Forge of Destiny

Forge of Destiny

by Yrsillar

In the Celestial Empire, a land ruled by Immortals and stalked by Spirits and Beasts, a young girl from the slums of an unimportant city is found to have the Talent. In the great Sect of Argent Peak, she will take her first unsteady steps upon the way.

Can she learn to not only survive, but thrive on her journey?

Updates Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The first two Volumes can now be found on Audible

Cover Art by Melody Cheng

Original, unedited Quest found here

Tales of Destiny, an anthology of short stories in the same setting

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Word Count (17)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue-Smelting ago
Smelting 2 ago
Smelting 3 ago
Smelting 4 ago
Bonus 1: Commencement Day ago
Chapter 1-First Steps 1 ago
Chapter 2-First Steps 2 ago
Chapter 3- First Steps 3 ago
Chapter 4-First Steps 4 ago
Chapter 5-First Steps 5 ago
Chapter 6-Exam Prep 1 ago
Chapter 7-Exam Prep 2 ago
Chapter 8-Exam Prep 3 ago
Chapter 9-Exam Prep 4 ago
Bonus 2: Lessons and Lore ago
Chapter 10 Exam Prep 5 ago
Chapter 11 Exam Prep 6 ago
Chapter 12 -Zhou's Trial 1 ago
Chapter 13-Zhou's Trial 2 ago
Chapter 14-Zhou's Trial 3 ago
Chapter 15-Zhou's Trial 4 ago
Chapter 16-Zhou's Trial 5 ago
Chapter 17-Zhou's Trial 6 ago
Bonus 3: Faculty Meeting ago
Chapter 18-Zhou's Trial 7 ago
Chapter 19-Zhou's Trial 8 ago
Chapter 20-Foundations 1 ago
Chapter 21-Foundations 2 ago
Chapter 22-Foundations 3 ago
Chapter 23-Foundations 4 ago
Chapter 24-Foundations 5 ago
Chapter 25-Foundations 6 ago
Bonus 4: Growing Unease ago
Chapter 26-Foundations 7 ago
Chapter 27-Foundations 8 ago
Chapter 28-Foundations 9 ago
Bonus 5: The Great Sects ago
Chapter 29-Mountainside Clash ago
Chapter 30-Mountainside Clash 2 ago
Bonus 6: Charity ago
Chapter 31-Mountainside Clash 3 ago
Chapter 32-Mountainside Clash 4 ago
Chapter 33- Dwindling Peace 1 ago
Chapter 34-Dwindling Peace 2 ago
Bonus 7: Spite ago
Chapter 35-Dwindling Peace 3 ago
Chapter 36-Dwindling Peace 4 ago
Chapter 37-Truce End 1 ago
Chapter 38-Truce End 2 ago
Chapter 39-Truce End 3 ago
Chapter 40-Truce End 4 ago
Chapter 41-Truce End 5 ago
Chapter 42-Truce End 6 ago
Bonus 8: Observation ago
Chapter 43- Brewing Chaos 1 ago
Chapter 44- Brewing Chaos 2 ago
Chapter 45-Second Realm ago
Chapter 46-Restoring Order 1 ago
Chapter 47-Restoring Order 2 ago
Chapter 48-Restoring Order 3 ago
Bonus 9: On Cultivation ago
Chapter 49-Serpent's Treasure 1 ago
Chapter 50-Serpent's Treasure 2 ago
Chapter 51-Serpent's Treasure 3 ago
Chapter 52-Serpent's Treasure 4 ago
Chapter 53-Serpent's Treasure 5 ago
Chapter 54-Cooperation 1 ago
Chapter 55-Cooperation 2 ago
Chapter 56 Cooperation 3 ago
Chapter 57-Cooperation 4 ago
Chapter 58-Tag 1 ago
Chapter 59-Tag 2 ago
Interlude: Bai Meizhen ago
Chapter 60-Simmering 1 ago
Bonus 10: Death of the Sage ago
Chapter 61-Simmering 2 ago
Chapter 62-Simmering 3 ago
Chapter 63-Rebellion 1 ago
Chapter 64 Rebellion 2 ago
Chapter 65 Challenge ago
Chapter 66-Sect Work 1 ago
Chapter 67- Sect Work 2 ago
Chapter 68-Sect Work 3 ago
Bonus 11: The Twilight King ago
Chapter 69-Sect Work 3 ago
Chapter 70-Sect Work 4 ago
Chapter 71-Sect Work 5 ago
Chapter 72-Recovery 1 ago
Chapter 73-Recovery 2 ago
Chapter 74 Night on the Lake ago
Chapter 75-Melodies 1 ago
Chapter 76-Melodies 2 ago
Bonus 12: Plots and Plans ago
Chapter 77-Hatchling 1 ago
Interlude: Sima Jiao ago
Chapter 78- Hatchling 2 ago
Chapter 79-Hatchling 3 ago
Chapter 80-Council ago
Chapter 81-Elder Ying ago
Chapter 82-Relaxing Hike ago
Chapter 83 Crackdown 1 ago
Chapter 84-Crackdown 2 ago
Chapter 85-Elder Ying 2 ago
Chapter 86-Council Work 1 ago
Bonus-Precious! ago
Chapter 87-Council Work 2 ago
Chapter 88- Resurgence 1 ago
Chapter 89-Resurgence 2 ago
Chapter 90-Resurgence 3 ago
Chapter 91-Resurgence 4 ago
Chapter 92-Resurgence 5 ago
Chapter 93-Resurgence 6 ago
Interlude- Cai Renxiang ago
Chapter 94-Peace 1 ago
Chapter 95-Peace 2 ago
Chapter 96-Peace 3 ago
Bonus Chapter: Humiliation ago
Chapter 97-Peace 4 ago
Chapter 98-Dark Dreams 1 ago
Chapter 99-Dark Dreams 2 ago
Chapter 100-Dark Dreams 3 ago
Chapter 101-Dark Dreams 4 ago
Chapter 102-Dark Dreams 5 ago
Chapter 103-Dark Dreams 6 ago
Interlude- Li Suyin ago
Chapter 104-Tutelage 1 ago
Bonus Chapter- Cold/Alone ago
Chapter 105-Tutelage 2 ago
Chapter 106-Tutelage 3 ago
Chapter 107-Tutelage 4 ago
Chapter 108-Tutelage 5 ago
Chapter 109-Theft 1 ago
Chapter 110-Theft 2 ago
Chapter 111-Theft 3 ago
Chapter 112-Theft 4 ago
Bonus Chapter-Dynasties of the Emerald Seas ago
Chapter 113- Connections 1 ago
Interlude-Gu Xiulan ago
Chapter 114-Connections 2 ago
Chapter 115-Blizzard ago
Chapter 116-Elder Jiao ago
Chapter 117 Troubles ago
Chapter 118-Heist ago
Chapter 119- Friends 1 ago
Chapter 120-Friends 2 ago
Bonus Chapter-Mid Year Conference ago
Chapter 121-Friends 3 ago
Chapter 122-Crimson Princess 1 ago
Chapter 123 Crimson Princess 2 ago
Chapter 124-Crimson Princess 3 ago
Chapter 125-Sabotage ago
Chapter 126-Guardians 1 ago
Chapter 127-Guardians 2 ago
Chapter 128-Escalation ago
Bonus Chapter-Hunter ago
Chapter 129- Quests ago
Interlude- Bai Cui ago
Chapter 130- Training ago
Chapter 131-Favors ago
Chapter 132-Courting ago
Chapter 133-Courting 2 ago
Chapter 134-News ago
Chapter 135-Heiress ago
Chapter 136-Law ago
Chapter 137-Reconciliation ago
Chapter 138-Connections ago
Bonus Chapter: Betrothal ago
Chapter 139-Spirits ago
Chapter 140-Finishing Moves ago
Chapter 141-Finishing Moves 2 ago
Chapter 142-Finishing Moves 3 ago
Chapter 143-Finishing Moves 4 ago
Chapter 144-Finishing Moves 5 ago
Chapter 145-Finishing Moves 6 ago
Chapter 146-Finishing Moves 7 ago
Bonus Chapter: Ancestors Sublime ago
Chapter 147-Finishing Moves 8 ago
Interlude: Ji Rong ago
Chapter 148-Third Realm 1 ago
Chapter 149-Third Realm 2 ago
Chapter 150-Ice 1 ago
Chapter 151-Ice 2 ago
Chapter 152-Career ago
Bonus: Ascension for the Common Baron ago
Chapter 153-Beginning and Ending ago
Chapter 154-Oaths ago
Chapter 155-Revelry ago
Bonus Chapter: Temples and Festivals ago
Chapter 156-Hangover ago
Chapter 157-Bronze Realm ago
Interlude: Han Jian ago
Chapter 158-Resolution ago
Chapter 159-Moon ago
Chapter 160-Moon 2 ago
Chapter 161-Dragon 1 ago
Chapter 162-Dragon 2 ago
Chapter 163-Dragon 3 ago
Chapter 164-Dragon 4 ago
Chapter 165-Retainer 1 ago
Chapter 166-Retainer 2 ago
Chapter 167-Competitor ago
Chapter 168-Loose Ends ago
Chapter 169-Family 1 ago
Chapter 170-Family 2 ago
Ling Qingge Interlude ago
Bonus Chapter: Alone ago
Chapter 171-Family 3 ago
Chapter 172-Hidden 1 ago
Chapter 173-Hidden 2 ago
Chapter 174-Training 1 ago
Chapter 175-Training 2 ago
Chapter 176-Training 3 ago
Chapter 177-Training 4 ago
Chapter 178-Socialite 1 ago
Chapter 179-Standing ago
Chapter 180-Years End 1 ago
Chapter 181-Years End 2 ago
Chapter 182-Years End 3 ago
Bonus Chapter-Duty ago
Chapter 183-Years End 4 ago
Chapter 184-Years End 5 ago
Bonus: Argent Sect Promotional ago
Chapter 185-Preliminaries 1 ago
Chapter 186-Preliminaries 2 ago
Chapter 187-Preliminaries 3 ago
Chapter 188-Preliminaries 4 ago
Chapter 189-Prelimaries 5 ago
Chapter 190-Preliminaries 6 ago
Chapter 191-Tournament 1 ago
Chapter 192-Tournament 2 ago
Interlude: Sun Liling ago
Chapter 193-Tournament 3 ago
Chapter 194-Tournament 4 ago
Chapter 195-Tournament 5 ago
Chapter 196-Tournament 6 ago
Chapter 197-Tournament 7 ago
Chapter 198-Tournament 8 ago
Chapter 199-Tournament 9 ago
Chapter 200-Tournament 10 ago
Bonus: The Ministry of Integrity ago
Chapter 201-Tournament 11 ago
Chapter 202-Tournament 12 ago
Chapter 203-Tournament 13 ago
Chapter 204-Tournament 14 ago
Chapter 205-Tournament 15 ago
Chapter 206-Tournament 16 ago
Chapter 207-Tournament 17 ago
Chapter 208-Tournament 18 ago
Chapter 209-Epilogue ago
Threads of Destiny-Prologue ago
Threads Chapter 1-New Settings ago
Threads Chapter 2 ago
Bonus: The Great Diviner ago
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Threads Chapter 4 ago
Threads Chapter 5 ago
Threads Chapter 6 ago
Threads Chapter 7-The Bloody Dream 1 ago
Threads Chapter 8 ago
Threads Chapter 9 ago
Threads Chapter 10 ago
Threads 11- Sect Challenges 1 ago
Threads 12 ago
Threads 13 ago
Threads 14 ago
Bonus: Xiangmen, the Heavenly Pillar ago
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Threads 19-Dreams 1 ago
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Threads 21-Duels 1 ago
Threads 22-Duels 2 ago
Threads 23-Winter's Muse ago
Threads 24 Winter's Muse 2 ago
Threads 25 Winters Muse 3 ago
Threads 26 Winters Muse 4 ago
Threads 27 Siblings 1 ago
Threads 28 Siblings 2 ago
Threads 29-Siblings 3 ago
Interlude: The Cobbler and the Viper ago
Bonus: Macabre ago
Threads 30 Adventures 1 ago
Threads 31-Adventures 2 ago
Threads 32-Adventure 3 ago
Threads 33-Peers 1 ago
Threads 34 Peers 2 ago
Threads 35 Peers 3 ago
Bonus: Snake and Spider 1 ago
Threads 36 Three Moons 1 ago
Threads 37 Three Moons 2 ago
Threads 38 Three Moons 3 ago
Chapter 39-Three Moons 4 ago
Threads 40-Justice 1 ago
Threads 41 Justice 2 ago
Bonus: Characters of Destiny ago
Threads 42-Justice 3 ago
Threads 43 Justice 4 ago
Threads 44 Death 1 ago
Bonus: Handmaiden ago
Threads 45-Death 2 ago
Threads 46 Signs 1 ago
Threads 47 Signs 2 ago
Threads 48-Signs 3 ago
Threads 49-Perspectives ago
Threads 50-Downtime 1 ago
Bonus: The Sky that Fell ago
Threads 51-Downtime 2 ago
Threads 52-Downtime 3 ago
Threads 53-Downtime 4 ago
Bonus: Character Sheet ago
Threads 54-Nobility ago
Threads 55 Nobility 2 ago
Threads 56-Nobility 3 ago
Threads Chapter 57-Bao Qian 1 ago
Threads 58-Bao Qian 2 ago
Threads 59-Bao Qian 3 ago
Threads 60-Bao Qian 4 ago
Interlude: Outer Sect ago
Threads 61-Dressmaker 1 ago
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Bonus: Snake and Spider 2 ago
Threads 65-Foreshock 2 ago
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67-Foreshock 4 ago
Bonus: Outer Sect Tremors ago
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Chapter 70: Foreshock 7 ago
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Threads 97 Contemplation 2 ago
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Threads 100 Descent 2 ago
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Threads 111-Intermission 1 ago
Threads 112-Intermission 2 ago
Threads 113-Intermission 3 ago
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Threads 121-Reverb 2 ago
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Interlude: Imperturbable Stars ago
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Threads 131-Convergence 9 ago
Threads Interlude: Summer's End ago

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to do

This one made a great quest, it loses some of that in the translation to a story, because the quest went the way that it did because the players were jockeying to succeed rather than to make a good story happen.

It's a good story about a young street rat trying to become powerful and leave the fetters of her past life behind while also reconnecting with a family she left behind, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good wuxia story.

Does excel in worldbuilding though, even if the lack on information outside of what is immediately important does get on my nerves sometimes.

Ray The Red

A Breath of Fresh Air for Xianxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 100

Over the years I've tried Xianxia stories every now and then, but I could never get invested but Forge of Destiny finally manged to draw me in - and for good reason. The story of Ling Qi is an engaging one right from the start, the world building absolutley top notch. All the concepts introduced are staples of the genre, very much so, but Yrsillar manages to keep them fresh by giving them a certain gravitas that is rarely present in other works (who usually include them only for inclusion's sake). The mix of eastern and western story-telling compliments this, and while at times it can swing more one way than the other, it never becomes incoherent. Indeed, not once have I felt cheated by the story, because it never pulls a fast one on you in order to indulge in power fantasy escapism, and the grammar is just as consistent as the leveliing and plot progression.

The lack of power wank, more than anything esle, is what keeps me invested because it keeps the stakes believable, which in turn keeps the character motivation geneuine - this goes for all characters, not just the MC. In fact, the diverse cast is a serious strenght of the story, because not only are the majority of them not cardboard cutouts, but each of them has a clear and distinct relationship with the Ling. True, she stands out, but she's not universally hated or liked, nor is her luck swept under the rug. The drama thus feels earned, rather than contrived, and gives the story its human element. 

Monsters, Spritis, and Higher Beings stilll are simliarly fleshed out and I can see them clearly in my minds eye. They are treated with reverence and respect, but never so much that it flips right into sycophancy, which is much appreciated. Yes, all in all Forge of Desity is a gem in a genre filled with trash, and I heartily recommned that you give it a try, especially if you're on the fence about Xianxia as a whole; it is a breath of fresh air in a genre old and stale. 



Magically Kungfu Gripping Work!

A beautiful Xianxia story with Rich deep world building and a host of fun characters. What really stands out about it really is the way in which the world itself extends Xianxia tropes beyond typical Xianxia subjects. And Ling Qi is a wonderful main character, her character arc and outlook remain interesting for the entire work.


Beautiful work. Reading this was a pleasure. And I look forward to rereading it in a more edited form as presented here.


I did not enjoy it but that doesn't mean you can't

Reviewed at: Chapter 16-Zhou's Trial 5

The main issue I had with the story is that it was slow, really slow, at least for my tastes. I read quite a bit of it but it took way too long until something significant actually happened. That may be because I was on an action binge when I read this and that may have affected my review.

If you like xianxia stories and your fine with a slightly slower pace, then I would actually recommend this story. It has an interesting main character with a some fun interaction with everyone else, the worldbuilding is pretty good too


Classic Xianxia, with very human and appealing protagonist.

Reviewed at: Chapter 133

Absolutely fantastic story. I blitzed all the way through it in 2 days, read the original quest in another 2 and then got up to date on the sequal quest by the end of the week. 

Excellent characters in an intriguing world. The author does a great job of depicting a kind of classic Xianxia setting in a way that makes it feel very human and fresh. 

Good enough that I would pay for a print or kindle edition without hesitation. 


I have to say, of all the xianxia stories I have read, very few of them have a certain quality that makes stories much better, emotion. so far i've read 15 chapters, and unlike most other xianxia novels, the mc of FoD HAS emotions, unlike most other mc's in other stories. I almost never come across a novel that has emotion so early on in the story. usually it's some sort of out of the blue pull at the start of the story, like some tragedy or mc being betrayed or something. Ling Qi on the other hand, shows real emotion throughout the story on a regular basis. Emotion's that someone who randomly get's pulled from a life on the streets and shoved into cultivation. She isn't just "going with it" shes actually "working" through the new life that was thrust upon her. Really excited to see the rest of the story!


Xianxia story with actual characterisation

Reviewed at: Threads 76-Normalcy 4

A typical xianxia setting with the standard characters archetypes, but with characters with actual personalities and motivations. This is most notable when even the man character's allies act in ways that don't match her desires - something surprisingly rare in the genre. 

Grammer and spelling are generally good with few errors. The storyline itself keeps moving and doesn't get bogged down with personal vendettas and sidequests. 

Worth reading. 


When I first picked up Forge of Destiny, I wasn't sure what to expect. This work ended up being the very first cultivation piece and might I say, it has set the mark quite high! I originally binged at least 200 chapters. I have been keeping up with it ever since. The way that Yrsillar is able to really dig down into each facet that is Ling Qi's life is truly remarkable.

To break it up:

Style: With this being the first Cultivation story that I've read, it certainly takes the cake and sets the standard. I've held off and even searched for other cultivation stories on RR to compare it to, and out of all of the ones that I've read, this one still far surpasses the others. It's not the content, but rather the depth that the author is using to express the emotions and trials that Ling Qi faces. 

Story: Without sounding too redundant, I believe that this story has the ability to continue to hold my attention for a considerable length of time! I feel like the Author has barely scratched the surface in the 272 chapters so far and the room for the expanded story can only grow more intense and impressive. The author is taking their time and letting the story grow naturally and I certainly appreciate that they're not rushing any aspect of the work.

Grammar: Not much to speak on here. I rarely, if ever, find any sort of grammatical errors. Their writing style is nicely done and their vocabulary is rich, allowing me to immerse myself more into the story with much more vibrant adjectives and verbs that are being used.

Character: I love the MC. I love how she faces adversity, how she's able to rise above the challenges that are presented to her and her abilities to reflect internally on outside stimuli.

Without going too far into specifics, I will say this:

You should put this on your follow list immediately and begin to follow Ling Qi on her personal story of growth and enlightenment and you will not be disappointed that you did.


turned me into a quester

Reviewed at: Threads Chapter 3

A well executed Wuxia, with a better than normal cast.

As all is determined by die, failure is a legitimet threat.

The Main Character does not act in a vacuum. All deeds have coneqeunces, every missed opportunity will never return and may be exploited by those with malice.

Ling Qui is a fallible actor in a vast and strange world where allies must be picked carefully and friends are worth more than gold. Every relationship is a commodity that must be leveraged carefully, for there is no neutraly. He who chooses to wish to be friends with all, in truth stands alone.


Not the Petty Cultivator

Reviewed at: Chapter 200

Many cultivation stories focus on the petty, powerful cultivator or the upstart that overthrows them. While there is some of that in this story, it is very far from the focus. Instead, this is the soty of a girl becoming both a woman and a powerful cultivator in a short time.

Early on, you learn that the stoy revolves around a girl shedding the last of her teen years right after it is discovered that she has the talent for cultivation. By law, all cultivators are sent to school to learn to defend the nation. However, the school is competitive which adds in the "Forge" aspects of the title.

Her new friends, competitors, and even opponents are each unique. The characters are clearly seperate and there is little bleed from one to the next. Where many stories have cardboard cutouts or people that are too similar, this is a world filled with unique individuals. There are complex dynamics between them and their social interactions are an important facit of the story.

Like all Xanxia, there are deep aspects of self improveent, cultivation, and tiers of performance. They are well done and the story is a good example of the genra. What it leaves out is the tired crutch of everything being about some petulant master. Sure, there are a few of those, but they are surrounded by other cultivators and this is more about their shared struggle to advance. This gives it a unique feel next to most of the other Xanxia I have sampled.