All Trades Book 1: Master of None

by Shane Walker

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Alex is broke, has been broke, and safely assumed he would always be broke. That bleak outlook changes when a tech genius (and alleged asshole) embeds the code generating his globally implemented cryptocurrency into his new MMORPG! Now the only way to get any more of it is to play the game and make some gold! Unfortunately for Alex, a loan shark was his only shot at getting a VR rig.

Can he turn a profit in time to save his knees?

Do gnomes dream of electric sheep??

Can he possibly win Employee of the Month???

Find answers to these questions and more by following the high margin adventures of Jack Alltrades.  

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Shane Walker

Shane Walker

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  • Overall Score

It's great but a little hard to read.



P.S What I means is that the paragraphs are too long.

Caleb Steeper
  • Overall Score

Enjoyable so far, nothing sticks out that bothers me (except now I have to wait for more chapters to be posted). Definitely going to be following this one!

  • Overall Score

Edit: The author is working on the errors, but it is taking time.


I read a couple of the first chapters that have been cleaned up by the author, and those were really good. But once I got a couple more in the mashed up dialog gave me a headache. Maybe I will come back to it once more has been cleaned up, but until then I just can't do it.

Irradiated Slag Heap
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Easily earns a spot in my Top Ten.

I'm writing this review as of Chapter 37, and everything up to this point is amazing. Some of the other reviews have mentioned that it was hard to read early on, but the author has obviously put a great deal of effort into fixing that, and now it reads like a dream.

I mean it, it's hard to find anything of this quality outside of a bookstore, and even then it wins out against a decent portion of what you'd see in the average shop.

I'm afraid I'll now have to try my best to pick it apart, though. I don't feel as though I could leave an honest review without adressing some concerns I have. Don't worry, though; there's hardly anything substantial.

The largest flaw I can think of is the fact that although the description mentions that our main character is named Alex, there's hardly any mention of him being reffered to by that name. Instead, he takes on the identity of his character, Jack Alltrades. I found it hard to think of him as anything other than Jack. Now, this isn't a terrible thing, it's honestly perfectly alright. I like Jack. He's a good guy. I don't really care about Alex much, because I don't know him. But Jack is a friend of mine now.

Another issue that I took note of was the apparent lack of consequences from his shady past, but as of Chapter 40, or the epilogue to book 1, you start seeing that hit in a big way, so that's hardly a concern anymore.

I used to have a massive wall of text here, but the reason for its existence has since been rectified, so I thought I'd update this review.

In conclusion, if you like VRMMO stories, read this one. If you don't, give it a shot anyway, you might be surprised.