The Dungeon Boss's Favorite Game - A Virmo Story

by Michael Dale

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Kragathor is the final guardian of the world’s deepest dungeon. He is an immortal pinnacle of existence that is otherwise known as an ancient dragon. And he is terribly bored. His sole source of amusement comes from scrying on the adventurer teams that are in the upper levels of his dungeon.

Through spying on adventurers, Kragathor hears of a new magic item, called a Virmo, that allows one to project their mind into a fictional world in some sort of grand-scale game.  Recognizing these Virmo games as a potential diversion for his endless boredom, he orders a minion to infiltrate the nearby town and acquire some of these games. Once the minion returns, he logs into a game set in a world that runs on the twin magics of ‘science’ and ‘technology’, and embarks on his new journey as Bob, the Level 1 Human with no class.


Release Schedule:  As I wrap up the end of the first major arc, I will publish the chapters as they're completed.  However, as I transition into the next arc, I will go with a two or three times a week release schedule, since I will be splitting time between this story and Chimera.

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Everything about the story is pretty good. There aren't any obvious grammar errors or plot holes (so far). The world building is a little rough, but the MC is a shut-in dragon, so that's alright. The MC has a legitimate reason for doing what he does (10,000 years of boredom) and hasn't acted out of character too much. He knows a little about the world, but that's given, as he has a bunch of minions that tell him stuff. All in all, pretty good!


Incredibly Original and Interesting

This story is an incredibly original idea that has really become one of my favorites on this site. I originally began reading your Chimera story, and noted in the synopsis you wrote you would be focusing on this story. Though sad, as I thoroughly enjoy that story as well, I can say this on does not lose out to it one bit. 

I have seen little to no grammar mistakes through each chapter. That in itself is far beyond many books I’ve read on this site.

The characters interact well together, neither too formal or too tight lipped, and really seem to come alive with their obsessions.

the story line is following a steady flow, and thought “Bob” doesn’t know it, the first Arc feels closer to be revealed.

As to “style” that is the hardest for me to grade, as every Author has their own style of writing. I enjoy the way you have the characters interact with each other, and the amount of detail you put into both worlds inside this book. 

The book is pretty new still, at 15 Chapters, but you can see a budding gem in just this short amount. Keep it up! (:


This is good. This is really good! 

The storytelling is great, the characters intriguing, the plot is addictive, and the grammar is impeccable.

Only one complaint, there isn't enough!!!


fantasy dragon plays sci-fi VRMMO - fun!

(as of chapter 25)

A powerful but bored dragon plays a puny human player character in a post-apocalypse VRMMO without knowing anything about "modern" technology.

Style: Told in third-person internal style, the story is told from the dragon Kragathor's point of view both in his "real" fantasy world and in the game world. Other points of view are the minions he makes play in his party and the game company's leaders. The style is easy to read and feels whole, with good word choice and varied structure.

Story: The story starts with the dragon being bored and acquiring the VRMMO game box to pass the time before logging in for the first time. Character creation, a tutorial and the first quests follow. All this is presented in a fluid manner without any bulky number crunching. The plots both in the game and in Kragathor's real world develop at a believing pace, opening the worlds further for the reader. There are lots of humorous scenes, often playing on the non-human mindset and knowledge of the dragon.

Grammar: Excellent and I don't say this lightly.

Characters: The people we've had points of view from are driven by their own motivations. As the story is quite young, so far we haven't been exposed too deeply, but we can see that they were created with deliberation.

In total, the story is very fun to read and stands out from other RRL stories with a unique main character and premise.


It's a regular VRMMO story... That's been completely flipped on it's head - it isn't the same old 'VRMMO with magic' that most stories do. Instead, we have sci-fi!


So far it has been very interesting and I'm looking forward to more!


I have to say.... May the Bob be with you!!



Good story, and a twist on what could be consider an Portal Fantasy / Isekai.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Six

Enjoyable and I honestly only have one complaint. The author stopped posting chapters and didn’t really give a heads up. Otherwise it is a good story, with short chapters and some decent characters.

Come back and post more if you can, don't give us a case of blue balls.


Refreshing New approach

This is an impressive and interesting new approach to the already saturated ‘vrmmo’ genre. As of now (chapter 13) the style is firm with a good flow and pacing. The only potential ‘problems’ also count as potential plot twists as they are less plot hole and more intentionally vague aspects that would be easily missed even if the MC was not a hopeless shut in with the best reason for being a shut in I have seen in any novel.  Keep up the good work!


So far ( chapter 7 ) there has been no major plot hole or bad writing as far as i could see, and the story is enjoyble 2, would recommend again.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I think 4 stars is too high for my strict rating, but 3.5 is too low for this fiction, so I'll settle with 4 stars.