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A discussion of people, monsters, and the nature of reality, all with the scenic backdrop of a litRPG and violent death.

Anthony is your average, unassuming programmer that wakes up from a dream only to find the world he knew is gone, along with much of his memory of it. He is forced to fight for his life (badly) and try to help others (unwillingly) in a desperate bid for not only his own survival, but that of humanity as a whole. 

Join me on my first expedition into writing anything longer than a book report as I ramble endlessly and attempt to cushion the whole thing with exotic adventures in a game world. 

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Word Count (12)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Energy 1: A Dream ago
Energy 2 ago
Energy 3 ago
Energy 4 ago
Energy 5 ago
Energy 6 ago
Energy 7 ago
Energy 8: Day One ago
Energy 9: Day One ago
Energy 10: Day One ago
Energy 11: Day One ago
Energy 12: Day One ago
Energy 13: Dawn ago
Energy 14: Dawn ago
Energy 15: Dawn ago
Energy 16: Dawn ago
Energy 17: Dawn ago
Energy 18: Dawn ago
Energy 19: Dawn ago
Energy 20: Lauren ago
Energy 21: Dawn ago
Energy 22: Dawn ago
Energy 23: Dawn ago
Energy 24: Dawn ago
Energy 25: Hunt ago
Energy 26: Hunt ago
Energy 27: Hunt ago
Energy 28: Hunt ago
Energy 29: Hunt ago
Energy 30: Hunt ago
Energy 31: Hunt ago
Energy 32: Hunt ago
Energy 33: Hunted ago
Energy 34: Hunted ago
Energy 35: Hunted ago
Energy 36: Elsewhere ago
Energy 37: The Barrows ago
Energy 38: The Barrows ago
Energy 39: The Barrows ago
Energy 40: The Barrows ago
Energy 41: The Barrows ago
Energy 42: The Barrows ago
Energy 43: The Barrows ago
Energy 44: The Barrows ago
Energy 45: The Barrows ago
Energy 46: Home ago
Energy 47: Home ago
Energy 48: Home ago
Energy 49: Home ago
Energy 50: Home ago
Energy 51: Dark ago
Energy 52: Dark ago
Energy 53: Dark ago
Energy 54: Dark ago
Energy 55: Dark ago
Energy 56: Dark ago
Energy 57: Preparations ago
Energy 58: Preparations ago
Energy 59: Preparations ago
Energy 60: Preparations ago
Energy 61: Preparations ago
Energy 62: Preparations ago
Energy 63: Preparations ago
Energy 64: Preparations ago
Energy 65: Preparations ago
Energy 66: Preparations ago
Energy 67: Preparations ago
Energy 68: Preparations ago
Energy 69: Growth ago
Energy 70: Growth ago
Energy 71: Growth ago
Energy 72: Growth ago
Energy 73: Growth ago
Energy 74: Growth ago
Energy 75: Growth ago
Energy 76: Growth ago
Energy 77: Growth ago
Energy 78: Growth ago
Energy 79: Decay ago
Energy 80: Decay ago
Energy 81: Decay ago
Energy 82: Decay ago
Energy 83: Hope ago
Energy 84: Hope ago
Energy 85: Hope ago
Energy 86: Hope ago
Energy 87: Hope ago
Energy 88: Hope ago
Energy 89: Hope ago
Energy 90: Destruction ago
Energy 91: Destruction ago
Energy 92: Destruction ago
Energy 93: Destruction ago
Energy 94: Destruction ago
Energy 95: Destruction ago
Energy 96: Destruction ago
Energy 97: Destruction ago
Energy 98: Finality ago
Energy 99: Finality ago
Energy 100: Finality ago
Energy 101: Finality ago
Energy 102: Finality ago
Energy 103: Finality ago
Energy 104: Epilogue 1 ago
Energy 105: Epilogue 1 ago
Energy 106: Epilogue 1 ago
Energy 107: Epilogue 1 ago
Energy 108: Book Two ago
Energy 109: Deluge ago
Energy 110: Deluge ago
Energy 111: Deluge ago
Energy 112: Deluge ago
Energy 113: Deluge ago
Energy 114: Descent ago
Energy 115: Descent ago
Energy 116: Descent ago
Energy 117: Descent ago
Energy 118: Descent ago
Energy 119: Descent ago
Energy 120: Descent ago
Energy 121: Descent ago
Energy 122: Descent ago
Energy 123: Roots ago
Energy 124: Roots ago
Energy 125: Roots ago
Energy 126: Roots ago
Energy 127: Roots ago
Energy 128: Roots ago
Energy 129: Roots ago
Energy 130: Roots ago
Energy 131: Roots ago
Energy 132: Roots ago
Energy 133: Roots ago
Energy 134: Levas ago
Energy 135: Levas ago
Energy 136: Levas ago
Energy 137: Levas ago
Energy 138: Levas ago
Energy 139: Levas ago
Energy 140: Deep Woods ago
Energy 141: Deep Woods ago
Energy 142: Deep Woods ago
Energy 143: Deep Woods ago
Energy 144: Deep Woods ago
Energy 145: Deep Woods ago
Energy 146: Deep Woods ago
Energy 147: Deep Woods ago
Energy 148: Deep Woods ago
Energy 149: Deep Woods ago

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While it does take a lot of chapters to get through not that much of plot-storyline it's not unbearably slow. (I'm 81chapters in)

The story is pretty well written especially considering it's the author's first one. And I've yet to have that common feeling of "oh another spelling/grammar mistake" since I can't particularly remember spotting one. Which is a very big plus for a first-timer in my opinion. 

While the plot does derive from the generic 'humanity kidnapped by a greater power and forced to fight for survival' , it gives it enough of a twist to ensure you don't get frustrated about it.

All in all a pretty good read that most likely will leave you wanting for more.

Spoiler: Spoiler



Winged Thing

Gamelit fantasy with potential!

Overall: The novel is in its early stages but it already has character and a more interesting plot progression than half of the stories I read. Its new and its raw but like a fine wine, this one is going to get better with time,  edits and more chapters.

Style: Its written from a 1st person perspective and the writing reflects it. Some will love it since the whole shtick of writing in the perspective puts you as a reader in the shoes of the protag. Some won't like it but thats life.

Story: The plot is interesting so far and follows somewhat similarly to the plot of another novel I've read (The Mad One? i think it was called) but has its own take on it and in my opinion does it a fair bit better.

Grammar: Not much to say here, I didn't notice any errors.

Character: So far as of (ch19) there aren't many characters that we know are going to be regular fixtures so I'll focus on the MC. He's a bit confused but he's doing his best all things considered and seems like he's going to grow with challenges and struggles rather than be broken by them.

I enjoyed my time reading and if you give this novel a chance then it's likely you will too : )







this book is very well written, the storyline is easily followed. I couldn't 'put it down' (figuratively ;) )

DK Safdar

I was recommended this by someone and I'm glad they did. Admittedly, I was a bit reluctant to read it close to the beginning, but I am losing sleep by chapter 50. So I'm both annoyed and happy. I like The MC's inner thoughts, they are both amusing and show an interesting side to how he sees himself. He quickly got rid of the whining. Although, 20+ chapters may not be considered quickly for some.


Great story, worth a read, I look forward to seeing where it goes next. 

Style: Enjoyable style, with good metaphors, flow, and descriptive language. Only place the author loses points is occasionally having a whole chapter of just the MC thinking, as often happens in first person stories. That's improved as well in more recent chapters.

Story: The story definitely seems to borrow from Randidly Ghosthound, especially the system/world, but it has enough individuality and twists in it to be its own thing, and everything is executed quite well so far.

Grammar: Not perfect, but among the best you see on the site, with a noticeable error maybe once every other chapter.

Characters: The characters are great. Everyone who's focused on has a good bit of depth, and the story doesn't spread itself too thin or rush their development. Also, the main character actually has motivations and personality traits, rather than zen power creep, so that's a plus. 

e g Jameson





I suggest you give this story a try. Here's why.


As of chapter 62: So far so good. The chapters feel a little short, but are released pretty quickly. The characters have about 2.5 dimensions, but that's somewhat justified given the premise of none of them having any memories. The author tends to focus on developing one side character at a time. Others exist but are little more than names. Granted, that could be a flaw in the protagonist's perspective, but we don't get any hints or sidebars to flesh out all the others. So far he's encountered maybe a dozen others. Three disappeared almost instantly and off camera. Three I'm not sure what there names are or any distinguishing characteristics about them. I just know they must exist because the group was said to have 10 people in it.


Okay, maybe I'm criticizing a little to much. The author is new and starts off well and consistently has improved so far.


And I'm enjoying the story and intrigued by his world. Maybe it's cliché or maybe there are depths only hinted at so far. And it's not as if any of them have had a chance to check it out so far, so lots of potential there.


I'm gonna rate this 4.5 stars. Maybe a little more than it's earned so far, but I believe it'll get there. And I want to encourage more people to check it out and encourage this author to keep it up.


See ya next time space cowboys.


Needs more show and less tell

Interesting and entertaining but far too much of the story is told through wandering, long-winded inner monologues and exposition.

Show don't tell.


Too much introspection isn't a good thing

It feels like there is too much introspection in this story. I get that you think it necessary to understand the MC, his struggles and his progress, but like it is it really drags the story down - and that's something for me to say, as I usually prefer long-winded styles. 

Either it's nesssary to find something to make this introspection more interesting, or to cut some parts of it. You can nearly always be more concise, and in this work even a little bit here and there could help, adding up to alter the general feeling.

That's a shame because you have something good going here, and solid fundations for a nice lit-rpg.

I hope you keep getting better!


The start was weak and GOD it was tediou. But getting past that was really worth it, it has been long since I find a story so likeable. Everything, the pace, the change of characters, how much information is given and how it's given. I like this very much.


A good story so far. chp.51

The story started a little slowly for me but it improved greatly after the first few chapters.  It's now been added to my list to watch as the start has been good and the author appears to be improving with each additional chapter.