"Seven Heaven Sect?" Zhang Wu Ji was puzzled by the word coming out from the fireworks. But at the same time, his Nameplate shines like it was activated by some treasure.

Not long after, a cultivator in his peak Inner Qi Warrior strength came forward to him with his tamed Flying Beast and escorted him back to the core area of the Seven Star Sect. Worst of all, his question was all unanswered by them as they followed him back to the sect.

"Brother Wu Ji..." Meng Ran is nervous with all the unknown visitors, but since they did not come to them with an ill manner, she did not know what they want with all of them. But when they reach the Sect's Core Area, almost all of their question is answered.

The sight of the seven injured Pagoda elders is the first thing that shocked him the most.

"How can the seven elders have fallen into such condition?" Zhang Wu Ji questioned himself and lands together with his companion beside Liang Tian. When he came forth to his master's side, Liang Tian is giving a bow to this youth in his seventeenth or eighteenth.

"Dear enforcer, this is my ninth disciple, Zhang Wu Ji." Liang Tian introduced him to the youth standing before him. When Zhang Wu Ji clasped his hands together, an elder appeared from an incredible speed before all of them.

In his hand is the bruised and bloody Yang Chen Kun.

"Headmaster Liang. Although I know that the Seven Star Sect is not doing good lately due to some incompetent leadership, you have to remember that the Seven Star Sect is representing the Seven Heaven Sect in this Upper Southern State."

"Luckily, the head of the sect did not blame you on this matter, but how can such a power-usurping event start? Don't you feel shame to disgrace the name of Seven Star Sect and the Seven Heaven Sect' good name?" the youth continues.

"Still, I'm here for a good reason." the youth then stepped closer to Zhang Wu Ji.

"Not bad of reaching the half-step of Inner Qi Warrior in not even a year of cultivation. Are you sure, you don't possess a Martial Body?" his hand went forth to Zhang Wu Ji's face and touched the latter. This action pretty much offended Zhang Wu Ji's fiery temper, but the problem is his Early Soldier Tier cultivation strength completely pressurized Zhang Wu Ji from making his move!

"Liang Tian..." the youth returned to the headmaster not far from Zhang Wu Ji's spot.

"Yes. Enforcer." Liang Tian replied.

"Kneel... For the Seventh Heaven's Mandate," he said.

"Subordinate Liang Tian here!" he immediately kneeled before the Enforcer. But this scene stunned the other disciples and elders. Nobody knows what to do until the Enforcer added another sentence.

"Headmaster has kneeled, why the others not?" that sentence alone pressurized everyone included the seven pagoda elders, the members from apprentice hall, and the delegates that work for the Seven Star Sect. Even Zhang Wu Ji is forced to kneel before this Enforcer and the elder.

"Elder, Enforcer Wu will start now." the Enforcer reported to the elder not far from him and obtained his nodding. In the next moment, the Enforcer took out a treasured scroll in golden color for his announcement.

"Em." that's his reaction.

"Written and relayed with the power of the Seventh Heaven, this mandate judge, Liang Tian, as incompetent!"

"Do you, Liang Tian, accept the judgment of the Seventh Heaven?"

"LIANG TIAN ACCEPT!" he lowered his head and replied.

"Good. Good."

"But! Because Liang Tian is able to repent for his incompetence by taking the Seven Star Sect up to the top of the Lower Counties Ranking, the Seventh Heaven decided to forgive Liang Tian and his failure."

"By right, this shall be over, but the incompetence becomes weaknesses that were exploited by the traitorous Yang Chen Kun, to usurp the position of the Head of Sect! Not only that, the seven muddle-headed elders actually close one eye from everything that happened!"

"Although this did not ruin the foundation of the sect as it was handled with care, the punishment will not be lenient! Written and approved by the First to Seventh Heaven, the eight of them will have their cultivation crippled!"

"No! No! Wait, Enforcer, please give us a... Aargh!" the eight of them beg for the forgiveness, but with a simple swing from the Elder, his 69th Stage of Inner Qi Lord cultivation penetrated through their Dantian and broke their cultivation.

With a simple swing of a hand, the elder destroyed the cultivation of the eight of them. Without the nourishment of Qi, their feature becomes ten years older and weaker. Few minutes is all it takes to turn eight of them into half dehydrated corpses.

"As for the person that was caught selling the land and resources owned by the sect to the outsiders, Yang Chen Kun, your fate is to be tortured inside the Nest of Blood Torturer Ants. Your sentence will start on our way back to the Seven Heaven Sect."

"No! Enforcer, please kill me!" Yang Chen Kun screamed for a moment before he was knocked unconscious.

"As for your incompetence, the Seventh Heaven all proposed you're to be killed but based on your success in taking is such a disciple, the sect decided to let you free from punishment for the final time. But escaping the sentence of death doesn't mean you're free!"

"The Seventh Heaven judge you guilty! And to be delivered with 3 lashings from the Heaven Serpent's Tail once every three months beginning from the starting of the year!" the enforcer stated before handling over a whip to the elder.

From how it looks, this elder's arrival to their Seven Star Sect is for the sake of delivering the punishment to his master once every three weeks.

"Other than that, the Seventh Heaven is very interested in the existence of the Top disciple during the Lower Counties Ranking. Zhang Wu Ji, under the invitation of Seven Heaven Sect, you're to be invited to the Seven Heaven Sect located in the Seven Heaven Holy Mountain for a tour."

"Additionally, if you, in any case, refused the invitation, please take note that the leniency of three lashings was given under the pretext you agreed to the invitation." the Enforcer finishes his report before the scroll is kept and tied. It was then handed over to Liang Tian before the Enforcer steps closer to Zhang Wu Ji.

"My name is Wu Jing, Second Heaven Mountain's 3rd Strongest Disciple. When you're here, I will let you know much more about the sect, and also how you can reduce the sentence your master will suffer for every three months."

"Other than that, you will also know that in our place, items below 1st-Tier is complete trash. Our currency starts with Qi Accumulating Pill, where each of them worth 1,000 Qi Sensing Pills. Here, you will be able to learn and cultivates until you're a Peak Inner Qi Soldier."

"End one the Ping An Continent's First month, I will be waiting for you at Wen Yang City. Oh, one more thing. We only invited you, not others. For that little girly there, leave her. Inside the sect, you will notice that there's over a thousand of them in every Heaven Mountain."

"And let me tell you, if you're lucky, who knows you might able to thaw our Seventh Heaven Mountain's Ice Princess, Bai Xue Xue? But before that, you'll have to reach 40th Stage Inner Qi Master first." Wu Jing shared the benefits he'll get when he comes to their Seven Heaven Sect.

With a whistle sound, a gigantic flying serpent at least 100 meters long came out from the forest and lifted all the other people from the Seven Heaven Sect and prepared to leave.

"Enforcer Wu, the token." the elder reminded the youth.

"Oh, I almost forget about that."

"Little brother Wu Ji, please keep this token in your hand." he throws a piece of Silver Token into Zhang Wu Ji's hand.

"This token is Emissary Token. With this token in hand, it means you control the right to rule any lower establishment related to the Seven Heaven Sect. It will also act as the proof of your invitation, so don't lose it."

"Before I forget, please remember, this means the Seven Star County is yours now." Wu Jing completes his sentences and leave.

The situation of the whole Seven Star Sect turns quiet before everyone kneeled before him and said,

"Congratulations on becoming the ruler of Seven Star County."

"Congratulations on becoming the headmaster of Seven Star Sect."

"Congratulations on becoming the disciple of Seven Heaven Sect."

Very soon, news transferred by mouth, written documents, changes of rules and regulation throughout the whole county allows everyone within this county to know that the current leadership of this county has changed.

Headmaster Zhang Wu Ji,

Half-Step Inner Qi Warrior,

The youngest child of Li Jiang City's Zhang Family.

The First seat in Lower Counties Gathering contest (Lower Ranking)

Founder and Owner of Apprentice Hall

The third owner that possess the Iron Kong-Que in the whole Southern Imperial Kingdom (It was rare due to the difficulty to forge it. Due to the flexibility like a peacock flying in the air, they're more precious than a usual Flying Sword or Ship)

And countless more astonishing achievement.

But, for the starter, the Seven Star Sect is no longer the name of the ruler of this county. Although the name of the county remained as Seven Star County, the Seven Star Sect is now completely razed to be rebuilt into a new establishment that garners more support from the residents of this county.

Seven Star Master Hall.

After some calculation was arranged, the expansion of this new establishment is now about four times bigger than the Disney World Theme Park in Florida, USA.

This Seven Star Master Hall acts as the central establishment that connects the Wen Qing City on its north, Wen Yang City on its West, Li Jiang City on the Southwest, and Wen Wu City on the Southeast. And at the same time, it replaced the Wen Wu City's main branch as the Base of their Operation.

And with the quick subjugation in the Wen Yang City without the need of a fight. Under the cooperation of the City Lord, they easily force the business parties from the Crystalline River County to return to their own land to conduct their businesses.

By enforcing the new rules written by the Seven Star Master Hall, a million copies of this new sets of rules and regulation to be followed distributes to every corner of this county. But most of them are related to the growth and profit of the Seven Star County.

Without knowing how fast is the time flows, Zhang Wu Ji was too busy in handling the crucial day to day matter related to the Seven Star Martial Hall. Before he knows how long the time passed, Tang Yuan came forth to the Founder's Pagoda to report something.

"Master." Tang Yuan called him, but it was ignored.

As a person that understands his master too much, Tang Yuan gently open the door to the basement and went inside to take a look at his master. When he reaches the bottom, Tang Yuan smiled when he noticed that his master is playing with the fire from the furnace filled with ignited Flame Rocks.

"Master, I know that your progress in developing your cultivation is essential, but today is the last day of Ping An Continent Year. I'm afraid that old master Zhang already sent you multiple letters to ask you to return to the Li Jiang City's Zhang Family.

"Understand. Inform Lady Meng Ran to prepare the Iron Kong-Que, I will be in the Master Hall Main Square in an hour. And... the seven of you will follow me too, make sure everyone is prepared." this was the first time he celebrates the new year in this world.

And to reward all of his attendants and Meng Ran's help in handling a few matters in his Seven Star Master Hall, Zhang Wu Ji considered bringing her home as well, to let her have a feeling of the family celebrating an event together.

With half of the treasure inside the Founder's Pagoda is taken and stored in his spatial ring, Zhang Wu Ji walked out from his Pagoda under the surveillance of passerby and greetings until he reaches the Main Square. After the nine of them took their seats in the Iron Kong-Que, Meng Ran proceeds with the control and direct the Iron Kong-Que to depart.

Inside the Iron Kong-Que.

Meng Ran is seated just beside Zhang Wu Ji, while the seven attendants gathered at another side.

"Guys, our master is not going to leave Miss Meng Ran like this when they're in the Zhang Family right?" Zhang Ya Pin asked. Listening to his question, the two girls and Tang Yuan sighed. Especially Tang Yuan, how can he have no idea about his master?

"His dullness can set even the angel from the sky aside from her single-sided love!"


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