RE: Trailer Trash

by FortySixtyFour

Original ONGOING Comedy Contemporary Psychological Satire Female Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.

...Or does she?

/// A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure. Updates every month.

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Elina Violets
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For those that are reading the reviews to decide to read the story or not, I ask of you to give it a try.


I was interested in this story for its time travel, how this timeline goes and what she does about it kept me reading and what has got me wishing is for Tabitha to make it out okay.


The aspect of time travel I find the author shows well is that not everything is going to go okay, even and maybe especially the second time around. I personally have mixed feeling on the characters, which was probably intended as no one is pure good or pure evil in this tale (I commend the author on that) but I digress. The smart use of big words and how that effects others have been used well as well. 


Mostly I feel a deep sadness for Tabitha, and hope she is going to make it out okay.

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A compelling 'contemporary' web fiction that explores a subdued second chance at life concept. I say subdued but in relative terms to her peers, she is 'overpowered' through the grace of life experience. The second life begins when she is a teenager and is a do over she has the same body.


A distinct and well realised 1990's 'North American' setting. Sufficently described in location but also expanded upon and given nauce in character interaction. 

Personal opinion 

The same body leads to the rather controversial approach the author takes the main characters 'fat' body.  Now I have a 'thin' body so my comments should be understood in this light. I think the author fat-shames extent a certain extent, and I do believe the author could do more to portray that 'thinness' isn't the way to happiness. Unpopular as this opinion may be.

The author does write a sophisticated representation of self hatred. From the main characters self view as 'trash' which is even in the title, to her idealisation and unrealistic expectations of what she is supposed to do to be happy and liked. In that she cannot and does not see her own efforts as good enough. 

In terms of capturing 1990's America culture such a fat-shaming view was common again to an extent and it continues to today. The main character as such is believable and her motivations are understandable. Her beliefs and reactions are exaggerated but not wrong in her social relations the people she interacts with  everyday. She makes for an excellent character. 

Caveted by the understanding that self-hate, that hatred is a human condition. That hatred of others is an act, that hatred of particular groups of people serves the interests of the hating. That the hated group will come to believe that the hatred Is justified and the 'reasons' for it are valid because they are told it almost everyday from loved ones to strangers to the fiction they read. That to create a social group, to make them out as subhuman, as not 'normal', to separate them or eliminate them is hate. To point out the apparent 'flaw' and insult them or to with good intentions ask then to eliminate their say for example 'fat' is shaming.

On a more review relevant note the setting is detailed and the writing quality sufficient. This is a very interesting story that boldly walks a very thin line. 

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It's gonna be short but heck..the storyline the interaction between the characters..I have no word. It's really well put and it's not so stereotypical of time travel stories where everything magically fall into place. Shits happen and you can't always change it : is what i would say to describe how the story goes.

Keep it up it's really good.

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First of all 5 Stars are Masterpices.
-A Practical guide to evil
-The Wandering Inn
-Mother of Learning
These are Masterpices.

This one isnt one as of now. There are far to few chapters to make that conclusion yet.
So 4 out 5 stars.
A solid story. Colse to the level of Meta world.

What i personal like here is that while this is a redo story, the MC doesnt go for world domination or trys to save the world.
She just wants to get rid of ther dark past.

Well done Author Well done.
Keep it up.

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It's a decent story and I gave it a fair set of ratings for that...


But in it's current state it's not worth a read. It's not particularly fast paced, 13 chapters in and we are still barely at the beginning.


Couple this with the monthly chapter schedule and now we have a story that might be worth reading in 5-10 years, but not yet, not today. So I am dropping it till then.

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Wish fulfillment do over story albeit with no superpowers... Yet the mc doesnt remember anything to invest in??? Come on especially with the time frame Apple is an easy ride to money, google, yahoo, basically invest in most any internet based company that made it big... 

Big I
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A time travel story that barely deals being a time traveler

Reviewed at: 1: An uncomfortable homecoming.

The above link is a comedic take on the moral implications of time travel. I've read the first few chapters of this story, and it's not bad, but it completely disregards the implications a reasonable person would experience when travelling back to live in 1998. 

The main character appears to only be interested in changing her personal history, and even then only in a very specific way. There's no plans for "Back To The Future" style sports betting, or trying to be an early investor in successful companies, e.g. Amazon or Netflix or whatever. The character doesn't seem to be interested in trying to influence politics or society. No mention is made, at least in the first few chapters, of trying to prevent any tragedies or mass deaths.

In every other "redo your life story" I've read, the protagonist either tries to use their future knowledge to save the world, they live in a world that doesn't need saving, or they have only imperfect memory of the future. I think that's because having a protagonist that remembers the future but only focuses on their personal life has unfortunate implications. 

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Great writing, bland plot.

The writing is great and captivating. I only wish the protagonist would aim higher than being kind of popular in high school, even if it makes sense in the story.

I want more.

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Fat shaming attempt at self help.

I find the whole concept of this novel insulting. The MC begins by hating herself and by writing a book about how she is the "hated goblin" because she is fat and everyone hates her. The instant she is no longer fat everyone likes her and wants to be her friend. Her mom steriotypically hates her for ruining her body. The writing is well done, but fat shaming should not a book make.