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--POV strangers--

"Ehy, Kinocchi! That took you sooo long, did you take a piss?"

"Shut up Abe Rinji, do your job properly and stay quiet, don't you remember the tiger of 10 days ago?" Kino said shivering "That bloody animal almost killed half of us due to our carelessness, thankfully, your brothe-Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"uh, don't worry...I'm trying to forget it too."

Abe Rinji. He was your average high schooler, at least when almost everybody nearby a certain zone got sent to this hellish place. It happened roughly half a year ago, but Abe can't remember exactly, he stopped counting after the first three months...He and his brother were just hanging around in the park when they were suddenly transported here without a warning. Status screens and strange words appeared in their heads. At first almost everybody thought it was some kind of joke or a weird dream, that is, until a rabbit with an incredible sharp horn pierced through an old man's chest, killing him. Terror and madness started spreading around at an incredible fast rate. Just thinking about it all makes him sad, and angry...mostly when he thinks about his brother...and his aching face when he saved everyone against that tiger, losing an arm.

"Hang in there Abe Rinji, our Look-out turn is almost over, you can relax then, there is no need to be tensed." The fat man speaked towards him with an apologetic face.

Abe took a deep breath before calming down. "Your right, Kinocchi! I mustn't become sad. Thank you."


Thanks to his good vision, Abe became a look-out, along with several other people, they are the 'guards' of the 'village'. They had a rather easy job instead of the warriors sent to hunt 'out there', he had only to report to the chief of the village what he had seen on a daily basis, and putting aside random survivors spotted here and there, his job was a fairly simple one. Of course, the night was cold and gloomy because the clothes were actually animal fur, but he was used to it now. The food was very delicious, so he didn't complain.

"Old man, doesn't that look like a torch?! Or is it a fire? Perhaps survivors?!!" He got up from his crappy made chair.

"Just sit, you will break the chair if you make such fast movements. And I don't see a thing. Just like I said earlier, you should calm down."

Sitting down Abe sighed again. "Sorry."

While it was true that there may be still survivors out there, they stopped seeing any sign of human life besides the village more than...maybe a month? Abe can't remember, and he doesn't want to remember. After all, pretty much every survivors had the smell of blood and urine along with them, and that was pratically an invitation for all the beast, it was just like saying "Hey! I'm here! Come here and hunt me!" Furthermore he hated the ironish smell of blood, maybe that was the only thing he will not get used to...

"Oi, I see it too, the light! You were right, it's a torch! You go to inform the village chief since you're the faster than me, fast!"

"Don't worry, other than good eyes, I have fast legs as well!"

The 'village' was build inside a big well-made fence that surrounded all the place. Almost right of the start when everybody was transported here, 'the chief' showed up, ordering and gathering around all the people togheter, and as the group grew bigger and bigger, the group decided to build a village, because they were feeling insicure. They didn't really know how to build a structure, nor a village, but the System skills helped them a lot. Hell, almost no one even knew how to lit a fire to say.

Just when there were 3 clearly moving shapes in the distance, the middle aged man decider to shout, hoping to save new lives. He will also get rewarded with more meat and supplies from the chief.

"Ehy, did you hear me?! You are safe now, don't worry! We are a group of people that got transported here as well! We have a village, you don't have to worry anymore! You are safe now!"

They weren't survivors though.

A note from NONNE

First time tried cooking a cake, I'm pretty good if I have to say myself. I'm proud of it. *SNORTS*

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