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Chapter 3 - Tests and Unexpected Stuff


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The ride to the Academy, as Nox kept calling it, didn't take very long and they reached it after a short 10-minute ride.

Along the way, Nox gave Damon some tablets and told him to take them. Damon tried to ask what they were for but Nox kept dodging the question, so figuring that Nox wouldn't want to kill their newest recruit, Damon took the tablets.

Looking at the academy, Damon was a bit shocked at how big it truly was and the fact that he'd never noticed it before as it was in such a close vicinity to his house. There were 3 main buildings forming a triangle, each of the buildings had a different color scheme.

The one on the left of the entrance was blue and black, the one on the right of the entrance was nearly completely black and the one furthest from the entrance was red and black.

Damon felt that the colors went together quite well despite them looking a bit odd at first glance.

Nox hurried the fascinated Damon along and took him toward the blue and black building where he signed a few papers and a few doctors appeared after a few minutes. "Ah, Nox, it's good to see you again. What are you here for?" A tall blonde lady with a lab coat walked toward Damon and Nox.

Due to her height, she looked down at Nox slightly as she smiled at him. Nox also smiled at her and walked forward and hugged her. "It's good to see you as well, Natasha. And I'm here because of this big fella--" Nox slapped Damon on the back, who smiled politely at the beautiful woman in front of him while Nox carried on "--He's the newest recruit, so we need to get him tested before the Bestowal."

Natasha nodded as she motioned for the two of them to follow her and follow they did. After walking a little bit, Natasha walked them into a room with some medical equipment, a bed and what looked like a full body scanner.

Natasha told Nox to stay outside of the room for the first part and after Nox had left she turned to Damon and told him to strip fully.

Without getting embarrassed, Damon completely stripped showing his perfect body and light brown skin eliciting a gasp and an 'Oh my~' from Natasha who looked at all of his body, everything seemed to her liking.

"You really have physically matured well-beyond your peers, haven't you Mr? Especially that thing down there, how big~" Natasha's voice sounded like the purr of a cat as she got closer to Damon and cupped her breasts in a seductive manner.

Yet Damon just blankly looked at her, obviously not caring about her attempts at seduction. This caused Natasha to scoff in disbelief as she shook her head. "You really are perfect for this organization mentally. Now let us see if you're physically perfect for it." Natasha slapped the bed motioning for Damon to sit on it.

Sitting on the bed, Damon let Natasha poke and prod him with multiple different pieces of equipment before she wrote on a notepad she kept in her pocket before doing more prodding and poking.

"Okay, now get in that scanning machine after putting this on." Natasha threw him a hospital gown and pointed at the high-tech looking bed with loads of trinkets attached to it.

Damon slipped the gown on and tied the string on the side making sure it tightly held his body before getting into the chamber of the machine. Natasha called Nox in who was presumably already opening the door as he entered before she even finished saying his name.

She handed him the results of her normal medical tests before clicking a button which closed the chamber shut and started up some whirring sounds in the scanner itself.

Nox looked at the medical results and nodded his head with a satisfied face which screamed 'I knew I'd got a good one!~'. Damon lay back and didn't move and as the scanning started he closed his eyes.

The scanning was quick and before Damon knew it, it was all over.

Natasha clicked a few more buttons before the chamber was flooded with some kind of gas before it opened. Damon stepped out, unperturbed by the sudden appearance of gas and walked toward and sat down on the bed from before.

Natasha was looking at a screen with a shocked look on her face. Seeing this, Nox wondered over next to her and looked at the screen, only to show an expression that looked equally shocked and surprised.

"Hoho! Who'd have guessed I pulled in such a good candidate!" Nox seemed incredibly happy with himself as he walked up to Damon and examined him with a discerning eye.

Damon squinted his eyes at Nox. "Are you going to tell me what you two are gushing about?" his voice came off slightly impatient but Nox and Natasha didn't seem to care and Natasha even stepped forward as she started to explain what they'd found.

"Well, we discovered you don't need to go through the training before entering the Academy. Your body is already peak human in level, it's also has a weirdly high compatibility with the Surgeries that all the Students must undergo before they join the academy and you even already have a Gift." Natasha seemed impressed that there was such a person who had these things and wasn't born and raised by the Organization.

"Granted that your gift is an incredibly high-leveled one but still, you have the right mentality as well." Nox chimed in while looking like a kid on Christmas. Damon wondered why he was so excited, was he going to get a pay rise because of this or something?

Mental jokes aside, Damon did have some questions. "Surgery? What kind? And what's this Gift you're both going on about?"

Natasha stepped forward and cleared her throat in a matter-of-fact way. "Well, the surgery is how we give our Killers abilities and powers most can only dream of. It's pretty complicated and we don't have enough time but to simplify it; We put a device in a Students body where it releases special chemicals and hormones which change the student's body over time pushing them to superhuman levels."

Nox stepped forward and added to what Natasha said. "Yeah, I have one, so does Natasha. They have different effects depending on the person and it manifests in different ways."

"In what kind of different ways?" Damon knew he'd have to undergo this surgery, so he at least wanted to know what it'd do.

"Well, it's pretty hard to explain Damon. Let me put it like this; Have you read about Supernatural Creatures?" Natasha sat next to Damon and looked him in the eyes waiting for his reply. Damon nodded his head like she was dumb to even ask the question.

"Then that's how it manifests differently depending on the person. Some people gain the abilities of a Vampire, some a Werewolf, and others a Kitsune. I, for example, gained this--" She lifted her hand up and her pale skin took on a slightly greenish tint and her fingernails elongated into sharp claws "--I gained the abilities of a Jiang Shi, or a Chinese Vampire."

She playfully winked at Damon as her tongue came out of her mouth. It was much longer than a normal person's tongue and looked much more dexterous, like a prehensile limb.

Damon's face paled as he looked at Natasha's now inhuman hands, he felt like he'd gone completely crazy. His brain went a mile a minute trying to think about an explanation for this but he found nothing. When he was about to attack her as his instincts told him so, he stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down, kid. Don't let your Gift get the hold of you, Natasha isn't going to hurt you." Nox's calm voice sounded out and oddly soothed Damon's taut mind. "Again with the Gift. Can you explain it to me without turning your hand into some nightmarish claw?" Damon spat out his annoyance as he glared at Natasha.

For some reason, he felt he'd already adapted to the thought of there being people with Supernatural abilities. It was quite...worrying, to say the least.

"Of course I can, plus my Manifestation isn't as Monstrous as hers." Nox leaned against the wall and closed his eyes before he spoke again "Gifts. Unlike the surgery which can be given to anyone as long as they have even the slightest amount of compatibility, Gifts are innate things; stuff someone's born with."

Damon just looked at Nox, waiting for him to continue as Natasha had already moved over to a computer where she'd started to type something up.

"Your Gift, Damon, is the Gift of Hyper Instincts. Have you ever wondered how you master things so easily? How you know the answer without thinking about it? It's because of your Gift. Just take it as you'll be able to adapt to any situation with this gift but within limits, however. Don't go jumping into fire hoping you'll adapt." Nox opened his eyes and appeared in front of Damon and threw a normal punch at the blond boy's face.

Without having to think, Damon leaned his head to the right and grabbed a scalpel next to him and swung it at Nox's throat.

The fist went past his head and the scalpel in his hand slashed past Nox's throat. Damon got the message of what Nox was trying to show him but he hurriedly looked at Nox to see if he was fine.

Nox was looking down at Damon as the scalpel struggled against his skin, not even cutting it slightly.

Damon let out a sigh, not surprised he dropped the scalpel and stood up. "I get it. So what are we doing next?" Damon stretched his arms and legs and looked toward Natasha. Suddenly he felt a needle enter his neck.

"You're going into the surgery~" Natasha's playful voice spoke out next to Damons ear as he fell backward, only to be caught by the flirty blonde behind him.

'I'm really going to get back at her when I Manifest my abilities after the surgery...'

And then there was black.

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