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"Reincarnated Into My Half-Finished Isekai VRMMO Tabletop RPG"

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bull. Bull fancied himself something of a writer and game designer, and had half-created a homebrew roleplaying game for himself and some friends called Apoch’s Twilight. It was a perpetual work-in-progress, as Bull only wrote enough to fill in whatever gaps he needed to run the game for his friends.

Then one day, Bull was hit by a truck. Bull should have looked both ways before crossing the street.

Bull wakes up at a character creation screen, with an AI prompting him to create a character. The name of the game he’s creating a character for?  Apoch’s Twilight.

Say what?

I plan to update weekly, give or take, while staying a couple chapters ahead for my Patrons. Thanks for reading!

                                                                  -- Bull

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Steven 'Bull' Ratkovich

Steven 'Bull' Ratkovich

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l nimbus

Probably going to be THE next big story on RRL.

I dont know where to start here. There's so much i want to talk about in this srory, but no great place to start from. So, lets try starting from where AT itself does. From the beginning. Note that while the premise, (Isekai), might turn people off, this is not your standard weebfest. Oh no, it's something much better.


Apoch's Twilight tells the story of Bull, a man killed by Truck-Kun and thrown into his own game. It's a Tabletop RPG, which in turn is about people trapped inside a VRMMO. Sound familar? The second part might. But AT, through it's liberal use of humor, pays homage to it's inspirations, manages to be deep, engrossing AND funny. I regualry found myself putting down the phone to take a minute to soak in some bit of humor or have a good laugh.

This story is unashamed of it's origins, embraces them even, and that's a good thing. We need more stories that are willing to do this. I particuarly like his portrayal of VR. I won't spoil it, but it makes SENSE. By all rights, this should be the base template for VRMMO logic, but Bull is the first i've seen to actually publish it.

Another thing i just want to say is that if a careful enough reader puts together some pieces, they could potentially see a HUGE plot twist coming.....

Nothing concrete, but still out there.


Okay, the tricky part his here. While very good, it can be a little heavy at times. For example. I was tempted to skip some of the earlier chapters, as they info-dumped material i wasn't really interested in, but was relevant. But when another dump came along late in the story, it was gripping, having me read every line. While it may seam a bit rough early on, it gets better with every chapter, making the story easier to read.


Well, he got an A on this one. Aside from a few words missing a letter or being misspelled, there's nothing to complain about here. Moving on...



Another well done section. Bull is likeable right from the getgo, and stays consistent right up to the current chapter. Other characters are introduced reguarly, and stay both meemorable abd relevant to the series. Even the generic Old Man NPC makes an impression in his first meeting. Whatever magic you're doing here, buddy, keep it up. As a writer myself, i know how hard it is to make a good character, and you ace this.


Apoch's Twilight is both a good, gripping Isekai/VRMMO game, a humor laden story and an interesting insight to what VRMMO's actually might be like. It offers good characters, lore, fluid action, thought provoking moments, and most importantly, that feeling of wanting the next chapter NOW. Give it a read, hell, give it a rating and a review. Stories like these deserve more attention than they're currently getting.


So lets just address this, the top review has 7 upvotes when the story says it only has 5k views O.o ... Not one to cast shade where there might not be, but it looks a little odd to me considering you rarely see that many upvotes on such a small view count.... ever.


We have a typical dead reincarnated dude, but instead of it being real he is reincarnated into a VRMMO. And he rolls stealth archer of all the builds.

Now I'm not a huge fan of any stealth/archery builds in novels as I feel their fights aren't that interesting when written down. Stealth archers are all about getting that instant kill or using traps to lure in prey and killing them while they are trapped. It just doesn't make for a very interesting read.

This is just my opinion of course. I love playing stealth archers comps, but reading it is just dull.

As for the rest of the content it is just boring in my opinion. We have gotten standard quests with standard awards with a MC being a good boi to NPCs. 

Just boring meh with a health dose of potential due to OP being a good writter. 


Interesting premise for the protagonist

Disclaimer: I'm a friend of Bull's and a Patreon supporter.


I'm liking the story so far, I recently got into the LitRPG genre (by recently I mean a yearish or so). I'm liking the character development, and the differences between the main protagonist and the rest of the players (No Spoilers!) is an interesting twist which I hadn't read yet.

Bull has some professional writing credit so I'm interested in seeing how this story goes. Although if he does decide to publish it it will need some proofing, editing, and rewriting to avoid some trademarks. :)