"Little brother, we're going to have some fun tonight~ ♡"

The mighty demon lord, Amae, cornered me with a mischevious smile. My heart rate accelerated rapidly. Her facial expression indicated that of a dominant leader, wanting me to completely obey her every command. This was her true nature.

How did this happen...?!

Two hours earlier, on the glass table in the Main Hall were various bottles and kegs of the finest alcohol. Those were the spoils of their latest victory. Sure enough, a grand festival ensued. And sure enough, all the monsters including me were celebrating like a bunch of wild animals.

Of course, I knew my big sister's tolerance for alcohol. And of course, I knew what would happen once she was drunk. I remembered our trip back to the Castle of 喵. In stark contrast to her confident and all-powerful gravitas, she was utterly weak after a few sips.

Now holding onto a drunk and rosy-cheeked big sister by the shoulders, I gradually brought her inside our chamber. I noticed the disheveled military outfit that revealed a tinge of cleavage. Her panting was soft as her chest moved according to her breathing.

"We're here."

And that was what happened as soon she shut the double door with her majestic wings. Those words of Little brother, we're going to have some fun tonight~ seeped out of her mouth as if a new burst of energy entered her.

Was she pretending to be asleep?

"W-what are you going to do?" I let out a yelp, sounding more like a prey about to be consumed.

"You remember our elixir extraction?"

My eyes widened at those naughty memories — specifically when we did it for our first time.

"It's time for another round~"

Without hearing my reply, she cradled me and headed for bed. My heart thumped, like a newlywed about to fulfill our sexual vows. A mischevious smile bloomed on Amae's face as she looked down and admired my expression.

"Is that okay?"

I averted gaze.

"I suppose we can."

"Little brother, I can't wait any longer. I've been holding myself back since last week. During campaigning, my mind can't stop thinking about various ways to extract the white liquid. That bitter taste. The taste of your essence. I want more~"

Amae could hardly contain her explosive excitement as she gently laid me down. Hearing her authentic self, it was only right for me to reciprocate those feeling back.

"Alright," I said shyly, "B-but please be gentle, it's my first time."

Amae quirked up the corner of her mouth in a knowing smile. The alcohol seemed to help reveal our inner authentic self to each other.

"Me too~ Let's have our first time together."



PLEDGE THE TIER - 『 Commander and Guardians

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