RE: Trailer Trash

by FortySixtyFour

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.

...Or, does she?

/// A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure. Updates every month.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: An uncomfortable homecoming. ago
2: Cleaning up and clearing out. ago
3: Tests of her endurance. ago
4: Finishing middle school. ago
5: The trials of summer. ago
6: First day at Springton High. ago
7: The goblin artist. ago
8: When what she doesn't know will hurt her. ago
9: Bringing a friend home from school. ago
10: Keeping a girl in the dark. ago
11: Making new friends. ago
12: Getting the news. ago
13: Tabitha's in trouble. ago
14: Trust exercises. ago
15: The Legacy of Shannon Delain. ago
16: Trip to Louisville. ago
17: No good deed goes unpunished. ago
18: Catching an unexpected break. ago
19: Friends, foes, and fighter jets. ago
20: The road to recovery, and the path to revenge. ago
21: Withdrawing from school. ago
22: Moore and Moore memories. ago
23: Trick-or-treating with everyone. ago
24: Tabitha cheats on her diet. ago
25: The big Halloween bash. ago
26: No way forward, no way back. ago
Book Two, Chapter 1: Tabitha's new adventure. ago
27: Tabitha's long convalescence. ago
28: Explaining everything to Elena. ago
29: The birds and the bees. ago
30: The girl that time forgot. ago
31: Released from the hospital. ago
32: Returning to where she belongs. ago
33: Getting the big news. ago
34: The music just right for Elena. ago
35: Moore and Moore problems. ago

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Lord of a Thousand Blades

Look, it's incredible, just read it.

A story of inprovment, ability, and hope. This story is very-very good, please take your time to read it, not much matches its spicific nich. 

A girl who goes back and changes it all to who she wants to be, thats really all there is to it--and yet it is almost impossibly good . . . perhaps not 'Good Student or 'Mother of Learning' good, but still nigh to impecible. 

P.S. I want more please.

P.P.S.  5 in 'over all' for the aforementioned reasons / 4 for style: the writing flows well but is not identifiably the authors / 3 for story: it's a very basic premise in honesty / 5 for grammar: personally I have noted no errors / 4.5 for characters: believable characters but without the spark to make them thier own entities, to make them come alive.  Again, over all an incredible story.


A do-over story; so many try, so many fail.


This one is the story of a trailer trash elderly woman getting a second chance, clawing her way out of her old life by the skin of he teeth. the struggle is real; more than any other dragon-slaying quest.


Give it a try - I did so on a whim, and I regret scoffing at the title when I first saw it on the latest releases page a month ago.


First of all, I just wanna say that I really love the concept. I’ve read up to chapter 4 so far, and clearly there’s been a lot of effort put in. However, I had to stop after 4 chapters.

Before I get to my main crticism, one other thing that threw me off was the dialogue and character interactions. Some come off kind of stilted. But really, it’s not a big deal and I wasn’t that bothered (I feel like the author probably obsessed over it a long time until she couldn’t tell what feels natural anymore, I’ve been there).

What really turned me off was the main character being so... like, teenager-like. Idk, like she’s standoffish for no reason, unrealistic of her actual senior age. It almost feels like she’s the typical angsty teen who thinks she knows more than anyone else. The only reason I’m turned off by it is that I feel like an actual elder who has experienced life would be wise and laid back enough to smartly plan things out without being so... like YA novel teen protagonist-ish. And then I read this:

“As an English Major, I could write a dissertation expounding and elaborating on any one of these terms. As a former aspiring author, I have personally worried each of those ideas down to the bone to comprehend every last nuance of profundity from the marrow therein!“

And then just cringed. I can’t read anymore, I’m sorry. The concept overall is super enticing though.


very well written and thought out

Reviewed at: 35: Moore and Moore problems.

Excellent work. In my opinion the author has the most sophisticated writing style on RR and probably edits each chapter several times to get that kind of quality. The only downside is the time it takes for new chapters to get published. But as a reader you will definitely notice the difference. 


Sadly, I didn't get a genre shift mid story

Reviewed at: 31: Released from the hospital.

I'm mad that there is only one April fools chapter.  So mad.  I need more.


Oh, and the rest of the story is gold.


But that April fools chapter, man.


I don't often leave reviews, but when I do, I like to think its for a damn good story. This is exactly that. 

RE: Trailer Trash does not fit Royal Road's usual mold, but instead is a story that the rest of Royal Road should work to match. The title and summary were initially a bit unappealing, as if the author himself doesn't really think too much of their story, when they absolutely should. On the other end of the story, I actually think this is a part of its charm.

Have you ever wanted to repeat your life? Try things over, and see if you can get it right? Tubby Tabby, Tabitha gets the chance when a freak accident with an MRI sends her mind back to fourty seven years ago... curiously to the same MRI she was put in back then. 

Bound and determined to pull off life "right" this time, she completely upends her entire family structure, makes new friends, relives old traumas, and all around wholesomes her way into a new life. Whether that life is better or worse has yet to be determined, but its certainly as scary as it is exciting. Very much slice of life, but its a slice of a life filled with changes that are unexpected but plausible and interesting.

My only quibble is that the characters can run together. Occasionally you'll find yourself asking "Wait who is Casey again?" This only happens for the sub cast later on in the story as the cast begins to grow, but it happens enough that I'm giving it a 4 in that category alone.

This story is phenominal. For everyone who's ever dreamed of knowing the right words to say after the fact, for everyone who's ever wondered if the popular kids had somehow done all this before and thats why they're so good at "getting it", for everyone who has lived through shit and wishes for another chance to do things better, this is the story for you. 

Give this a read. You won't regret it. 


 So I binged this book in two days and wow, where to begin !

I'm very frustrated and feel kind of empty after finishing it, which proves how much I enjoyed it !

This book is the first one I've read on royalroad and I'm not very familiar with internet books,  you could consider me an old fashioned reader. Someone recomended Re:TT to me and I gave it a try, and boy I'm not disappointed! 

I found it so well written, so addictive, the characters were so REAL, and the pace of the story was just perfect. I never felt bored reading it which is usually the case at some point in every book I read. I love how the story slowly develops but at the same time stays real without elements forced into the scenario to make it go to some points. It's very natural. I would gladly buy this book if it ever comes out in paper !

I wish you all the best, and I'm waiting impatiently for the next update !


Amazing read. The characters are interesting and it felt good to read the story. I'm a fan of 'going back to past histories', but this one deserves a special mention.

I'm not really a fan of Romance novels and hope the tags stay true, and the novel doesn't delve into a teenage romance history instead of the daily struggles of Tabby.


This is a shorter review, but the short of it is this is a great story. I like the characters, and it's a very engaging plot so far. A couple strange things that I don't totally get, like what her parents do and why she can't remember what year 9/11 happened, but overall I like it a lot.

However, it still is in the early phase where the character is experiencing rapid growth. Those are enjoyable the majority of the time no matter what, so it remains to be seen if this one can keep the momentum going.

Edit: It has. Good work.


Solid prose and style with few errors. I really didnt know what to expect with the name or the premise. 

The meat and bones of this novel start with Tabs getting a chance at doing her life over. Unprepared for the opportunity, she sets relatable goals and establishes their importance every step of the way. Not armed with f22 schematics or the key to clean energy, she uses her experience to improve her life, influence the lives of her community, and lift up the fates of her family. The time period and references are solid and the story reads like any number of the award winning coming of age classics that are so vital to our education. It wouldn't surprise me if the book itself ends up being a school library favorite. 

As an author myself, reading this has been very helpful in honing my own thoughts on character depth and integrity. 

Tldr? Outstanding.