RE: Trailer Trash

RE: Trailer Trash

by FortySixtyFour

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.

...Or, does she?

/// A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure. Updates every month.

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Table of Contents
45 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1: An uncomfortable homecoming. ago
2: Cleaning up and clearing out. ago
3: Tests of her endurance. ago
4: Finishing middle school. ago
5: The trials of summer. ago
6: First day at Springton High. ago
7: The goblin artist. ago
8: When what she doesn't know will hurt her. ago
9: Bringing a friend home from school. ago
10: Keeping a girl in the dark. ago
11: Making new friends. ago
12: Getting the news. ago
13: Tabitha's in trouble. ago
14: Trust exercises. ago
15: The Legacy of Shannon Delain. ago
16: Trip to Louisville. ago
17: No good deed goes unpunished. ago
18: Catching an unexpected break. ago
19: Friends, foes, and fighter jets. ago
20: The road to recovery, and the path to revenge. ago
21: Withdrawing from school. ago
22: Moore and Moore memories. ago
23: Trick-or-treating with everyone. ago
24: Tabitha cheats on her diet. ago
25: The big Halloween bash. ago
26: No way forward, no way back. ago
Book Two, Chapter 1: Tabitha's new adventure. ago
27: Tabitha's long convalescence. ago
28: Explaining everything to Elena. ago
29: The birds and the bees. ago
30: The girl that time forgot. ago
31: Released from the hospital. ago
32: Returning to where she belongs. ago
33: Getting the big news. ago
34: The music just right for Elena. ago
35: Moore and Moore problems. ago
36: Dilemmas and Deliberation. ago
37: Thanksgiving with family. ago
38: Absconding with the evidence. ago
RE: Trailer Trash chapter 355 ago
RE: Trailer Trash chapter 356 ago
39: Thanksgiving without family. ago
40, Black Friday. ago
41, Small town girl. ago
42, Settling in. ago

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Realistic Fiction on Royal Road? I'll take it.

This is a story of someone who's given a chance to redo their entire life starting at the last few days of middle school. Aside from that, it's realistic fiction. Because it's realistic fiction, instead of high fantasy or a LitRPG, the author has time to develop characters and avoid cliches.

In a lot of novels, the author describes their character as "hard working," only for the character to never actually work for their accomplishments. Not this one. The entire novel is about the work it takes to change your life.

In a lot of novels where a character is sent back in time, they make use of some supernatural memory of specific dates to change history. Not this time. Fifty years (or more) is a lot of time to forget important details of major events in history, let alone your middle school class schedule.

I hope this story gets regular updates. This is one that I want to see succeed.


Strongly Suggest this one

It's an interesting context that the author choses. The idea of a redo for your life after living would be appealing to many. That said the author choses some outlandish timetables for the redo and establishes, creating a character that can reshape herself in months. While this is very optomistic for the character I personally think that an allowance of the improvable/impossible is the very reason this site exists. The characters are well thought out, with believable backstories and the author has the ability to accurately portray the multitudes of P.O.V. that crop uI All in all, I have experienced this authors' writting ability and have found myself entertained by the stories that he has created and hope that others will at the very least test it out for themselves. I find these stories to be as well thought out and written as my other favs such as Savage Divinity, Forgotten Conqueror and in a rather new case the Mother of Learning. I realize this may seem like I've jumped to conclusion but there have always been a very small number of personal favorites that I have managed to find on the internet. This author is one of the select few I thoroughly enjoy reading from.


This is like nothing I've read. I haven't found anything like this. It is good enough my wife started reading on the site as well. Found nothing else she liked and sticks with her Harry Dresden or quidditch friendly worlds. But this resonates. That's a unique, valuable and worthy thing. So I just want to contribute in a small way and say thanks. 

Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy

The story is absolutely perfect

 Let me elaborate:

1. We have a naturally likable protagonist, and while she doesn't seem to have any outstanding flaws, she doesn't feel like a perfect Mary Sue and had to work hard to lose weight. Although the MC is erring dangerously towards a Mary Sue, she's still relatable and likable.

2.  She has no OP "advantages". She doesn't know stocks (although how brain-dead do you have to be to remember that apple rose quickly) and she doesn't know lottery numbers. If this is a wish-fulfillment story it's a very good one. The character is goal-oriented and doesn't just screw around with mountains of cash

3. No litrpg elements. 'Nuff said. She resisted the temptation to fill a story that doesn't need litrpg elements with them.


All is great. Except for the update schedule, we need MoOOOOOAR!




I don't often leave reviews, but when I do, I like to think its for a damn good story. This is exactly that. 

RE: Trailer Trash does not fit Royal Road's usual mold, but instead is a story that the rest of Royal Road should work to match. The title and summary were initially a bit unappealing, as if the author himself doesn't really think too much of their story, when they absolutely should. On the other end of the story, I actually think this is a part of its charm.

Have you ever wanted to repeat your life? Try things over, and see if you can get it right? Tubby Tabby, Tabitha gets the chance when a freak accident with an MRI sends her mind back to fourty seven years ago... curiously to the same MRI she was put in back then. 

Bound and determined to pull off life "right" this time, she completely upends her entire family structure, makes new friends, relives old traumas, and all around wholesomes her way into a new life. Whether that life is better or worse has yet to be determined, but its certainly as scary as it is exciting. Very much slice of life, but its a slice of a life filled with changes that are unexpected but plausible and interesting.

My only quibble is that the characters can run together. Occasionally you'll find yourself asking "Wait who is Casey again?" This only happens for the sub cast later on in the story as the cast begins to grow, but it happens enough that I'm giving it a 4 in that category alone.

This story is phenominal. For everyone who's ever dreamed of knowing the right words to say after the fact, for everyone who's ever wondered if the popular kids had somehow done all this before and thats why they're so good at "getting it", for everyone who has lived through shit and wishes for another chance to do things better, this is the story for you. 

Give this a read. You won't regret it. 


A particularly good Do-Over story

A great start for this Do-Over story, I really like what you did with the character of Tabitha: wholesome and focused but not to the point of becoming a Ms Perfect, a real danger in the genre. Also appreciated the references to its common traps (and tropes), like the stockmarket, and that you focused on the contrary on character interaction. In this case, ordinary is good, in light of the drastics changes you depict in Tabitha's life.

I already am hooked to the different characters of the family, even the little cousins always taken together, which make sense. For now there is maybe one minus to this perfect score : her father who seems just a little flat, but it is still the beginning.

If I need to find a fault, it is the rythm a bit rushed ; I hope that down the road the story will take its time a little more. In fact, seeing the care of the incipit, it looks like you are in for the long haul, so don't hurry and instead keep up the goodwork! And maybe search for a better title? This one is honest, true, but in terms of attractiveness for new readers, I'm sure something better can be found.

Omi Nya

I thought of quickly skimming through the first few chapters. Here I am, on the last page of the story, and it is morning outside.

We are following Tabitha Moore, a woman well past her prime. An incident occurs that sends her mind back in her own body. Back to her childhood that she hated so much. Back into her accursed fat body. And back to her family, school and many other troublesome and painful things.

Is this a story of wish-fulfilling 'I'll do everything right and save the world' type? It's not an opposite type where everything goes wrong in many more ways, screwing the protagonist's life.

It's a realistic story of a woman reverting back into the girl and struggling with her life once more. And the struggle is not of the kind you'd expect, not 'oh I don't want to do it,' or 'another force shows and screws all the plans,' no.

But I suggest you read it yourself to find out.

The quality is way beyond RR. It belongs to a published book of an experienced author. Consistency, characters, plot, everything is beyond expectations. I'm surprised to find such a mature read here.

Hope, you'll be surprised, too.


PS: It actually made me do workouts again.


This story is written by a writer. Not just telling a storey, but many, with an economy of words and method refined to the point that it seem like natural conversation and high literature converging in reality. In a meta homage to the craft the notes and analysis are in the plot.Characters are developed by word, feeling, thought, need and deed. Each a required facit to illuminate the inner colour and brightness to full effect. Each living jewel balances the crown, heavy upon the main character's head. Everyone carries this great responsability to make the most of their life. The choice of what that means is entirely personal.

Winged Thing

Where the hell do I even begin? In describing some of the novel I'll spoil parts of it and that'd be robbing anyone who reads this review of the enjoyment of finding out for themselves. 

TDLR: This novel is worth your time, read it and enjoy it as I have. With each chapter read I felt myself drawn further into the web the author has spun, at only four chapters I'm hooked.



This story is excellent. It is a typical concept with a twist done well. It makes you think how hard it would be to do what this MC wants to do.

If you could go back to when you were younger what would you change?

How much do you relaly remember about your high school friends or classmates? 

How useful is your knowledge of 'the future' really? And who would listen to you if you tried to later it?

This is the story I look for eagerly on RRL right now. I thoroughly enjoy all the others, but this one stands out, it is different, well written and easy to picture in my mind as I read it. The author knows to write characters that have flaws, have positives and negatives, and are clearly shown to be influenced by society and the times they live in. 

This is one of the few stories on this site that makes me actaully think about it when I'm not reading it.