Super Soldier not Super Hero

by Duck_No_Duck

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Martial Arts Strong Lead Super Heroes Supernatural Urban Fantasy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Book 1: Follow Emily as she awakens to become a Super Soldier in the army and follow her through her training and first tour of duty. The first book is complete and it's staying up on RR.   400+ pages and 46 Chapters.

Book 2: Finds Emily behind enemy lines trying to survive against an impossible army.    On-going and follows the events of the first book eight months later.

Reader beware this is a rough draft and that means that the grammar is going to be ...spotty.  I will go back and edit chapters at a later date. I am working on getting a better editing program. If you spot grammar errors don't be shy and tell me. It might take a while for me to fix it as I am busy writing and working my full-time job. I promise you I will fix it though and I deeply appreciate those who point out errors that I can fix. 

Cover Photo by Piotr Wilk on Unsplash  

 Updating every Monday.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 ago
Chapter 2 Nothing worse than wet socks except maybe grenades ago
Chapter 3 Senior Chief ago
Ch:4 It will get worse before it gets worse ago
Ch:5 One body bag for you and one for you… ago
ch:6 Where do Supers come from. ago
Ch: 7 The Last Chances ago
Ch:8 But how does that make your feel. ago
Ch:9 Mostly Human ago
Ch:10 Progressive ago
Ch:11 How to be fat without it showing ago
Ch:12 A girl Called Never ago
CH:13 When Starting a New Routine ago
CH:14 Club Nitro ago
Ch: 15 MOS Schools ago
Ch: 16 The Cat Lady ago
Ch: 17 The New Gang ago
Ch: 18 That Halloween feeling ago
Ch: 19 In Country ago
Ch: 20 The War of the New and Old. ago
Ch: 21 The Coward ago
Ch: 22 False god’s fire ago
Ch: 23 Canadians Are Awesome ago
Ch: 24 Blood and Tears ago
Ch: 25 Dammit Geary ago
Ch: 26 TAD ago
Ch: 27 The Little Black Knife ago
Ch: 28 Sunsets and Goodnight kisses ago
Ch: 29 Rudbar Operation ago
Ch: 30 Three on one ago
Ch:31 Jobs not done. ago
Ch:32 Debriefing ago
Ch:33 Baseball in the dark ago
Ch: 34 Training ago
Ch: 35 Pain's Friend ago
Ch: 36 The K-G pass ago
Ch: 37 The mole people ago
Ch: 38 Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP) ago
Side story. The Fate of Captain Hood. ago
Ch:39 Impossible orders ago
Ch: 40 Ceremony ago
Ch: 41 Hell's gate ago
Ch: 42 Technomancer's crew ago
Ch: 43 The problem with civilians. ago
CH: 44 Saying goodbye to good friends ago
Ch: 45 A night out with the Navy Seals ago
Ch: 46 Stone knives and Slaves ago
The Fate of Val (Valkyrie) *Minor Spoiler alert* ago
Ch: 47 A little Island in the Pacific. ago
Ch: 48 Two Lovers Leap. ago
CH: 49 Adopted ago
Ch: 50 Korean MRE ago
CH: 51 Bad news ago
Ch: 52 Green sky in the morning.... ago
Ch: 53 Mini guns! ago
Ch: 54 A Cryptic Woman ago
Ch: 55 Fight in the strip club ago
Ch: 56 The surrender ago
Ch: 57 The Dead. ago
Ch: 58 Bugging out ago
Ch: 59 the bunker ago
Not a chapter ago
Ch: 60 The Patrol ago

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  • Overall Score

Apart from a few grammar mistakes and odd choice words, no complaints.

Fresh and novel novel.

I like it.

  • Overall Score

Really good story so far.    Army Supers.  Military fiction blended with superheros.  Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

It does have quite a few grammar issues, but they are mostly minor.  The wrong word used here or there.  Give it a shot.

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I look forward to every chapter release

Not the typical super story. I really like how the author portrays the MC. She’s hard working and still learning her trade. She comes across as being a very real and relatable character. There is of course military jargon as you can expect from a story about a soldier, but the author does a good job of explaining things and not going too heavy with it. As some others have pointed out there are some grammar issues but overall I don’t find it to be too bad.

So far I have found this story to be a thoroughly enjoyable read and look forward to each new chapter released.

  • Overall Score

 A fun superhero adventure with a MC thats upbeat, and while not perfect is certainly competent at what shes chosen to do. Good story.

P Hofmann
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I was afraid of too much military jargon, but that was not the case. A very pleasent read that keep me interested chapter after chapter so far.

One negative is the abundance of grammar errors, that hopefully will be fixed in the future.

  • Overall Score

The concept of military superheroes is cool idea.

The story development is good. The characters are also not unreasonable powered hero, the hero grow into her power along the way.  It is interesting and good read. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

it's a good story 

the concept of a super in the military is interesting

the only minus would be the military jargon that is sometimes a bit too much 

it's cool for the immersion bur for someone who doesn't understand it, it's a little too much.

if you can put a dictinary at the begining/end of each chapter with the term and the signification it would be great.

the immersion would not suffer and reader with bad memory (like mine) would just need to scroll to understand the military jargon.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

great story but grammar isn't great

Aside from the grammar mistakes I love the story. The grammar sometimes seems like easy fixes and I would suggest to the author that before they upload each chapter that they proofread. So far 1/4 of the sighs I see say sign and it brings me out of the immersion.

  • Overall Score

Some grammar mistakes

all those times Emily enters a hanger I see this:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania hanger

  • Overall Score

Read up until chapter 21

Sorry I love digital marine but I kinda found this story boring. 

Good grammar, uninteresting characters, story and world. 

Author has progressed a lot if you look at how digital marine is shaping up.