The Outer Sphere

by Macronomicon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Garth Daniels is down on his luck, running from his life in a quiet little town in the middle of America when our universe is co-opted into a war between an unstoppable race of reality-hopping monsters that feeds on the flesh of living creatures, and a conglomeration of thousands of realities, nested inside each other like a matroska doll.

We're the new layer.

These monsters, the Kipling, can only be defeated in a reality with very specific physics, otherwise they are unstoppable, and so Earth's universe has been assimilated to give us a fighting chance.

Garth must set aside everything that he knows, and think fast to adapt to the new laws of nature if he wants to survive.

Cover by Asera, a cool, helpful dude, who doesn't get enough props. Go check him out!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Welcome to the War ago
Chapter 2: Leanne ago
Chapter 3: Abstinance and the other thing ago
Chapter 4: Sphere Postal Service ago
Chapter 5: Takin' 'em back to School ago
Chapter 6: Confrontation ago
Chapter 7: Gunfight at the Library ago
Chapter 8: Obligatory Grinding and Harold's day. ago
Chapter 9: Peas and Carrots ago
Chapter 10: Nubile Warrior Princess ago
Chapter 11: Wet Dreams may Come ago
Chapter 12: Asshole Tiger ago
Chapter 13: Seedling Lockpicking ago
Chapter 14: Overdose ago
Chapter 15: Butter Race ago
Chapter 16: Have Some Class ago
Chapter 17: A Date With Sandi ago
Chapter 18: Good God Greg ago
Chapter 19: Venture Capital ago
Chapter 20: Familiar Treats ago
Chapter 21: Round Two ago
Chapter 22: The birds and the Succubees ago
Chapter 23: insults and Injuries ago
Chapter 24: Plant Drill Sergeant ago
Chapter 25: Performance Review ago
Chapter 26: Succubi in Foxholes ago
Chapter 27: For Safekeeping ago
Chapter 28: Slap-Chop ago
Chapter 29: Culture Shock ago
Chapter 30: Fire Solves Problems ago
Chapter 31: Never Interrupt me When I'm Rich! ago
Chapter 32: Opera makes Pot Fancy and Expensive ago
Chapter 33: Working hard at Looking Chill ago
Chapter 34: Spell Theory ago
Chapter 35: Under Siege Too ago
Chapter 36: Purple Heart ago
The Road so Far ago
Chapter 37: A Real Bad Guy ago
Chapter 38: Throw the Wizard a Bone ago
Chapter 39: Bad Business Partners ago
Chapter 40: The Speech ago
Chapter 41: Letters ago
Chapter 42: Orders ago
Chapter 43: The Home Field Advantage ago
Chapter 44: A Victimless Crime ago
Chapter 45: That'll wake you up in the Morning! ago
Chapter 46: Powdered Courage ago
Chapter 47: A Real Bad Vacation ago
Chapter 48: The hero of Outpost 8901 ago
Chapter 49: Consequences ago
Chapter 50: Appearances can be Deceiving ago
Chapter 51: When the Student is Ready, the Master Appears ago
Chapter 52: Personal Hygene ago
Chapter 53: The Heist ago
Chapter 54: Homecoming ago
Chapter 55: Give me a Hand ago
Chapter 56: The First Lesson ago
Chapter 57: A real bad First Impression ago
Chapter 58: Keep your Friends Close ago
Chapter 59: And your Enemies Crucified ago
Chapter 60: Getting Ready for a Visit ago
Chapter 61: The In-Laws ago
Chapter 62: Gate Tag ago
Chapter 63: The Other Shoe ago
Chapter 64: Mad Scientist's Anonymous ago
Chapter 65: Clear Smarter, not Harder ago
Chapter 66: Punching Up ago
Chapter 67: Aggressive Cuddles ago
Chapter 68: Look Toward the Future ago
Chapter 69: A real bad Day ago
Chapter 70: Bell's Breed and Feed ago
Chapter 71: Obligatory Quest ago
Chapter 72: Run, Forest, Run! ago
Chapter 73: I don't Recall the Rest. ago
Chapter 74: Next Tier ago
Chapter 75: A Moment's Peace ago
Chapter 76: A long Day ago
Chapter 77: Hold My Baby ago
Chapter 78: What WOULD your Mother Say? ago
Chapter 79: Ms. Banyan (AKA the gang solves the baby Problem) ago
Chapter 80: A Tangled Web ago
Chapter 81: Experiments ago
Chapter 82: Queen ago
Chapter 83: Date Night ago
Chapter 84: Job Interview ago
Chapter 85: Stay Classy ago
Chapter 86: Twelve heads are better than six ago
Chapter 87: Rubbing his nose in It ago
Chapter 88: A New Breed ago
Chapter 89: Fleshweaver ago
Chapter 90: Offshoots ago
Chapter 91: He Started It ago
Chapter 92: Molesting a Dragon ago
Chapter 93: Looking as Dangerous as possible ago
Chapter 94: Doppleganger Faux Pas ago
Chapter 95: Intermission #1: Outskirts with Jamal ago
Chapter 96: Intermission #2: Bad Behavior ago
Chapter 97: Shit hits the Fan ago
Chapter 98: Thy list of Crimes ago
Chapter 99: Eight Thousand Tons of Muscle. ago
Chapter 100: Best laid Plants ago
Chapter 101: Garthspawn ago
The Road so Far ago
Chapter 102: Fugitives ago
Chapter 103: Car Troubles ago
Chapter 104: Chairman Mao ago
Chapter 105: Children's Fables ago
Chapter 106: Sibling Rivalry ago
Chapter 107: Collision Course ago
Chapter 108: Slugmatch in the Alley ago
Chapter 109: Cat and Mouse ago
Chapter 110: New day, new Opportunities. ago
Chapter 111: Hardball ago
Chapter 112: Disastrous Second Impression ago
Chapter 113: Playing with the Rules ago
Chapter 114: Stepping on Landmines ago
Chapter 115: Throwing the fight. ago
Chapter 116: Secret’s out ago
Chapter 117: Putting it all out There ago
Chapter 118: Dangers of Pissing in the Dark ago
Chapter 119: Overdose Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 120: A whole new world ago
Chapter 121 : Treasure Hunt ago
Chapter 122: Sleep Talking ago
Chapter 123: The Fire ago
Chapter 124: The Exodus ago
Chapter 125: No Excuse for Ignorance ago
Chapter 126: Negotiations Break Down ago
Chapter 127: Priorities ago
Chapter 128: Now Hiring! ago
Chapter 129: Taking care of Business (and working overtime) ago
Chapter 130: Doodles & Plans ago
Chapter 131: Meeting the Competition ago
Chapter 132: Eskapeh Mushroom ago
Chapter 133: Gold Digger ago
Chapter 134: Old Acquaintances ago
Chapter 135: Complete with Treasure ago
Chapter 136: Laser Spiders ago
Chapter 137: Bucket List ago
Chapter 138: Exit Stratege-r-y ago
Chapter 139: First Volley ago
Chapter 140: Never Start a war of Attrition Against a lich ago
Chapter 141: Wingman ago
Chapter 142: Downtime ago
Chapter 143: Wrestling’s fake ago
Chapter 144: Von Neumann Probing ago
Chapter 145: Denial is not a river in Egypt ago
Chapter 146: Sorting shit Out ago
Chapter 147: Working Hard, or Hardly Working ago
Chapter 148: Dry-humping a Fossil ago
Chapter 149: Dirty Operating System ago
Chapter 150: What is your type, Anyway? ago
Chapter 151: Secrets ago
Chapter 152: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ethical Kidnapping ago
Chapter 153: Hold my Liver ago
Chapter 154: The last Morning ago
Chapter 155: You Break her, you buy Her ago
Chapter 156: Exponential Growth ago
Chapter 157: Dirty Deeds ago
Chapter 158: Done dirt Cheap! ago
Chapter 159: Soul sumo Wrestling ago
Chapter 160: Jelly Bean, The Goblin Queen ago
Chapter 161: Soda & Mascara ago
Chapter 162: It’s got Electrolytes ago

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Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

story is slightly illogical

First five chapters are crap. Then it gets much better. Character development and plot becomes interesting and readable.

Spoiler: Spoiler


. All in all, There are parts of the story that don't make sense but the sex scenes make up for it. Almost feels like two different people writing this story. Noticed that the caffeinated chapters are more interesting.

  • Overall Score

Really liked it but...

This story is pretty cool. And the magic system is fairly in depth and entertaining. Love the characters and their familys. But.... as the story goes on the author just starts jumping to other POV's. And it gets really frustrating. At least for me. Had to give it up. If you dont mind frequent POV switches this is a good one.

Robert Obiekwe
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

From the beginning till chapter 99 you get a story of a man with a below average life.  Douchebag brother, corrupt politician parents that through him under the bus to save their own asses. You see this man raise from the ashes, make a name for himself, find a girl, LITERALLY F*CK A GODDESS, make a family, create a city, not kill his doppelgänger and instead becoming best buddies, and learn magic.

It was all going great till we hit ch100 and the author decided to bash the reset button destroying 99% of what makes this story great and turning it into a grim dark.

I did not like it and based off of the other reviews I’m not alone and will read a few more chapters. If it don’t pick up and leave the grimdark genre soon then I’m dropping.

Other than that the novel is great.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great Story, big TittyTwist @100, still great story



The hate received by a lot of readers after chapter 100 is understandable.


yet I still give a 5/5 rating. 


I think there are few different types of readers, some want to be surprised and some just want the same tried and trusted recipe of a story. The latter basically knows what he is in for and doesn’t want anything else to disrupt that story he liked so much the way it was.

Now some Stories can be unexpected and cruel, among them ie Game of Thrones & the Wandering Inn. The Outer Sphere can be kind of added to that List as well. While the Story does indeed start with an Apocalypsis it is very quirky, humorous, perverted and strangely lighthearted for most part. I don’t think anybody saw Ch. 100 coming. 

My recommendation for the people who read these reviews and are turned of due to the hate is to treat the first 100 Chapters as Introduction, as the Meat on the Bone of the Backstory. This is Garths Story, his Story is long and far, far from over as far as I can judge from the latest Patreon Chapters. 

One of my favorite Stories and Authors, i can only advice you to not let these negative Chap. 100 reviews influence you on your decision to try this out.

If you don’t dig the humour, your loss I guess. 


  • Overall Score

I've read all chapters that have been released so far (up to 30) and quite like this story. It's interesting because it's a bit different from most other stories here on RR. The author makes some choices that makes for interesting reading. I like the main character. He isn't a mary sue, "evil" (I often find evil comes off as stupid in stories on RR, like punch your nose to spite your face kind of stupid), or an idiot. In fact, the MC seems quite normal and smart. 

I found the one sex scene (so far) to be quite... lackluster? I don't know really, I just wasn't feeling it. It's not easy to set the right mood for a sex scene in a story. Just look at published authors like Michael-Scott Earle, J.A. Cipriano or Blaise Corvin for examples of failure. I recommend that the author of this story read chapters and sex scenes from authors like A.J Markham, Randi Darren (William D. Arand) or maybe Archibald Bradford. Otherwise a "fade to black" might be better.

Anyhow, if you're looking for something new to read thats on the level of Daedalus (ish) if you've read that then look no further. 


4/5 stars. Room for improvement but enjoyable!

  • Overall Score

A Spiritual Successor to the Great Tower

The first chapter or two start off a bit shaky in terms of style, but gets going pretty quick afterwards.

The gibbering insanity, entrenched economic powers and pleasant interactions with natives strongly remind me of the Great Tower, which is a very good comparison.  One of my new favorites, and the update speed is looking good.


if you need an editor, let me know.

  • Overall Score

I'm really enjoying it!

It has some minor issues, but i really enjoy it ^-^

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

There are few stories that can get me hooked but this one succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I'm writing this review as of chapter 58 so for those reading this please accept that there will be spoilers.


Normally the story of a system coming to a world and making every piece of tech useless so that people get to rely on magic and prevent the militaries from nuking the demon lords into oblivion would be antithesis to me as it's basically just the author to show us his own opinion of how would human nature develop when the pillars of our society fell which gets boring after a while but this story does things differently. I also love the fact that guns still work and prove to be useful, at least in the beginning.

In this story electricity no longer operates but has the potential to do so with the right applications, the Internet can be replaced and the creature comforts can be remade and even improved upon with magic which are all good things in my book but the most important factor I saw into this was that Humanity's achievemnts like the cities full skyscrapers remained. They weren't destroyed nor butchered but still stand as a monolith of what human science could do which is something quite apealing to my sensibilities.


I won't discuss grammar as I'm not adept enough at it to do so.


I like your writting style which shows us enough to form ourselves an idea without being overbearing, also as a side note I  absolutely love the way you made the Wilson Mono/Dialogues go and how other people react to them.


Now for the main dish , the character and the only part of the story I felt only deserved 4 stars.


I looove Sandy and the way you made her be the bombshell farm girl that had gotten so used to our MC's shenangians she just shrugs at him whenever he does weird stuffs and the new pregnant parts is just the topping on the cake. 

Tzetin is weird as a character but in a good way strangely. Normally one would have characters try to better themselves to become upstanding citizens but her case is exactly the opposite in which she is trying to become in the mc's own words a scumbag. Her race is presiposed to becoming goodie 2 shoes and unlike the few stories that try to show it her struggle is not played for laughs but shows jsut how hard it is and the beggining of the consequences to her psyche.

The MC's master(I didn't even bother to rember his name) is an interesting character with some quirks but honestly? I'm not really impressed with him. He is in my eyes just the standard master archetype which came out of nowhere and offered the MC the chance for power and also all but made him an official outlaw for little gain so far from his point of view even if his advice proves useful in time his pressence so far had been naught but a detriment in the long term with his influence giving the MC other enemies. Sure the fact that you added your own twist to his style of OP is good but quite honestly I jsut plain don't like the archetype even if the character itself is good.


The MC, Garth... Well that's a guy after my own heart. He is exactly what I expect people to be when placed int o such situations. He is not a megalomaniac after power and all the fame and women which he earned due to his heaven defying cheat abillity he got for doing nothing of importance but a honest to god human beeing that got given a little cheat to help him around and now tries to make himself a home after he forsake his old one. I can truly relate to the guy because as he is trying to survive,he makes mistakes but succeds desipte them in a believalbe way. His ideas are good and smart and while so far they haven't come to bite him in the ass to much they only reinfoce my point that he is human and you have no idea just how much that improves this story from my perspective.


The side character are good and I love how they don't feel like automatons but almost living, breathing humans which was a nice touch.


All in all I love this story and hope to see more of it.

Joshua Resendez
  • Overall Score

Funny alian invasion SYSTEM

This was a good read(I read to chapter 76),funny with a nice twist on the alian invasion SYSTEM thing tho the 'im a lefty from California thats hates on white poeple' thing was annoying. 

Wise old penguin
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Yeah, it's decent enough

Pretty fucking good m9, but be vary of injecting any type of political stuff in your work, especially if it's blunt. You want to go for something like Far Cry 5, so it makes for a magnificent story, but without any strings attached that could rip people out of their immersion.

Your work had me doubting it at several points, especially when you had your MC make illogical statements to seemingly fit a political agenda. Also, "game theory" tends to force people to help each other in real life situations and no, a gun doesn't tip the balance of power enough to ignore those results. You kinda saved it by making the culprit a moron, but that one really had me dangling, asking myself if reading this would be worth it.

Your hilarious descriptions of the use of guns had me giggling. I suggest you at least try to visit a range with a friend and fire a rifle a few times.

Overall it's a pretty decent piece of work with spots of feces thrown in (a few readers probably quit because of them).

Great grammar, pretty much nothing for me to bitch about.

Characters are creative for once and I like that the MC didn't end up with a harem. Tho I'd like to warn you about making INT a stat characters can increase, because if you've ever met and talked with someone who has +150 IQ, you'd know that they are... unique... in a good way, not the Wilson way. Characters sometimes behave in an unrealistic manner, similar to choices a player would make in a video game without any real fear of consequences, but I can see how it would be hard to predict human behaviour in stressful situations for someone who's probably never been in one and hence can't apply his own reaction to the character in question.

The world is basically the "Shroud" from Stellaris or the "Warp" from Warhammer 40k, but it's applied in a great way. I assume you've been inspired by one of those two, probably 40k considering your use of aspect-based gods. A few plot holes, but nothing unfixable, especially since the MC seems to still be a moron with his +500 IQ.

The pace of the story is pretty damn good, there's at least no major flaws I'd notice.

The story really isn't anything new and has been done to death, but Eh.

I have a few reasons that make me seriously dislike the MC (Mainly his retarded views regarding drugs), but I had a days worth of free time and nothing to relax with.