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Without any previous indication, all the televisions, smartphones, and radios start broadcasting a message recorded by the government leaders of the world. In it, they explain a horrible tragedy that is about to befall us. Our earth will blend with what is considered to be the primary dimension after having been apart for an unknown amount of time. The merger will not only affect the world, but also the beings on it, and humanity must mingle with other species or die out. Everybody will need to determine the other-dimensional race to pick. The world leaders have known of this for many years and have tried preparing people by creating popular fiction, games, and movies. These are nothing more than tutorials of what is about to happen.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The broadcast ago
Baby Steps ago
Licking wounds ago
Broken pipes [part 1] ago
Broken pipes [part 2] ago
Meanwhile... [part 1] ago
Meanwhile... [part 2] ago
Meanwhile... [part 3] ago
Horrible hospital [part 1] ago
Horrible hospital [part 2] ago
Hidden truths [Part 1] ago
Hidden truths [Part 2] ago
The second merging [part 1] ago
The second merging [part 2] ago
More trouble [part 1] ago
More trouble [part 2] ago
Party time [part 1] ago
Party time [part 2] ago
Meeting the locals [Part 1] ago
Meeting the locals [Part 2] ago
Forced bonding [part 1] ago
Forced bonding [part 2] ago
Bad dream [part 1] ago
Bad dream [part 2] ago
Out for a swim [part 1] ago
Out for a swim [part 2] ago
Heading out ago
Dangerous waters [Part 1] ago
Dangerous waters [Part 2] ago
You learn something new every... [part 1] ago
You learn something new every... [part 2] ago
Indecent proposal [part1] ago
Indecent proposal [part 2] ago
Grumpy old lizard [part1] ago
Grumpy old lizard [part2] ago
Change of plans [part 1] ago
Change of plans [part 2] ago
Inner turmoil [part 1] ago
Inner turmoil [part 2] ago
Back from whence we came ago
Back from whence we came [2] ago
Conflicting desires [Part 1] ago
Conflicting desires [Part 2] ago
25: A strange meeting [Part 1] ago
25: A strange meeting [Part 2] ago
26 Guerilla tactics [Part 1] ago
26 Guerilla tactics [Part 2] ago
27 In the nick of time [part 1] ago
27 In the nick of time [part 2] ago
28: Regrouping [Part 1] ago
28: Regrouping [Part 2] ago
29: Hunger [part 1] ago
29: Hunger [part 2] ago
30: Against the clock [part 1] ago
30: Against the clock [Part 2] ago
31: Troubles abound [part 1] ago
31: Troubles abound [part 2] ago
32: Lonely volcano [part 1] ago
32: Lonely volcano [part 2] ago
33: Competition [part 1] ago
33: Competetion [Part 2] ago
34: Goat for breakfast [Part 1] ago
34: Goat for breakfast [Part 2] ago
35: Bad news, worse news [Part 1] ago
35: Bad news, worse news [Part 2] ago
36: Losing focus [Part 1] ago
36: Losing focus [Part 2] ago
37: Hidden truths [Part 1] ago
37: Hidden truths [Part 2] ago
38: Alies ? [Part 1] ago
38: Alies ? [Part 2] ago
39: Gobtown smackdown [Part 1] ago
39: Gobtown smackdown [Part 2] ago
40: Retaliation [Part 1] ago
40: Retaliation [Part 2] ago
41: Hidden potential [Part 1] ago
41: Hidden potential [Part 2] ago
42: Backstab [Part 1] ago
42: Backstab [Part 2] ago
43: Frost dragon [Part 1] ago
43: Frost dragon [Part 2] ago
44: Cleaning ship [part 1] ago
44: Cleaning ship [part 2] ago

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It's not a bad story, but it's also not good IMO. I just found it really mediocre. The tension doesn't really let off or change much, so it kind of just becomes background noise at some point, which means there is not much emotion to the story. I was hoping for some stats or more gamelit aspects, but couldn't push through to see if they were coming. 

I also really don't like children being a big part of the story, especially not when they have to be babysit, so your mileage may vary here. I found some of the decisions being made to be unrealistic - orders to choose goblin being taken seriously, MCs not picking up or using weapons, despite picking them up at a certain point. 

If you are really running dry on stories, or you prefer a  character interaction and suspense focus you might want to give it a shot. It was a miss for me.

anonymous prashant

Seems like the start of something excellent. Looking forward to what it will become once you start working on it.....

Spoiler: Spoiler


Seems like a good idea and i would like to know how it turns out if you do write a fiction about it.

Leonardo Nascimento

The only thing bad in this novel is that there's not enough chapters.


 moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^_^


Wow, quite the tale to read ! And you should read it, really.

The story focus on two brothers (friends, but they behave like brothers, with the banter and all) as their world and themselves transition into something else entierly.

It's well paced, and reading this felt like staying on the edge of a razor. Never truly at peace, sometimes close to total catastrophy, with a few times where I thought that at last things will get a bit better. Each element that I discovered made me think that the current problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Travelling the world with our heroes, we follow the shift of paradigms that their lives go through, and I hope for their success with each chapter. The chapters hover between fights, travel, and sometimes a bit of discovery and world building. Some are clearely action packed and left me with a bated breath, other apparently more...quiet, just served to up the tension and suspens.

This permanent tension supports well the rapid bonds sometimes forming between characters. Fast friendships in times of need are quite a thing. The characters are fun to follow, the few recurring names easy to remember. Fun is quite the rare ressource, in this tense story of survival.  That made the main cast my favorite characters, even if they still seem quite superficial at the moment. I know that they have quite the heavy past, it is hinted I think, but they never have time to talk about... I'll wait for it. Secondary characters a contrario are more developped in certain aspects. No time for psychanalysis in the end, so character developpement is adequetely adapted in consequence. Overall it is well balanced, fitting the pace of the story.

The grammar is clean, the style is easy to read and really bring the atmosphere in the book. Read what I said upstairs, it reflect directly the author's style.

A good read, a really good work from the author. The easy way would be to say keep it up, but more than that thank you for sharing your work. It was a blast to read, really !


TL, DR : Read this. You'll like it even more if you like action, suspens and a mix of guerilla, exploration and survival among people you don't know you can trust.

Glad I found it.