over from the tyrant king, there is a lot of back story there that we can deduce, I assume it will probably influence the kings actions towards the dungeon in some way but that just means the king is more than one dimentional

I look forward to seeing where this story goes

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I like the story so far (chpater 9)

Just posted to review to motivate the author embarassed. A more in depth review will come as soon as the story has enough pages to comment on.

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Looking forward to more.

I've read up to chapter 23 and so far I really like this story. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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Think of this as a monster of the week type TV series in book form. The dungeon moves its entrance to another part of the world, has adventures. With a main character, a few Divine contacts for him, and a possible Big Bad in the Rebel King.