"Without You". Reincarnated as a Troll Alternative. 2018' NaNoWriMo

by MDW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

 Having reincarnated in a post-apocalyptic medieval world, an unlucky Earth teenager finds himself in the body of a Troll. Hiding in a poisonous meadow, he is attacked by adventurers hired to slay him.

After winning by a paper-thin margin he succumbs to his troll instincts and commits taboo. By doing that he receives a special ability and the universe splits into two parallel realities.

In one of them he treads a path that takes him closer to the light and his former human side.

But that is another story.

What if the ability he received was one that pushed him further away from what is human?

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Monster protagonist is monster (somewhat)

This is a good story. It has many of the same structural issues as the original, but it also has all the strengths. I am actually not sure which version I like better at the moment, and I somewhat hope that both fictions go a little meta and each version of Grendel gets to see how life works out for the other. I also live in fear of that tragedy tag kicking in since the story so far has only been mildly shocking and not particularly tragic.

This story also addresses the number one complaint readers had about the original fiction where Grendel gets a human form. In this one he does not, but the complaints will continue anyway.


So This is what i'm fucking talking about. 

I Personally lost all interest in this story when the dungeon arc started, i was barely hanging on when grendal didn't ransack the town to begin with. But now it brings back the thrill i had when i first read started reading this series. While i can tell the grimdark part of the series isn't amazing, it still manages to give you the," Fuck these are all great twists i dig it." My only real complaint is new foes for our OP MC to deal with. I'm sure the power scale is going to jump up by like a lot, but it still kinda feels like he's insanely busted when it comes to dealing with humans. 

All in all, solid 5 star for me, i love it and i love the grim and hopless setting. Keep up the good work Author