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Damon Jaeger had always known he was different. Yeah, he was more talented than others his age and even older. Yeah, he could learn things and remember them after a few glances. But he knew he was even more different.

He was a Killer. He wanted to hurt people. Or at least he wanted to.

Damon finally let loose and hurt a group of people who he felt deserved it. And because of that, an Organization found out about his knack for violence and killing, and they wanted to recruit him.

Join Damon as he gets trained to become a Killer and tries to stay himself along the arduous journey.

(Author Note: Grammar may or may not be quite shit, so please go easy on me. Also, the story may come across as edgy, so sorry about that. Oh and I don't own the cover photo either, I picked it up off of Google~)

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Novels good so far with our violent mc and there is no problems with the story as far as I can see, but there is little to no chance of it ever being completed as all of the other novels this author has wrote. I'm not unhappy with the novel at all. I'm just dissapointed in all the good novels that won't be finished. In the end, this review is just to serve as a forewarning to the potential reader because imo the only thing worse than a bad novel is a good novel that won't be completed.

DK Safdar
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Eh. I dunno how to describe this, so I'll just list off things, with my thoughts.

Three kills in the prologue (Awesome). Tore apart said kills with bare hands (Badass). Apparently started out with physically peak human body (Nice start, but likely to be considered weak, soon). Inherently a killer (Looking at the title, that seems obvious). High emotional attachment to select few (Dragon's Reverse Scales, which led to original three kills and likely more, later). Oh, and his parents are elopers that left a militant noble family (Lot's of likely arrogant drama with the MC's cousins. Likely to end in blood, but not on our side's)


Turns out he has an affinity and became a Ghoul/Werewolf Hybrid (Nigh unkillable, and ridiculous regen? Check. Physically a tank? Probably Check. Lot's of future threats? Blood-Soaked Check. Automatic Subservience to a vampire? Check. Vampire Princess? Also, Check. Vampire Waifu material? Foreshadowed Check. All in one package? Check.) Any questions? Oh, and the two 'bloodlines' are also considered lost species. Let the fact that these have been around for like thousands of years, sink in (Not completely accurate, though).

The stories by this author have always been good, dropped or not. I will continue to read this Author's stuff until he stops or I'm crippled (That includes not-reading. Lack of reading is the equivalent to being crippled, for me at least.)

Well, thanks for reading and have a nice day~

Edit: I typed far more than I realized... Huh. This happens a lot when it's about something I like.

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Interesting beginning :p

i like the idea of a real anti-hero who really stays true to violence etc. cant say much yet obviously but if it continues like it i will be looking forward to more releases ^^

Diego de Silva
  • Overall Score

Awesome book man don't stop!

I haven't read a book this good in a while.

Arjun Takharey
  • Overall Score

Another awesome story with a non pussy mc... Hope that you keep writing random stories like this or continue old ones anyway hope to see more of your works


Nico Castro
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Awesome love your stories and im a huge fan of your work hope to more chapters coming soon. I cant get enough of your stories that is pack filled with an anime loving nerd’s dream. Also if its no trouble can i hope to see more chapters for that my hero acdemia fanfic you were working on?