Forge of Destiny

Forge of Destiny

by Yrsillar

In the Celestial Empire, a land ruled by Immortals and stalked by Spirits and Beasts, a young girl from the slums of an unimportant city is found to have the Talent. In the great Sect of Argent Peak, she will take her first unsteady steps upon the way.

Can she learn to not only survive, but thrive on her journey?

Updates Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The first two Volumes can now be found on Audible

Cover Art by Melody Cheng

Original, unedited Quest found here

Tales of Destiny, an anthology of short stories in the same setting

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Word Count (17)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue-Smelting ago
Smelting 2 ago
Smelting 3 ago
Smelting 4 ago
Bonus 1: Commencement Day ago
Chapter 1-First Steps 1 ago
Chapter 2-First Steps 2 ago
Chapter 3- First Steps 3 ago
Chapter 4-First Steps 4 ago
Chapter 5-First Steps 5 ago
Chapter 6-Exam Prep 1 ago
Chapter 7-Exam Prep 2 ago
Chapter 8-Exam Prep 3 ago
Chapter 9-Exam Prep 4 ago
Bonus 2: Lessons and Lore ago
Chapter 10 Exam Prep 5 ago
Chapter 11 Exam Prep 6 ago
Chapter 12 -Zhou's Trial 1 ago
Chapter 13-Zhou's Trial 2 ago
Chapter 14-Zhou's Trial 3 ago
Chapter 15-Zhou's Trial 4 ago
Chapter 16-Zhou's Trial 5 ago
Chapter 17-Zhou's Trial 6 ago
Bonus 3: Faculty Meeting ago
Chapter 18-Zhou's Trial 7 ago
Chapter 19-Zhou's Trial 8 ago
Chapter 20-Foundations 1 ago
Chapter 21-Foundations 2 ago
Chapter 22-Foundations 3 ago
Chapter 23-Foundations 4 ago
Chapter 24-Foundations 5 ago
Chapter 25-Foundations 6 ago
Bonus 4: Growing Unease ago
Chapter 26-Foundations 7 ago
Chapter 27-Foundations 8 ago
Chapter 28-Foundations 9 ago
Bonus 5: The Great Sects ago
Chapter 29-Mountainside Clash ago
Chapter 30-Mountainside Clash 2 ago
Bonus 6: Charity ago
Chapter 31-Mountainside Clash 3 ago
Chapter 32-Mountainside Clash 4 ago
Chapter 33- Dwindling Peace 1 ago
Chapter 34-Dwindling Peace 2 ago
Bonus 7: Spite ago
Chapter 35-Dwindling Peace 3 ago
Chapter 36-Dwindling Peace 4 ago
Chapter 37-Truce End 1 ago
Chapter 38-Truce End 2 ago
Chapter 39-Truce End 3 ago
Chapter 40-Truce End 4 ago
Chapter 41-Truce End 5 ago
Chapter 42-Truce End 6 ago
Bonus 8: Observation ago
Chapter 43- Brewing Chaos 1 ago
Chapter 44- Brewing Chaos 2 ago
Chapter 45-Second Realm ago
Chapter 46-Restoring Order 1 ago
Chapter 47-Restoring Order 2 ago
Chapter 48-Restoring Order 3 ago
Bonus 9: On Cultivation ago
Chapter 49-Serpent's Treasure 1 ago
Chapter 50-Serpent's Treasure 2 ago
Chapter 51-Serpent's Treasure 3 ago
Chapter 52-Serpent's Treasure 4 ago
Chapter 53-Serpent's Treasure 5 ago
Chapter 54-Cooperation 1 ago
Chapter 55-Cooperation 2 ago
Chapter 56 Cooperation 3 ago
Chapter 57-Cooperation 4 ago
Chapter 58-Tag 1 ago
Chapter 59-Tag 2 ago
Interlude: Bai Meizhen ago
Chapter 60-Simmering 1 ago
Bonus 10: Death of the Sage ago
Chapter 61-Simmering 2 ago
Chapter 62-Simmering 3 ago
Chapter 63-Rebellion 1 ago
Chapter 64 Rebellion 2 ago
Chapter 65 Challenge ago
Chapter 66-Sect Work 1 ago
Chapter 67- Sect Work 2 ago
Chapter 68-Sect Work 3 ago
Bonus 11: The Twilight King ago
Chapter 69-Sect Work 3 ago
Chapter 70-Sect Work 4 ago
Chapter 71-Sect Work 5 ago
Chapter 72-Recovery 1 ago
Chapter 73-Recovery 2 ago
Chapter 74 Night on the Lake ago
Chapter 75-Melodies 1 ago
Chapter 76-Melodies 2 ago
Bonus 12: Plots and Plans ago
Chapter 77-Hatchling 1 ago
Interlude: Sima Jiao ago
Chapter 78- Hatchling 2 ago
Chapter 79-Hatchling 3 ago
Chapter 80-Council ago
Chapter 81-Elder Ying ago
Chapter 82-Relaxing Hike ago
Chapter 83 Crackdown 1 ago
Chapter 84-Crackdown 2 ago
Chapter 85-Elder Ying 2 ago
Chapter 86-Council Work 1 ago
Bonus-Precious! ago
Chapter 87-Council Work 2 ago
Chapter 88- Resurgence 1 ago
Chapter 89-Resurgence 2 ago
Chapter 90-Resurgence 3 ago
Chapter 91-Resurgence 4 ago
Chapter 92-Resurgence 5 ago
Chapter 93-Resurgence 6 ago
Interlude- Cai Renxiang ago
Chapter 94-Peace 1 ago
Chapter 95-Peace 2 ago
Chapter 96-Peace 3 ago
Bonus Chapter: Humiliation ago
Chapter 97-Peace 4 ago
Chapter 98-Dark Dreams 1 ago
Chapter 99-Dark Dreams 2 ago
Chapter 100-Dark Dreams 3 ago
Chapter 101-Dark Dreams 4 ago
Chapter 102-Dark Dreams 5 ago
Chapter 103-Dark Dreams 6 ago
Interlude- Li Suyin ago
Chapter 104-Tutelage 1 ago
Bonus Chapter- Cold/Alone ago
Chapter 105-Tutelage 2 ago
Chapter 106-Tutelage 3 ago
Chapter 107-Tutelage 4 ago
Chapter 108-Tutelage 5 ago
Chapter 109-Theft 1 ago
Chapter 110-Theft 2 ago
Chapter 111-Theft 3 ago
Chapter 112-Theft 4 ago
Bonus Chapter-Dynasties of the Emerald Seas ago
Chapter 113- Connections 1 ago
Interlude-Gu Xiulan ago
Chapter 114-Connections 2 ago
Chapter 115-Blizzard ago
Chapter 116-Elder Jiao ago
Chapter 117 Troubles ago
Chapter 118-Heist ago
Chapter 119- Friends 1 ago
Chapter 120-Friends 2 ago
Bonus Chapter-Mid Year Conference ago
Chapter 121-Friends 3 ago
Chapter 122-Crimson Princess 1 ago
Chapter 123 Crimson Princess 2 ago
Chapter 124-Crimson Princess 3 ago
Chapter 125-Sabotage ago
Chapter 126-Guardians 1 ago
Chapter 127-Guardians 2 ago
Chapter 128-Escalation ago
Bonus Chapter-Hunter ago
Chapter 129- Quests ago
Interlude- Bai Cui ago
Chapter 130- Training ago
Chapter 131-Favors ago
Chapter 132-Courting ago
Chapter 133-Courting 2 ago
Chapter 134-News ago
Chapter 135-Heiress ago
Chapter 136-Law ago
Chapter 137-Reconciliation ago
Chapter 138-Connections ago
Bonus Chapter: Betrothal ago
Chapter 139-Spirits ago
Chapter 140-Finishing Moves ago
Chapter 141-Finishing Moves 2 ago
Chapter 142-Finishing Moves 3 ago
Chapter 143-Finishing Moves 4 ago
Chapter 144-Finishing Moves 5 ago
Chapter 145-Finishing Moves 6 ago
Chapter 146-Finishing Moves 7 ago
Bonus Chapter: Ancestors Sublime ago
Chapter 147-Finishing Moves 8 ago
Interlude: Ji Rong ago
Chapter 148-Third Realm 1 ago
Chapter 149-Third Realm 2 ago
Chapter 150-Ice 1 ago
Chapter 151-Ice 2 ago
Chapter 152-Career ago
Bonus: Ascension for the Common Baron ago
Chapter 153-Beginning and Ending ago
Chapter 154-Oaths ago
Chapter 155-Revelry ago
Bonus Chapter: Temples and Festivals ago
Chapter 156-Hangover ago
Chapter 157-Bronze Realm ago
Interlude: Han Jian ago
Chapter 158-Resolution ago
Chapter 159-Moon ago
Chapter 160-Moon 2 ago
Chapter 161-Dragon 1 ago
Chapter 162-Dragon 2 ago
Chapter 163-Dragon 3 ago
Chapter 164-Dragon 4 ago
Chapter 165-Retainer 1 ago
Chapter 166-Retainer 2 ago
Chapter 167-Competitor ago
Chapter 168-Loose Ends ago
Chapter 169-Family 1 ago
Chapter 170-Family 2 ago
Ling Qingge Interlude ago
Bonus Chapter: Alone ago
Chapter 171-Family 3 ago
Chapter 172-Hidden 1 ago
Chapter 173-Hidden 2 ago
Chapter 174-Training 1 ago
Chapter 175-Training 2 ago
Chapter 176-Training 3 ago
Chapter 177-Training 4 ago
Chapter 178-Socialite 1 ago
Chapter 179-Standing ago
Chapter 180-Years End 1 ago
Chapter 181-Years End 2 ago
Chapter 182-Years End 3 ago
Bonus Chapter-Duty ago
Chapter 183-Years End 4 ago
Chapter 184-Years End 5 ago
Bonus: Argent Sect Promotional ago
Chapter 185-Preliminaries 1 ago
Chapter 186-Preliminaries 2 ago
Chapter 187-Preliminaries 3 ago
Chapter 188-Preliminaries 4 ago
Chapter 189-Prelimaries 5 ago
Chapter 190-Preliminaries 6 ago
Chapter 191-Tournament 1 ago
Chapter 192-Tournament 2 ago
Interlude: Sun Liling ago
Chapter 193-Tournament 3 ago
Chapter 194-Tournament 4 ago
Chapter 195-Tournament 5 ago
Chapter 196-Tournament 6 ago
Chapter 197-Tournament 7 ago
Chapter 198-Tournament 8 ago
Chapter 199-Tournament 9 ago
Chapter 200-Tournament 10 ago
Bonus: The Ministry of Integrity ago
Chapter 201-Tournament 11 ago
Chapter 202-Tournament 12 ago
Chapter 203-Tournament 13 ago
Chapter 204-Tournament 14 ago
Chapter 205-Tournament 15 ago
Chapter 206-Tournament 16 ago
Chapter 207-Tournament 17 ago
Chapter 208-Tournament 18 ago
Chapter 209-Epilogue ago
Threads of Destiny-Prologue ago
Threads Chapter 1-New Settings ago
Threads Chapter 2 ago
Bonus: The Great Diviner ago
Threads Chapter 3 ago
Threads Chapter 4 ago
Threads Chapter 5 ago
Threads Chapter 6 ago
Threads Chapter 7-The Bloody Dream 1 ago
Threads Chapter 8 ago
Threads Chapter 9 ago
Threads Chapter 10 ago
Threads 11- Sect Challenges 1 ago
Threads 12 ago
Threads 13 ago
Threads 14 ago
Bonus: Xiangmen, the Heavenly Pillar ago
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Threads 19-Dreams 1 ago
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Threads 21-Duels 1 ago
Threads 22-Duels 2 ago
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Threads 24 Winter's Muse 2 ago
Threads 25 Winters Muse 3 ago
Threads 26 Winters Muse 4 ago
Threads 27 Siblings 1 ago
Threads 28 Siblings 2 ago
Threads 29-Siblings 3 ago
Interlude: The Cobbler and the Viper ago
Bonus: Macabre ago
Threads 30 Adventures 1 ago
Threads 31-Adventures 2 ago
Threads 32-Adventure 3 ago
Threads 33-Peers 1 ago
Threads 34 Peers 2 ago
Threads 35 Peers 3 ago
Bonus: Snake and Spider 1 ago
Threads 36 Three Moons 1 ago
Threads 37 Three Moons 2 ago
Threads 38 Three Moons 3 ago
Chapter 39-Three Moons 4 ago
Threads 40-Justice 1 ago
Threads 41 Justice 2 ago
Bonus: Characters of Destiny ago
Threads 42-Justice 3 ago
Threads 43 Justice 4 ago
Threads 44 Death 1 ago
Bonus: Handmaiden ago
Threads 45-Death 2 ago
Threads 46 Signs 1 ago
Threads 47 Signs 2 ago
Threads 48-Signs 3 ago
Threads 49-Perspectives ago
Threads 50-Downtime 1 ago
Bonus: The Sky that Fell ago
Threads 51-Downtime 2 ago
Threads 52-Downtime 3 ago
Threads 53-Downtime 4 ago
Bonus: Character Sheet ago
Threads 54-Nobility ago
Threads 55 Nobility 2 ago
Threads 56-Nobility 3 ago
Threads Chapter 57-Bao Qian 1 ago
Threads 58-Bao Qian 2 ago
Threads 59-Bao Qian 3 ago
Threads 60-Bao Qian 4 ago
Interlude: Outer Sect ago
Threads 61-Dressmaker 1 ago
Threads 62 Dressmaker 2 ago
Threads 63-Dressmaker 3 ago
Threads 64-Foreshock 1 ago
Bonus: Snake and Spider 2 ago
Threads 65-Foreshock 2 ago
Threads 66-Foreshock 3 ago
67-Foreshock 4 ago
Bonus: Outer Sect Tremors ago
Threads 68-Foreshock 5 ago
Threads 69: Foreshock 6 ago
Chapter 70: Foreshock 7 ago
Threads 71- Epilogue-War ago
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Chapter 79-Muse 1 ago
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threads 93-Diplomacy 2 ago
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Threads 95-Diplomacy 4 ago
Bonus: Snake and Spider Part 3 ago
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Threads 97 Contemplation 2 ago
Threads 98-Contemplation 3 ago
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Threads 100 Descent 2 ago
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Threads 111-Intermission 1 ago
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Threads Interlude: Summer's End ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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Xianxia Boarding School

Reviewed at: Chapter 156

If Harry Potter and Mulan had a love child in a death world, but there is no Voldermort, nor Huns attacking (yet). Every xianxia cultivator trope exists here, some are subverted, some are played straight. The beauty of this story is in the world building, and character development.

The "main" character is a talented commoner, surounded by others of equal or greater talent. While this is slice of life, with (mostly) low stakes highschool drama; the political situation in the Empire is fraying, and outside events are stiring.


Note: Luck (or lack there of) is mostly dice rolls. And most major actions taken by Ling Qi, were driven by readers of the origional version.

Sameer Patel

Solid story for a female protagonist

Reviewed at: Chapter 142

Just editing my review.

So far this has been one of the better fiction I have read here. 

Author goes in detail of the day to day but its not really boring. It has enough excitement to keep you hooked. 

The story is sufficiently deep and has very good potential. Author keeps posting lores or additional info to [rpvide context of the world / time period and the give us a good understanding on the though process.

Overall, I still feel that it is a bit on the slow side. But lets see how things progress.

Bored Smile

One of the Best in the genre

I've looked at many Xianxie genre books, and almost every single one of them is either wish-fufillment trash or that the MC is Edgelord Mcgee, having the genre be heavily misused. However, when this genre is done right the diamonds shine brighter than most others.

Forge of Destiny is definitely one of those diamonds.

Through the skilled use of the reactions from the MC Ling Qi, a fish-out-of-water homeless thief thats trying to crawl to the top of the rising mountain of competition of her sect, the Author is able to make the story feel as realistic as a Xianxie can be; the character's are more than just smug and arrogent Noble waiting to be beaten up by the MC or the the Beatiful lady thats just waiting to be swooned and added to the evergrowing harem. 

Although not that many chapters into the story, I have high hopes for this book and believe it will get into one of the top 10 of RR.

Melting Sky

One of the Better Stories Here on R&R

Reviewed at: Threads Chapter 9

This is one of the rare fictions here on R&R that rises above its trashy power fantasy peers with strong world building and well realized characters. For those who are burned out on one dimensional murder hobo MCs carving a path through villain shaped cardboard cut outs, this might be a story worth trying. 

This story, unlike so many of its peers from this genre, feels alive.


Like Feeling Guilty for Eating a Cookie, then Finding Out It Has 100% Daily B12

Reviewed at: Chapter 137

Forge of Destiny is a meandering, repetitive, directionless power fantasy and it's great.

It's great because it's a guilty pleasure, but without the baggage of malicious or callous protagonists. Our hero, Ling Qi isn't just progressing her superpowers, she's progressing in her emotional intelligence.

Truth: every story is secretly about something else. Forge of Destiny is not about gaining power over other people, it's about growing up and having power over yourself. Taking initiative, and taking responsibility. Self actualization. That's what power fantasies should really be about.

There's none of the 'go it alone, stronger than everyone, mortals are trash' stuff going on. There's community, and engagement, and folks think about the consequences of their actions.

The great weakness of the story is the repetitiveness. She's fought the same foe three or four times now. Her training sessions with masters and elders are doled out in repeat sessions. We seem to get a chapter out of every weekday visit Ling Qi makes to her friends.

But you know what? That's kind of nice. Because even if there's not a lot of forward progress per page, there's always still progress. It's fun.


First time Xianxia reader

Reviewed at: Chapter 113

The writer does a great job in allowing those who have never read Xianxia style books to ease into the genre very well. I had only recently taken an interest in reading Xianxia and this seemed like a good starting place.

The writer has given us a large well developed cast. Each character is unique with their own interests, goals, failings and strengths. The MC is strong but not overpowered, creative but not a super genius, and capable of losing. The supporting cast is very diverse and though each one can easily fit into a classic character trope, they are capable of acting independent of those stereotypes.

As the story progresses however I feel that the writer struggles to provide narrative tension to the plot.  While many of the conflicts the MC gets drawn into are dramatic and engaging, and the episodic trials she and her allies face are occasionally suspenseful, the overarching story lacks the sense of adventure and mystery. It’s like reading Harry Potter but without Voldemort, an intersting world, fully developed cast, powerful MC, but no overarching mystery to solved at the end of the year, no war to be won at the end of the series, no villain to fight that our MC has a personal connection to. Just a day by day adventure of a girl living as an Xianxia hero.


The only good "progression" web novel I've read

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

The thing that makes Forge of Destiny better than not only all other Xianxia, but also other web novels with a focus on "following a character in a fantasy world as they become stronger, meet people, etc", is that the author obviously has a very strong sense of the characters and setting and is unwilling to let things devolve into a power fantasy (something that is true for almost every other web serial in this genre).

Regarding the protagonist herself, the author strikes a good balance where she is exceptionally talented, but not to a degree unheard of in the setting. She is merely "strong enough to be a relevant major character in the future." She has no real "cheat abilities" beyond the sort of luck other cultivators are also capable of.

That being said, the best thing about Forge of Destiny is its cast. It is quite possibly the only story of its nature where other characters clearly have their own goals and do not revolve around the protagonist. You get a clear sense that each character has their own circumstances, and because Ling Qi's choices are the choices of the reader base, some of these characters are never really explored. But it still feels like they *exist*, even if their path may diverge from Ling Qi's in the end.

Most of the negative reviews comment on the story being slow. While this is true, I think what those people are really complaining about is that this story is not a power fantasy like other Xianxia.


This is a true well-crafted xianxia novel

Synopsis (as of chapter 32, "Heating 2"):

This story is about a commoner girl who was chosen out of the blue by some Argent Sect people to join the new round of fresh blood into the sect. She is through and through a commoner making her feel out of place when,

1) Almost everybody else joining the Argent Sect comes from some sort of noble clan.

2) She knows completely nothing about cultivation when everyone else already has a head start.

3) She's aware of the discrimination between nobles and commoner and she has to somehow make friends and survive through these ordeals, in order to never have to struggle like a mortal again.

In Forge of Destiny, we follow her through a well-paced cultivation as she slowly learns of what it means to be an immortal. This includes cultivation, arts, noble clans, and all that non-mortal stuff she had never cared about.

Despite the name Forge of Destiny as well as all the titles having something to do with forging, there has yet to be anything to do with blacksmithing or forging items. It seems the theme currently is the traditional xianxia cultivation of forging oneself from mortal into an immortal warrior.


They say 'Show, don't tell.' If you want an example of that, read this novel. Every chapter we learn together with her as the mysteries of the world are slow unravelled alongside her progress with cultivation.


No problem whatsoever. Were you a grammar nazi, i don't think you'll be triggered at all. Jimmies are thus, not rustled.


This story is for you if you like the following:

a) No info dumps, with a focus on chapter-by-chapter worldbuilding

b) A living breathing world, where each character is multi-faceted from the MC to the elders to random people mentioned in bonus chapters.

c) A diligent hard-working girl (the MC), who doesn't get involved into petty fights and instead works on oneself the most.

d) A MC who is not OP. She was just an ignorant mortal so she's completely out of her element yet, it seems her growth rate is faster than her peers.

e) A clear cut cultivation system.


I mentioned every character is multi-faceted. I have yet to mention how each notable character has their own personalities, considerations, and distance in relation to the MC.

Also, the focus of the characters are on the MC and a few of her friends/ acquiantances. So it's really easy to follow who's who throughout the story. At least until the chapter i've read. You get a clear picture of each character as the MC slowly comes to understand them. The MC is the most fleshed out by the way. Anymore discussion on the MC is spoiler.


The premise excites me. It's like you get a western writer who understands the xianxia culture really well and let them write it out without particularly adhering to any tropes of the xianxia genre. It's also really refreshing to have a female xianxia cultivator as the main character, especially one's that not a 'fair maiden peony above the rest' or a 'bewitching doctor who's a poison assassin' trope.

This is certainly worth your while. Give it a go.



Great depth of characterisation

Reviewed at: Threads 119-Wind Thief 1

This story is a rare treasure: a xianxia story that has complex, engaging characters. I'm constantly being pleasantly surprised by the depth of thought the author has put into the main character's personality, and even minor characters have lives of their own and three-dimensional characterisation. (Also, Zhengui is the cutest! And Sixiang often makes me laugh.)

The plot is also very good. The fic is based off a forum quest, so the challenges and danger are real, victory is always earned and the main character makes sensible plans. The complex characters drive the plot and make you care about the outcomes. Even the worst enemies are sympathetic when we see their points of view.

The spelling and grammar are very good. They aren't perfect, but the rate of errors is very low and it wouldn't be reasonable to expect better when the story is written so fast.

The prose style is also good. The author isn't a poet, but he occasionally gets some nice lines, and the rest of it is of workmanlike quality.

All in all, this is an excellent story and well worth reading. It's my second favourite xianxia novel, right after Ave Xia Rem Y, and the contest is close.


What else is there to say? The main character is interesting, flawed, likable, and driven to grow. The supporting cast feels real, and alive. The setting is well-imagined and grand, although with the story still in its early stages we've only seen a corner of the world. The writing quality is excellent. It doesn't try for flowery, over-the-top prose, but it's miles better than most self-published work. The dialogue feels natural, a note where so many of this story's contemporaries fall flat.

Do yourself a favor, read this story. Pick it up, and I guarantee you won't put it down. The only downside it has is that there isn't more of it yet.