The Merchant of Death

by Lumpish_Haggard

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Secret Identity
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A Genius Psychopath from Earth transmigrates into the body of Tony Stark which completely changes the fate of the Multiverse.

AU Dark!Tony

This novel will follow both The Cinematic and Comic Verse.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Clinical Psychopath ago
Transmigration ago
Meeting Peter Parker ago
Wolverine ago
Wakanda and Shuri ago
The God of Wakanda ago
Mutation ago
Symboitic Lifeforms ago
Civil War or Annihilation ago
Mutation Complete ago
A Night of Passion ago
Mentoring Peter ago
Director of S.H.I.E.L.D ago
A Heartfelt Apology ago
Scarlet Family ago
Tony's Past? ago
The Mind Stone ago
Returning to Wakanda ago
Which is Which ago
An Anomaly ago
The 100 Years ago
The Asgardian Goddess of Death ago
Visiting Asgard ago
Upgrading Asgardian Weapons ago
Odin's Vault ago
Bifrost Bridge ago
What were you the God of, again? ago
Tesseract ago
Protect Wakanda ago
The Dwarf King ago
Blood to Spare ago
A Soul for a Soul ago
Destiny Arrives ago
A Frozen Planet ago
I'll Do It Myself ago
I Just...Do Things ago
Meeting Xavier ago
Ennead's Treasure ago
I Will Find You... ago
Favored By The Fates ago
Cosmic Cubes ago
Maximum Potential ago
The Creation and the Destruction ago
Consequences? ago
Singularity ago
Where are you? ago
A Perfect Arrangement ago
Tachyon Beam ago
Beyonder ago

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pretty freaking amazing!!!!

The story has great flow and takes a very different path from most fan-fictions. I  love how the author blended part of both the comics and the MCU while also seamlessly incorporating the MC's own backstory. The quality of the writing is pretty high as well with only a few grammatical errors that don't hinder the immersion at all.

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Holy shit this is good. Ruthlessly good. I’ve read my fair share of stories online and offline but this, this is one of the best. It might not be the best story objectively but its completely right up my ally. A MC who is intelligent, ruthless, and utterly decisive and feels justifiably OP and not to mention the great but aptly sparing sex scenes. Damn. Great stuff.

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So after reading this fic all the way of chapter : a perfect arrangement. I decided to review the most the most sincere way possible 

Keep in mind its just my personal opinion. 

So star wise I tried to be in the middle. As this story is average at best . The style isn't bad but also isn't good  It's well rrl quality. It's passes time. It's entertaining. But that's it. It's a massive self insert, power fantasy trip. But yeah it's entertaining . 

The story before the last few chapters I would be saying it's full of plot hole and it's a deus ex machina. Now it's been explained but well its still frustrating and not engaging

I can't judge grammar I'm dyslexic  dysorthographic and well i consider if I don't spot mistakes or don't remember spotting some then it's golden. So 5 stars but I judge either horrendous 0 (I found a lot and it's bothering me)  OK 3( found few and remembered them) 5 (didn't find any but I can't spot them normally so yeah)


Character, well there's no progrès (as a person). Hes 2d. Boring, good at everything, op. BUT he is entertaining, as him becoming more and more op is relaxing.

Character interaction is non existent. 


Also there's sex scene but usually I don't care about them but here I cringed a bit. 


I recommend this as a read if you got nothing else to read (as if, if your main bookmarks are paused)

IT IS an entertaining read. Just not a good one (nor bad)

Really just average rrl . 

Cally Lloyd
  • Overall Score

loving it cant wait for moreXd great chareters and story.