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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Morgan Mackenzie had a very bad day. First at work, then at home, and then her bathtub fell through a portal to another world, with her in it. Now she's stuck thousands of miles from any sort of civilization with nothing but the bathtub and a lace puffball scrubby. But she learned magic, so that's sorta nice. Now if only she could find some clothes...

Cover art by SourMonkey and Tox

DISCLAIMER: This story has multiple characters and different points of view. If you only like boring stories with every single thing always happening with the main character, you won't like this one. Morgan is the main character, but there is a big cast of other characters who are important as well.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Drop ago
Chapter 2: Survival, with a side of screaming. ago
Chapter 3: Fruits of Thy Labors ago
Chapter 4: End of an Age ago
Chapter 5: Climb Down ago
Chapter 6: Enchantment ago
Chapter 7: Aspect Locked ago
Chapter 8: Crystallized ago
Chapter 9: Run, Fight, or Die ago
Chapter 10: Know Thyself ago
First InterLulude: Defend! ago
Chapter 11: Storm Break ago
Chapter 12: [Skyclad Sorceress] ago
Chapter 13: Sympathetic Reflex ago
Chapter 14: Blood Burns True ago
Chapter 15: First Raven's Roost ago
Chapter 16: [Mage-Eater] ago
Chapter 17: Living Runes ago
Chapter 18: Terrakinesis ago
Interlude: The Broken ago
Chapter 19: Experimentation ago
Chapter 20: Eye of Madness ago
Chapter 21: Glimmers and Glimpses ago
Chapter 22: Incineratus ago
Interlude: The General ago
Chapter 23: Expedition ago
Chapter 24: Bitter Tears ago
Chapter 25: Wanderings ago
Chapter 26: Territorial Disputes ago
Interlude: The Harlot ago
Chapter 27: Shattered Fates ago
Chapter 28: Crimson Ruin ago
Chapter 29: Bounty of the Wilds ago
Chapter 30: Entrenchment ago
Chapter 31: A Slight Miscalculation ago
InterLulude: Hello! ago
Chapter 32: A Fireside Chat ago
InterLulude: Filth! ago
Chapter 33: Under Ashen Skies ago
Skyclad - Interlude: The Dreamer ago
Chapter 34: The Devil's Drum ago
Chapter 35: Aspect of the Harbinger ago
Chapter 36: Thunder and Mud ago

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l nimbus
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How to survive a summoning ( buck naked ) 101.

I mean, Morgan is wearing NOTHING but the sky.....and a sentient lace puffball scrubby. For those of you who want confirmation that Skyclad is worth the read, let me be simple.

- It is.
- Why the hell are you still here?
-Oh, a wiseguy, eh? You want me to point out what makes it worth your time? Well then, sit down, shut up and let me tell you why YOU are going to read it.

Now, there are SOOOOO many things wrong with a story where the MC gets her powers from being nude, but i just can't bring myself to care about any of them. Skyclad just might be the first of it's kind, and i reccomend you read it before a few knockoffs come around and spoil the experience.



The image of an iron, soap-filled bathtub falling out of the sky and crushing an entire nest of [Giant Eagle Chicks] will forever be imprinted in my mind. And that's only the second chapter. Storywise, the beginning has SOME similarities to Randidly, but is better done. So, far, its been both a very good serious story and a barrel of laughs.

While we have Morgan ( and her lace scrubby ) tromping through one of the largest, and most dangerous forests in the world, the singular side chapter has given much appreciated perspective as to events happening about the world. I was also quite satisfied with the System, as it provided an interesting read in itself for both casuals and number crunchers. On another note, the usual 'Class Selection' was handled in a VERY unique and satisfying way. Kudos to that. ( I'd like to see some other stories try and rip that off ).

So far, there is a picture painted of a grim world, where humans aren't exactly on the top of the food chain. While limited so far, the monster selection and naming has been good. Tyrannorabbits and Electric eel hydras, anyone? Pass me the charred Shadowlands Lynx, if you would.


Ah, now we get to this. I usually don't have much to say about Styles, but this one more than gets the job done. It doesn't just vividly paint pictures in your mind, the author's use of wry humor at the right moments injects some lightheartedness and humor into other wise grim situations. The prose and wording flows smoothly, giving you a delectable read.


Nothing so here, people, move along. Yes, yes, its perfectly done, i assure you. Take it up with my lawyers if you want to disagree.


So far, a cast of three. Well, more or less the MC, her lace scrubby, and Rella, a side character. But, even with those small numbers, it is surpringly strong. The characters make an impression from their very first meetings with the reader, and only build from there. They're people, they screw up, they do things. They aren't paper cutouts, devices to advance the plot or souless machine moving from one stain to the next, eager to obliterate it. ( Well, maybe Lulu. But hey, isn't that the purpose of it's life? ).

The point is, the characters are great. So, UNLIKE Randidler, the MC isn't an introverted sociopath. Yay. We can actually cheer for Morgan here. And maybe imagine ogling her too. Just for lulz. Before she hands our asses to us.


A good idea transformed into a great story. I don't know why this isn't Top 100 YET, but it deserves that spot. Keep on trucking.

  • Overall Score

Love Morgan, ‘side chapters’ not so much

I absolutely love the chapters about Morgan but all these ‘side chapters’ feels like a chore I have to do, to get to the content I actually enjoy.

I understand that they might be necessary for the storyline but that does not make them any more enjoyable to read for me.

  • Overall Score

Completely worthwhile.


Humour with a reasonably competent protagonist. Doesn't hurt that the writing is in my preferred style. loved the endish bits of chapter 4. Thought it added just the right touch.


Dear Author please keep on keeping on, you rock.

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Heavy on plot convenience

The world feels artificial, as if it is just there to facilitate the plot rather than a living place that the story occurs in. To move the plot forward the story relies very heavily on random encounters, prophecy, and stupid choices that conveniently work out. Every new chapter is rife with "okay, I guess that's a thing that can happen?"s and "did anything the character do really matter?"s. 

The characters feel more real but every decision they make is presented as being inevitable or unavoidable. The lack of agency tends to erode the reader's investment.

Iori Angel
  • Overall Score

Solid world building, funny and well written?

I love how everything is so far, I found the premise of a naked female lost in a system game world attractive. Ok the way she power up is funny, but it's worth it. It change from the OP female I read about, this one struggle.

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A great story in the making

Have enjoyed this story so far. MC is following a very original path which is a breath of fresh air. Also as world building is my favorite this story gets a A+. You can tell that the author has already planned out the story in advance, which almost always is better then flying by the seat of your pants.

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Review written after finishing chapter 12.

This contains spoilers.



Nothing to scoff at. The style revolves mostly around following the main character with as of yet three chapters dedicated to wider world building focused on other characters. I find this ratio to be perfectly acceptable and the focus on the side characters does not overstay its welcome, getting back to the main character that should be the focal point without requiring too much wait time. All in all the style is perfectly serviceable. Could it be better? Maybe? But since I can’t articulate how then I can hardly fault it for that. Chapter lengths also have plenty of meat to them, no one wants to follow a story, see there is a new chapter and only find out there are a few hundred words to read.



Well the overall premise, the ever prevalent ‘Isekai genre’ as it has become known as, is getting to be so pervasive in so many forms of written media that I can’t help but knock the story for using it in the same way you’d find eating your hundredth steak of the month to be a little tasteless. That being said it does have a few unique things to keep it interesting. The nudity without overly sexual content was a distinctive way to go and the anthropomorphised loofah another thing I’ve never seen before.  The life threatening situations feel weighted enough against the established systems and skills Morgan has at her disposal to not feel too ‘plot armor-y’ when she survives. The explanation of the inner primal aspect of herself facilitating her own survival might also go some way towards explaining the lack of mental breakdown I’d assume your average person to suffer when faced with things biting off limbs or shattering knee caps when running from huge wolves or giant rabbits.

 However adding to the negative aspect of ‘oh another Isekai’ would be two things I wish to mention. First is the idea of power via tattoos, by no means an original idea as I’ve seen more than a few stories on this very site go the exact same route. I understand the draw, tattoos are cool and the physical depiction of a power a definite expression of the author’s desired explanation of it, but…well…like my qualms with the whole Isekai genre it’s a case of unoriginality. The next I would like to bring up is a potential pitfall for later chapters. The isolated aspect of Morgan’s situation is expected when one is dumped into a strange forest in a strange world. The problem is that a story without dialogue can grow stale quite fast and there is only so much talking one can put into a story between the main character and herself or the main character and something that can’t reply before it becomes taxing. I am interested to see if the author agrees with this sentiment and if so how they plan to affect its change in coming chapters.


At most I saw maybe two or three spelling or grammatical errors in the whole thing thus far and since I can’t even remember them precisely, a perfect score is all I can give.


Morgan appears to be a rather typical Isekai protagonist, albeit female. Down on her luck, cheated on, described as smart but apathetic, there really is nothing new here. Is that to say it’s bad? Well perhaps not, but I would hardly call it an amazing thing. While she doesn’t turn into a bawling, shivering mess like I’d expect most underpaid waitresses to when they find themselves almost dying several times in a single day, she doesn’t go full ‘sudden rambo’ as so many Isekai protagonist’s do. She makes mistakes, lets her emotions cause problems and maintains a functioning level of fear even after acquiring super human abilities, all of which keep her as an identifiably human protagonist and thus relatable.

 While we haven’t seen much of other characters yet I would like to mention that getting your brain exfoliated to death sounds like a horrific and highly inventive way to die, so kudos to the author.



A good story. Is it my favourite? Not at the moment, but I will follow and continue to read it in to see where it goes. I see potentially interesting things on the horizon (how the author will deal with Morgan’s first contact with another human will be interesting to see) but also potential hazards (my aforementioned bit on lack of people to converse with). There are good points and bad points in my mind, though I would say the good outweighs the bad and I would recommend you give this a go, though please do remember everything written here is simply my own opinion and you might disagree with it entirely.

Cloudless Night
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Okay, to start, let me summarise what I feel about this.

This story, is a wonderful piece of ART!

This beautiful story, is about a bunch of humans who got teleported into another world, called ‘Anfealt’. We are brought to understand these 'worldwalkers' and the ripples they cause in this 'fantasy' world filled with magic and wonder.

We are shown the perspectives of both the ‘worldwalkers’ themselves as well as that of the natives, and we can understand the story from both sides of the tale. Before anyone says that it’s just another fish in the sea that is the ‘Portal Fantasy’ Genre. I can FIRMLY, assure you that this Novel will be different from anything you have ever read. In fact, I feel like the author is hell bent on twisting every stereotype in the field he could get his hands on just for the heck of it.


  • Style:

What do I say, we are presented with top quality imagery, an immersive narrative, perfect transition, smooth flow of events and a good pace. What more do you need?


  • Story:

When we first read about Morgan, who was brought into this world with nothing but her birthday suit, a bathtub and a scrubby, many expectations will cross your mind, which may or may not bait you into reading it. First things first, this is NOT a porno, nor is it a slice of life. The latter... perhaps. You don't decide when you get summoned into another world, like who even prepares for that? ( Unless you’re a professional, summonable hero for hire. I remember there being one like that, but consider the MC being a more of a… NORMAL person ).

So we are faced with the reality where Morgan has to adjust to the circumstances she finds herself in and she succeeds in taking advantage of them, things are as simple as that.

We are thrown into a world with a deep, immersive lore, with the appropriate flora and fauna,  creative monsters, interesting locations with even more interesting ‘focuses’ to remember them by. Let’s just say that the world building is absolutely phenomenal and complete. We get a fully functional Magical and statistical system which I find absolutely ZERO flaws in, and it is being even more completely developed as the story continues. Then we have the class selections- and oh boy, don’t get me started on those, I’ll just say that this Novel has the best class selection I’ve ever seen inside written literature ( My personal opinion which will probably hold true for many of you readers as well ).

The transition from one scene to the other is flawless and smooth, the story is painted a complete image using the perspectives of various people and we aren’t bothered by any of these ‘changes’. I conclude that, along with the consistency of the above mentioned factors as well as the style in which it is presented, The Story progresses with an unstoppable momentum.


  • Grammar:

Professionally written, proofread, and constantly kept up to date. The quality even seems to improve as the story progresses, which is strange because I never saw any mistakes in the first place. I’m confident to say that I'm  not one to give a lecture on grammar though. 


  • Characters:

We see through the eyes of various characters, both ‘Earthlings’ as well as the natives. Each and every character is relatable, and acts in a logical way, even if they are illogical by nature. The characters act as they SHOULD. Madmen are madmen, oracles are oracles, humans… act like humans.

Each character is clearly defined and we can understand their perspective, their view of the world, and we can tell them apart from their very behaviour and their own distinct personality. Each character we are introduced with leaves a deep impression in our minds and we are able to pick them apart under any circumstances.  



In conclusion, I say that this is one of the very best of it's kind, no matter where you search for.

Truly, a golden read.








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Verbosity that Hit The Trees

Many authors are lazy. Events happen inside those authors' story are grossly simplified. Some rationalized because some character did particular thing, or setting demand something, all a part of plot that need to happen because it's decided arbitrarily. I would say that this fiction also has thing that arbitrarily decided. But saying its author lazy is not what I would do. Because events unfold with such a great detail you might feel a cog spin behind the scene (if you imagine everything happen on the stage is driven by machinary backstage).

The author has verbosity that hit all the trees.

But failed to hit the forest.

Skyclad is a sort of fiction that has it's main character survive because she's favored by her author. Started with her inexplicable world jump that killed great monster without her doing anything but still credited for it anyway. Double that with specific circumstances without her doing (she can't help it that she's naked when having a bath) but appreciated by the new world God as something admirable, earning her double reward. Triple that by the tree she's ended up is some ancient, sentient, divine tree that thank her because the killed monster happen to fall on its root, reviving it. Quadruple that with such revival event is turn out to be a world shaking event. So on and so forth. Frankly, there's nothing to like from these series of fortunate coincidence. Her introduction as a waiter that is cheated on by her boyfriend also serve no purpose except as impotent opener. Don't mention a convoluted oracle's foreshadowing that she is some malevolence incarnate waiting to be unleashed (Wow, that was a long ass vision, each and every world traveler described in such flowery language). Skyclad is basically a wordier version of Azarinth Healer (other fiction in this website) with maybe more fleshed characterization.

I wondered in my several hours of reading this fiction why I keep going. I particularly enjoy that one interlude when one of the town guard has close relationship with pastry seller and plump priest while she herself is a menace. I also enjoyed silliness of sample Skyclad Sorceress. But everything else felt like a waste of time as it doesn't serve greater purpose. It seems to me Skyclad has unfortunately placed itself in awkward point between epicness and silliness.

Author, you said the world God care about story of its inhabitant, so that you have your character granted miraculous magic when she needed it most (wolf chase scene). But does that God did not care about the wolves? They're methodically hunted your main character, they're powerful as a group, why are they not rewarded with their quary? Are all of this is an excuse to write a naked girl, to pander to boys among your readers? Your skill to describe things are great, but your fiction is a mess.

  • Overall Score

So from reading the description I thought this story would be a dumb reverse harem or whatever (female MC who has to be naked all the time? REALLY?) but I was very pleasantly surprised after giving it a chance.  The grammar is very good and the world and characters are well fleshed out.  Plus it seems like the author has at least a general idea for where the story is going. Hopefully this continues and doesn't devolve into endless sex scenes or whatever.


Keep up the good work!