RE: Trailer Trash

by FortySixtyFour

Original ONGOING Adventure Contemporary Drama Historical Female Lead School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.

...Or, does she?

/// A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure. Updates every month.

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Wow. Stayed up until 3 am getting as far as I could and finished the rest the next morning. This is a great story. Love the characters, love the interactions, it feels real. Very well done for a RRL posting, and slice of life in general. I can't wait for more.

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Are there similar storys to this one? Somebody PM me, I NEED to know

Reviewed at: 27: Tabitha's long convalescence.

A totally unexpected Masterpiece for me.

I was starting this with low expectations because I am more of a LitRPG Type Reader and not so much for Slice of Life. I only started it because it was on the Top Lists here and I thought, if it places so high it can´t be THAT bad. Oh how wrong I was.

This Novel is amazing! Simply great. It is realistic, heartwarming and heartbreaking with a super tiny bit of fantasy (for now and excluding the April Fools Chapter ;) ). I can realy feel for or with the Characters and that is something that not many other Novels ever did for me except maybe "The Wandering Inn".

As the title of my review suggests I want you to PM me storys that are similar to this one in regards to its Core elements which is a bit of a dark Slice of Life but with so much heart. If you think there are better novels out there similar to this one I want you to convince me of that because for now nothing in the Slice of Life genre combinded with a little bit of Fantasy can beat this work for me.

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I like this story. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

I normaly do not like stories set in real world as usually mc goes exploting the world and people or goes for romance .

But this story , remains close to its core while being intersting .

And yeah , it makes me cry a lot . I do not want to but i can't stop . Thats bad .

Only problem for me is all the cultural references and long periods of wait .

Be happy and smile forver .

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The premise is simple but the author has absolutely nailed the execution. One of the best stories on here that I’m sad to say the short length and slow release schedule kept me from reading up to this point. 


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Love it that's all what more do you want.......
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This story takes you on the plot rolercoster, but it is very consistent in cause and effect.

I am not too sure if I like all of things that female lead is doing, her psychology and all that happen to her, but I am sure that author put a lot of effort into making her a person from flesh and blood.

There is not third rate plot armor. She is not all mighty. The only plot armor that I see is made of her karma. All of the characters in this story are not one dimensional. One moment they can be portreyed as villains. The other moment they will be friends.

In my opinion maybe I wouldn't give it 5/5 because I feel some things are a little artificial but I think that even if you don't like or  hate it. You will still read this story to know what will happen next, bacause it has  this factor that makes you hungry for more.

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I feel like most people have those moments in life we wish we could back in time and undo. The writer takes that idea and turns it into a masterful story of "What if...?" Everything the Main character does is taken logically and give the story amazing depth, and not everything happens the way she planned out. Her awarness of the future seems both blessing and curse as she tries to deal with changing her life around.

The rest of the cast is great support to the story as well, the write is great at giving different prospectives from the color lenses of how the other see the story beside the main character.

All a great addition to website

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Hah more like trailer... uh. not trash 😉👉👉

Reviewed at: 24: Tabitha cheats on her diet.

Gotta say, I'm glad I finally got around to reading this. I'm not gonna focus on grammar or style or whatever, and the summary is up there if you wanna read it. Suffice to say, the writing is good. Instead I'll just jot down what I got out of this.

It's hard to find a story with a good balance of wholesomeness and realistic character development. All too often we get a good dose of fluff with nothing to hold it together and it just falls apart and becomes disintersting and difficult to relate too. The other side of the coin being beautifully crafted, intricate novels that leave you with no hope for humanity. In Re: Trailer Trash, we're getting effective depictions of the detritus of society, but with complexities that entirely change your viewpoint of a character within seconds. Not every antagonist goes through some divine intervention and joins the good guy club, but they're all real. They have reasons the way they are, and it sucks. It's a perpetuating cycle of sucking.

Still, they can change, and Tabitha's perspective from her past life in comparison to the struggle and exploration of her new one highlights, screams even, just how much of that suck-cycle is honestly simple misinformation. Assumptions and lack of key tidbits of knowledge about yourself or the people around you that if you only knew them, any fear and apprehension would become completely irrelevant and leave you wondering, "how the hell did I even think like that before now?". Change is hard. Like... soOoOO effin hard my dudes dang oof it's a doozy. At the same time it is deceptively simple after the fact, or from an outside perspective. But if you do, if you manage to somehow slough your way through the hard part. There will be people in your corner. Now. Not gonna lie, the hard part is gonna come back for another swing. It's kind of asshole like that. But this time around you have the power of friendship or whatever so that's pretty cool.

Anyway, it gets easier and your good vibes radiate out as something for other people in the suck-vortex to grab onto and pull themselves out and look at that you've made yourself a nice little positive cycle of your very own. An un-suck-cycle of you will. God I'm good at words heh. Anyway, thanks for writing this little microcosmic un-suck-cycle it's pretty great here have a cookie 🍪















...Blow-cycle? Blow-vortex. There ya go everyone now you can call self improvement a blow-vortex yer welcome.


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Amazing novel with a (mostly) realistic setting

Reviewed at: 23: Trick-or-treating with everyone.


The story so far is amazing, so much so that I inhaled all of it in one sitting. The quality is great and goes beyond what can be expected from a webnovel.

It is very different from what I've come to expect from webnovels, especially here on RR. Apart from the "sent back in time with memories intact" setting, everything is based on reality, with no magics or superpowers, which is what kept me from reading it, but also feels very refreshing now that I actually did.

I really hope to see more chapters. Even with triple the length, I would have kept reading until I reached the latest chapters.

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I'm usually on this site for the fantasy and out-of-this world stories but when I saw this as #4 on the ratings I figured I'd give it a try.

I was definitely not disappointed! Okay, maybe I was... that I didn't read this sooner! Well actually, if that was the case then I would've had to wait for the story to get as far as it had as of this moment. -_-

You know what, moral of this review!? Read this story, enjoy it until the current last chapter, and then wait patiently (yet hungrily) for more!