With a history that stretches back to the establishment of the third dynasty as a center of learning and the honor of being the first Sect to be granted Imperial Charter, there are few indeed which can claim similar prestige as the Argent Peak Sect. Lying at the center of the mountains of the Wall, the Argent Peak Sect holds a key position in the bulwark which defends the lands and homes of the Emerald Seas province from the rapacious barbarian tribes lurking in their mountain lairs.

The Argent Peak Sect offers a challenging but controlled environment to young cultivators in which they may explore their first steps on the path of cultivation. These historic lands hold many sites of power, potent spirits, and other trials on which your children may sharpen themselves for the more difficult path ahead. In addition, the Sect offers robust postgraduate support in the case that the Sect is not your chosen career.

Experience in the Argent Peak Sect military is renowned and greatly sought after by clans the Emerald Seas over, and a strong showing of service will earn recommendations to high starting positions in retinues, guard companies, and other security-related jobs or organizations. In addition, many regional ministers and governors highly regard the recommendations of the Argent Peak Sect when selecting for new Ministry positions.

Sect History

The Argent Peak Sect began as an institution under the fallen Li clan, an educational project for the development of arts and the training of officers. Founded during the rule of Emperor Ren, it proved to be a successful enterprise, turning out many talented officers and officials in its three thousand years of history. Things changed when the barbarians massed under the beast Ogodei, as it did for all of us.

Like many institutions in the south, the Argent Peak Sect was overrun in the invasion, but the hero and current Sect Head Yuan He proved his worth in those days, coordinating the remnants of those defeated by Ogodei’s foul tricks and monstrous tactics. Uniting the scattered strength of the Empire with the assistance of the exalted Prince An, the barbarian leader was defeated and the people of the Emerald Seas breathed safe again.

Granted Imperial commendation at the recommendation of Prince An, the Honorable Yuan He became the Sect head and supervised the expansion of the Argent Peak Sect into the institution and bulwark that it is today. The prestige of its alumni has only grown! Notable personages include…

Duchess Cai Shenhua: Her Radiant Grace once attended these storied mountains as a disciple, spending her early years enjoying our educational opportunities before returning home in the wake of the Thousand Wing incursion.

Prime Minister Diao Linqin: The glorious matriarch of the Diao clan arose here as well, first as disciple and then as elder before returning to take position in the renowned Diao clan.

... The text goes on, listing high officials, generals, and various prominent heads of viscount clans in the south.


Enrollment in the Argent Peak Sect is a strict matter. While the proving ground of the Outer Sect is open to all applicants able to pay the fee or for whom the fee is covered through Imperial and provincial programs, entrance into the Sect proper is not so easily obtained. To maintain the high quality of our disciple body and departments, only a limited number of Outer Sect applicants will be elevated each year. Disciples have the option of participating in a test of martial skill and valor in the New Year’s Tournament or alternatively, in a test of production ability through the means of a rigorous exam and project presentation. Meritorious service to the Sect may also allow individual elevation.

However, even the Outer Sect offers many opportunities for those without a strong foundation to connect with the future lords and ladies of the Emerald Seas and even provinces abroad. In addition, the Outer Sect grounds contain curated trial and tribulation opportunities for cultivators of every stripe with only minimal risk of lethality.


The Argent Peak Sect offers not only opportunities in the wider Empire but also many internal career paths as well.

The Talisman Department: Renowned in the Emerald Seas, the Argent Peak Sect’s talisman department is headed by the Honorable Sima Jiao, a retired Minister of Integrity. The department is at the forefront of developments in ranged war solutions in the Emerald Seas, and new formation researchers and talented craftsmen are required to keep the engine of innovation moving forward. The Sect offers competitive contracts to aspiring Formation Masters.

The Medicine Department: It is a grim truth of the world that in the course of defending our beautiful province, injuries and maimings both abound. Thankfully, our skilled and talented medical staff are on hand to provide for our brave soldiers. The Argent Peak Sect’s medical department offers a full route of support through all levels of the Imperial Physician exams, in addition to plentiful experience in the field.

The Argent Peak Military: These brave souls cannot be forgotten. Though service offers many opportunities elsewhere, the Argent Peak Sect’s fighting forces are second only to the White Plume regiment of Duchess Cai herself in the Emerald Seas. Led by Commander Guan Zhou, son of the heroic Guan Zhong, they stand as an unbreakable bulwark, defending our lands from foreign threats! Join today to attain honor and glory in the name of the Empire!

Spiritual Affairs Department: It is not an easy task, maintaining the curated experience which enables the safe but rewarding paths to success that our Sect offers. For those with the patience, skill, and flexibility to join this department, there are many rewards indeed, including privileged access to spirits and sites in newly claimed land and preferential assessment of resource assignment.

... The document goes on to describe increasingly minor groups and internal institutions.

Apply to Argent Peak Sect today and gain the keys to a bright future!

Note: Please contact through official channels at the Ministry of Communications. Enrollment forms and fees must be finalized and paid by the first of the new year and no later. Fees will not be refunded upon withdrawal of an enrolled disciple. Extra provincial disciples must apply through the Ministry of Travel or receive direct Imperial or ducal allowance. The Argent Peak Sect makes no additional blood or loyalty claims on enrolled disciples, and clans maintain all access and fealty rights to records of activity by their members.

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