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Chapter 97 - Tomb of An Inner Qi King (5)


"Hehehe..." Zhang Wu Ji keeps laughing on his way deeper into this Treasure Room. But the moment they entered this room, there's a total of three corpses and one surviving cultivator leaning on a corner of the room. From the way he looks, Zhang Wu Ji estimates that he will lose his life as well, due to the arrow stabbed in his left chest.

"One problem not yet left, another comes. How good." the cultivator on the corner struggles to lift his sword to point at Zhang Wu Ji and Meng Ran, but instead of being bothered by his threat, Zhang Wu Ji step closer to the three corpses and rummage their belongings.

"Heh... Five-flavor Flame Sect and Black City Armored Forces. This tomb exploration turned out to become quite interesting..." Zhang Wu Ji started to feel something is fishy in this tomb exploration topic. Although he believes that Vault Elder Feng Ming will not carry an ill intention towards him, but...

What happened is too suspicious! For a tomb that was located in between the border of Seven Star County and Crystalline River County, how can those from Upper Counties appear at the same time? To begin with, why would the Tomb Master made twenty keys to be distributed outside of the tomb?

Why would the Tomb Master created so many keys?

What intention is within his mind when he made the twenty keys?

Without his system, won't he become one of the confused teams that explore this cave?

"There must be some missing part of inheritance when I steal this key and map from the Crystalline Pavilion!" Zhang Wu Ji started to catch the hint of conspiracy that's been brewing even before he was born! How long has this conspiracy begun?

"Wait!" Zhang Wu Ji stopped confusing himself any further and tried to remember everything he'd seen earlier.

"Two bandits... Two Factionless cultivators... Blood Art Sect, Upper South Merchant Corporation, Black City Armor Forces, Five-Flavor Flame Sect, and myself... Five factions are here! With the number of teams I've seen, Eleven Keys is still yet to make their appearance!"

That's mean, in this tomb itself, there are another twenty-four cultivators including the two of them remained!

"You, state your last words because, in another minute, you will leave this world to meet your maker!" Zhang Wu Ji stepped forward to the corner where this person belonged to the Black City Armored Forces breathing the last few breaths of his life.

"Who... Who are you?" he questioned Zhang Wu Ji. In his thought, he doubted the credibility of this person. But instead of answering his question, Zhang Wu Ji took his nameplate and placed it right before his sight.

"Zhang... You're that Zhang Wu Ji... Hahaha, what an unusual Master Senior Ninth. You're just like what my senior brothers say." he laughed as he gets rid of his doubt.

"Black City, Sector 5, Chen Li Yin. Tell her I can't return anymore. Bring her this nameplate and tell her that I'm sorry to leave earlier." the cultivator let go of the sword and took a nameplate out to pass to Zhang Wu Ji's hand.

"I'm listening to your dying wish. I'm not a messenger. If that's all in your mind, I'm not gonna help you." Zhang Wu Ji crouches right in front of the cultivator as he rejected the request.

"You! Ahem, ahem..." the rejection caused him to cough two mouthfuls of blood. But before he breathes his last, Zhang Wu Ji grabbed his wrist.

"Long Mu Blessing Stance!" Zhang Wu Ji injected a few strands of his healing properties Fighter Qi to heal the cultivator before he's completely gone. Without too much effort, Zhang Wu Ji forced a dying person to come back for another few more breaths.

"How come I'm still alive?" the Long Mu Blessing Stance gives the cultivator ten more breaths for him to finish his words.

"You got ten more breaths. Still not going to tell me your last words?" Zhang Wu Ji continued to grab his wrist while his person still here with him.

"I... I want to revenge for my junior brother! I want to slaughter the person that sell us this key! I want to go back to meet my mother!" finally, he said everything Zhang Wu Ji wanted to hear, except the two last words.

"Mother? I thought that Chen Li Yin is his unmarried wife!" he's surprised with how this guy thinks.

"Good. Follow me, and I will grant you everything you said." Zhang Wu Ji now acts like a savior that came from heaven to save him.

"I agree!" he replied immediately.

"Good. Close your eyes." Zhang Wu Ji started to heal his condition to bring him back from the death's doorstep. While at the same time, he was laughing inside his heart because of how easy it was to persuade this guy to become a servant of his.

When it comes to the servant, their position is even lower than his disciples and attendants! At least, the eight attendants are not expected to do any minor works like what they used to do, but as a servant, his duty includes dying for his master as cannon fodder!

While Zhang Wu Ji is healing this servant, Meng Ran is covering her mouth in shock due to these doubtful events. First of all, she was shocked by Zhang Wu Ji's ability to heal a person with a critical injury, and how easy for him to get a servant.


"Was I looking at this Model Master Senior when he was making a fool out of somebody going to die? And making that person as his servant on top of this?"

"You, Zhang Wu Ji, is really despicable..." Meng Ran narrowed her eyebrows and stares at the Master Senior. Unfortunately, after so many things happened, she's yet to understand the conspiracy and matters related to them at this moment.

"Humph! I''m going to collect the treasures! You should keep making fun of your servant!" she angrily bellowed and left the two. As he was still busy healing this servant into his healthy condition, Zhang Wu Ji did not bother to split his attention.

"Silly girl..." Zhang Wu Ji smiled.

How can people like Meng Ran and his servant that lacks Drama-Watching Experience know what is actually happen at this moment? Will his action of healing the servant as a physician helps? It may be yes or no, but the loyalty and submission to him won't be higher than now.

And next, is that she's completely blank! How can not any of them see the brewing conspiracy that brings all of them into this Inner Qi King's Tomb? Even himself without the need of using the UPGRADE System too much knows that everything happened until now is orchestrated by somebody with the intention to weaken their forces.

After they collected all the treasures, Meng Ran took the lead to bring the three of them out from their current Hall to a different one. But after a quick look, they noticed that the remaining halls have been emptied. It only means that in their path forward, there must be more cultivator gathers.

"Oh, I did not ask for your name." Zhang Wu Ji questioned his servant before they proceed farther into the tomb."

"Dear master, your servant's name is Chen Ming." he introduces his name and his background next. Seems like although the Chen Family is wealthy, the talent of their younger generation is too weak, forcing Chen Ming to come out for all these dangers.

"Pfft... Become popular... A great name indeed." Zhang Wu Ji controlled his laughter as they went deeper into the tomb.

Finally, everyone arrived at the Tomb's Core Area. Here, there are no longer any rooms nor Walking Passage for them to move around. In the middle of this core area is an open space like an arena for people to battle against each another.

The moment the three of them went inside the hall, all the remaining people are waiting here. Like how Zhang Wu Ji counted, the holders for eleven keys remained, although the number of the total surviving cultivator is no longer 24 but 25.

On top of the Arena is a floating altar supposed to be supported by twenty chains. At the moment, only thirteen remains.

When everyone stepped forward, they noticed that the Altar started to drop something from above. The moment it falls into the middle of the arena, the formation that covered it vanished and allows people to come in to fight for the treasure.

Of course, With Chen Ming and Meng Ran is his people, Zhang Wu Ji reserve the right to enter the arena as he like. Like everyone else, he charged into the ring for a good fight. But when he reaches the middle area, only four people remained. The others did not proceed because the treasure did not emit too much power.

"Hmm, all of them considered this item as trash, but nobody actually knows that with my UPGRADE System, anything is a treasure to me!" Zhang Wu Ji pushes his cultivation to the top as he gets ready to fight with his three other opponents.

From the way they're clothed, Zhang Wu Ji assumed that two belonged to Factionless Cultivators and the remaining guy came from Herb Valley Sect. With the existence of Herb Valley Sect, this eliminates them as a part of the culprit.

"Mountain Fist!"

"Sea Roaring Palm!"

Medicinal Yang Palm!"

the three of them spreads their attack to make sure they strike two opponents at the same time, but Zhang Wu Ji wasn't too bothered with their intention.

"Physical fight? Come to get a taste of my Tyrant Martial Body then!" Zhang Wu Ji raised his Leg and clashed with his three targets without using any Martial Art at all! And with pure body strength, he throws the other three far from where he stands before he put his hand to grab the Spear-Looking Treasure.

"Pssh!" a hint of burn appeared on the back of his palm as he tried to touch the treasure. It seems he will need to kick the three of them out from the ring to obtain the right to take the weapon. Without waiting for their action, Zhang Wu Ji sped and stopped before the cultivator from Herb Valley Sect and kicked the latter out from the ring.

It was out of kindness he did not try to spoil the relationship between them, but the power extorted by the Tyrant Martial Body is too strong because the cultivator is stamped on the wall without a gap to move due to the ridiculous amount of strength.

"What the... I will have to be very obedient to not get a punch or a kick in the future for any mistakes." Chen Ming looked at his master's ridiculous strength that breaks other's martial art and stamp people on the wall attack.

"No! I surrender, I Surrender!" another guy quickly escapes from the fight, but like there was a wall behind him, he cannot retreat! Moments later, Zhang Wu Ji's kick came and stamped him on the wall once more before sending the final guy to the same fate.

Finally, the light surrounding the spear is gone.

As the winner of this fight, Zhang Wu Ji grabbed the spear and returned to where his companion stands. While he took the time to inspect the spear in his hand, another weapon falls from the altar. This time, it was a beautiful golden sword.

"3rd-Tier Weapon!" the crowd become restless except Zhang Wu Ji. Instead, he's irritated when he tried to fight again, but the barrier disallows him to enter the ring. Without him participating in this round, the others relaxed.

"Finally, I know who the hell is the culprit planning everything behind this!"

"But... Why did it have to be them?"

"Why! Tell me... I am expecting you to be a Righteous Sect!"







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What happened to Heavenly Sword Sect that Zhang Wu Chou studies in? Did they got corrupted?


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