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"Let's go to the hot springs, little brother! ♡"

"We have that?"

My demon big sister nodded and led me down a grand hallway. "In this world, contracted lovers deepen their bonds through skinship in the hot springs! It's a famous tradition~"


Her bare skin, her voluptuous blossom, her slender waist, her body curves

—My mind instantly erupted like a volcano.

♦ ♦ ♦

Amae's touch felt astonishingly soothing. Warm water trickled down continuously over my body as she washed my back delicately. It felt like a top-tier spa massage. All my mental stress was alleviated and my entire soul was being lifted into paradise.

"Little brother, can you use the faucet and wash my wings?"

I nodded as a pair of black feathery wings sprouted from behind my demon sister's waist and landed softly onto my lap. I held the wooden faucet, which pumped out heated water in accordance with her magic.

"Be gentle, I am sensitive down there."

"I'll be extra careful."

Amae let out a relieving sigh while I rinsed her wings. I beamed to myself at how intimate this felt. As we continued to wash each other, it truly felt like we were deepening our relationship.

An important rule prior to entering the hot spring was to clean one's body thoroughly with warm water. Amae explained that this initial ritual was to remove dirt and sweat as well as help the body gradually adjust to the hot temperature.

After wrapping a white towel around our bodies, Amae and I looked at each other and exclaimed like little kids:

"Onward to the hot spring!"

♦ ♦ ♦

We arrived at our destination near the far-east end of the palace, where the structures were mostly wooden

We arrived at our destination near the far-east end of the palace, where the structures were mostly wooden. Nature filled the surrounding. The hot water radiated an actinic blue light, allowing us to fully enjoy an outdoor bathing experience.

"It's filled with enchanted minerals such as calcium, sulfur, and illenium, which helps with smooth skin and blood circulation."

All those benefits from relaxing in a hot spring... Wow-!

"Ah~ The hot water feels so nice."

"I agree. I can feel the fatigue flowing away."

As the comfortable warmness enveloped our body, Amae shifted closer and our shoulders touched. "Hey little brother, tell me about your past."

My past life...

"I was a student."

I took a deep breath.

"Everyday it was the same. I went to school, attended class and finished my homework. But deep down, I always felt that something was missing. I wanted someone who understands me. Someone who I can be myself with. Someone who I can devote my entire life to."

Amae plopped me onto her lap and held me tightly in her embrace. She pushed my forehead back as I landed between her breast; they felt like soft pillows. During all this, she was listening attentively to my story.

"I asked myself constantly, what if I had done things differently? Would I have found that person? Eventually, I found myself wishing for someone who was beyond my reach."

But now it's different.

I turned around and looked up at my big sister, "Ever since I met you, those thoughts disappeared. Is it weird that it feels like I belong here? That I belong with you."

Amae smiled mysteriously as if she was saying who knows.

I want to know you better.

"How about you?"

"I've made countless decisions for the past five centuries, ones that would determine a kingdom's fate. But I have no regrets. Because I believe all the little pieces — the experiences, failures, fleeting moments. They all made me into the demon I am today."

Amae gazed at me with an earnest expression.

"And if all those little pieces led me to you, then I felt like it was all worth it."

Hearing those precious words, I leaned in and pursed my lips.

I am so lucky...

...that you summoned me.


My demon sister widened her eyes in response to my unexpected cheek kiss.

I averted my gaze, my cheeks feeling hotter than the hot spring, "I just felt like doing that..."

"Fufufu~ ♡"

The corner of her mouth was twitching and she was desperately trying not to let her expression show. Her palm was holding on the area where I kissed her.

I instantly turned away, feeling flustered about the kiss

I instantly turned away, feeling flustered about the kiss.

"Aren't you a sneaky one?~"

My demon sister pressed her breasts forcibly against my bare back while blowing air into my right ear. I struggled as Amae giggled mischievously, having the time of her life attacking me.

"B-big sister... get off!"


She nibbled my ear as I let out an embarrassing yelp. Underneath the water, I felt her fingers running up my legs.

"Ara~ Your face is all red now."

And that was when her hands stopped in between my thighs.

"OwO, what's this?"

I let out a loud cry. In a spur of embarrassment, I dashed out of the hot spring. I knew that if I did not stop myself, I would lose control. And I was not mentally ready...

I stopped in the hallway, shivering from the change in atmosphere.

"There you are," I turned around to see my demon big sister wearing a bathrobe and holding a towel. "Let's make sure you are dry so you don't catch a cold."

"I-I can do it myself."

"Be a good boy and stay put," Amae was already drying my naked body, her eyes were attentive on wiping the beads of water. "It's a big sister's duty to take care of her little brother. And besides...." Her lips curled into a sly smile. "'re so cute when you are flustered."

Before I could respond, she pecked my cheek and whispered in my ear:

"Payback from earlier~ ♡"

A note from Amae

『 Amae (11/12/18): Inspired by Ane Naru Mono! (=ඒᆽඒ=) What did you think of the chapter? Demon Onee-san would like to hear your thoughts~ Thanks for reading, dear reader! ❣ 』


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