The Draw Of The Unknown

The Draw Of The Unknown

by argusthecat

Mia Campbell is your average introverted loner.  Not exactly satisfied with her life doing pretty much nothing of import, she's also not that willing to break out and make a change.  Until, without any preamble or warning, she is bestowed with a cryptic system that both grants her magical powers, and also operates on the logic of a card game.  Things begin to escalate from there.

**This project is a bit of an experiment!  For any given chapter, Mia's 'decklist' will be built by the community, over on our Discord server.  If you find this amusing, and want to participate in the discussion, as well as find the complete list of cards, you will be able to find the link to the Discord server at the end of each chapter.  Discussion in the comments is also encouraged and included as well. Each chapter and/or scenario will be intentional, but the cards used will be chosen by you guys.  And the draws made will be done via actual drawing of cards during the writing process, for bonus author street cred.**

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Fantastic new story by author of The Daily Grind

This review is as of Chapter 5. 
Do you like magical card game style fiction?  Well written characters with fun shenanigans?  Then come on down and give this one a try.  Still new so don't be expecting a ton of content just yet but certainly a great start.


its time to...duel?

Reviewed at: Chapter 010

Its nice to have more card game media than just the yugioh manga and the short lived duel masters manga


but while the system is more complex than yugioh it is kind of just as ill defined as it was in the early manga, be nice if they were explained in more detail, the exploits should feel more earned idk


or could just do a kiaba and go all "fuck the rules im rich!" Whenever you want


its a fun story though, and helps fill a woefully under filled niche considering how popular the giant of the genre is, also nice that its not just another monster based card game thats pretty neat


there were some of the usual argus signature humanist goals that kinda didnt go anywhere after they got brought up?


its got really cool ideas and the usual competent writing from this author but maybe the plot needs a replan and a good editor to make this still very nice rough daimond into the brilliant shining silmarillion i can see it being