Quest for the Elysian Fields

by Thykaeus Helmelius Meistrom

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Multiple Lead Characters

Wünder is a fifteen year old, four feet tall lad who likes nature and loves discovering vistas every now and then. Elysia is a prim and proper girl who dreams of finding her prince charming one day. They live in the village of Delossus, and live an inane life bereft of excitement, but for the stories told by Mrs. Detroit.

One day, a miner wounds up dead in the Taitanus Caves, the place where Wünder's brother works. That incident leads Elysia, Wünder and his brother to an expedition into the depths of a mountain so colossal, that it has terrified villagers and noblemen alike about the possible existence of a certain god residing in its depths.

What they find instead is nothing short of the incarnation of tyranny, and trails leading to a certain legend - the realms long forgotten, not even a remnant of lores... The Elysian Fields.

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Thykaeus Helmelius Meistrom

Thykaeus Helmelius Meistrom

Ghost of wintry spring.

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