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Garth’s eyes opened to the sound of clinking glass. He was in an unfamiliar room grown from the same shiny black stone as the rest of the castle. Still alive, I guess. There was a basket with bloody bandages beside the door, and a blanket pulled up over his chest. He was in a soft bed, and the room was softly illuminated by a magical lamp with a low-grade core shard as its base.

Wonder who brought me here.

A second later, the door opened, and Sandi walked through with a wooden tray full of what looked like pink fruit juice, eggs, sausage, and a bowl full of porridge. She paused when she saw his eyes were open, setting the tray down and coming to kneel beside him.

“Garth! How are you feeling!” she asked, brushing her soft hands over his forehead. It felt nice.

“Stabbed.” Garth said. There was still pain in his side where they must have taken out the blade. “Were all the healers killed or something?”

“They said since you were stable, they were going to use healing magic on people who needed it more. You should be on your feet the day after tomorrow, at the latest.”

Sounded fishy. But then again, everything seemed fishy after what he’d seen from the roof. He was just glad they’d woken up at all with people so blatantly corrupt running the show. Guess all of them dying mysteriously would be hard to explain.

“Guess I better get a hobby in the meantime.” Garth said, putting his hands under him and trying to scoot up the bed. Pain flared in his back and waist, putting that idea out of his mind pretty quickly.

“Here,” she said, and massive invisible hands scooped him up and put him in a seated position. Well, not quite invisible. Garth squinted, and could make out the faintest outline of squiggly mana. It was moving up and down Sandi’s real arms in a hypnotic pattern, moving and flickering like fire. If she let Garth inspect her naked body for a little while, he was sure he could figure out how to cast a similar invisibility spell.

“I can see you, a little.” Garth said conversationally, looking at where the camouflage wrapped around Sandi’s head.

She immediately ducked her head to the side, and Garth followed it with his eyes. She moved again, and he followed it.

“Stop it, geez!” Sandi’s Lure said, her face bright pink as she put her hands over Garth’s eyes. “I’m not used to people looking at me.”

“It’s fine, it’s more like I can see the magic that keeps you invisible. I can’t actually see you. It’s very pretty to watch.” Garth said, enjoying the feel of her skin against his. Sandi’s fingers peeled away from his eyes a moment later, and she gave him a self-conscious look, idly fixing her hair and biting her lip.

“Just don’t look my way too much, okay? It feels weird.”

“You got it.” Garth said, fighting back a smile.

She watched him for a moment longer to make sure he wouldn’t look at her. While it was tempting to glance at her real body every now and then to tease her, Garth didn’t want to push his luck with the lovely killing machine. She might not bring him breakfast again if he did that.

“Oh, I brought you breakfast!” she said suddenly, her cheeks still flush with embarrassment as she went over to the stand and brought Garth the meal, settling the tray on his legs. Her eyes seemed to linger on his groin for a moment longer than necessary before she backed away and brought a stool over sitting, beside him as he ate.

The pink juice was some kind of sweet, tangy fruit, and it was awesome, but the porridge was bland, and the sausage overcooked. Can’t have everything, Garth thought as he ate, catching Sandi watching him every now and then. Garth was curious, but he decided to finish his food before he tackled whatever curveball Sandi was planning on throwing him.

“You were very brave yesterday,” she said, wiggling a bit in her seat in a way Garth found distracting.

“Not really, I was just doing what I had to do to live. People can do some pretty brave things if the choices boil down to being brave or dying.”

“I don’t think so.” She said, tilting her head to the side. “Some people can do what they have to when they have to, and others, they fall apart. You didn’t.”

“If you insist,” he said, eating another sausage.

Sandi passed the time with idle chit-chat about Earth, but he kept seeing her peeking at his crotch under the platter every now and then. Please tell me what I think is about to happen is about to happen. Knowing his luck she’d probably ask him some inane question about how he peed and whether he needed her help or not. He didn’t. Telekinesis was awesome, ‘nuff said.

Once he was done eating, Sandi took the platter away and set it on the nearby cabinet, then sat back down and caught his eyes with her gaze.

“So, I miiight have looked at your Status band, and seen some mail between you and my dad.”

Well, crap, that took a left turn all of a sudden.

“And this.” She said, lifting up the Exotic Races of the Inner Spheres book, showing him the dog-eared section on Succubi he’d been studying. Crap, now he was in for some shit for going behind her back.

“Sorry, I should have just asked-”

“No it’s fine!” Sandi said hastily, putting the book down and putting a hand on his elbow. She leaned a bit closer and gave him a mischievous look. “You were curious, and that makes me happy. To be honest I was curious about human men too.”

“Oh?” Garth asked, his mind racing a mile a minute as his eyes were drawn downward to her heaving bosom. How exactly did she satisfy her curiosity?

“I asked around a bit about the thing you talked about. Interesting things I could do with my lips.”

No way I’m that lucky, Garth thought, his heart hammering in his chest, and his cock starting to swell.

“The general consensus was you were talking about something called a blowjob. Is that right?”

“well, there’s…”Garths words dried up as he stared into her perfect face, full lips quirked up in a devious grin. “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well, I thought you were so brave the day before, and you got hurt so bad, you should get a nice reward. All the men I asked agreed that a blowjob was a great way to reward you, but the problem is I’ve never tried it before so…wanna teach me how to do it?”

Wilson was jumping up and down on the cabinet in excitement, causing the glass of juice to topple over and spill what little was left onto the wooden tray. Garth briefly considered throwing the lizard out, but it was an extension of himself, whatever he saw, Wilson saw. Dirty bastard.

“Yes. Yes I do.” Garth said, locking the door with a wave of his hand. No one was going to interrupt this. That could bite him in the ass if Sandi decided to eat him, but Garth was willing to roll those dice.

“Okay, first thing, crawl up on the end of the bed there,” Garth pointed toward his feet, and Sandi complied, her sinuous body arcing gracefully as she climbed up, looking up at him from the bottom of the bed. Her position made her breasts almost completely visible.

“Step two, lose the top and bottom, but keep the underwear.” Sandi grinned and slide the sheer tank top over her head, and the clothing dissolved into motes of light, and her jeans simply faded away, leaving only the thin black strap of cloth disappearing between her legs. Garth could make out the folds of her womanhood, cloaked by the black fabric.

“Now what?” Sandia asked with a grin, her plump breasts swaying as she looked him over.

“Now it’s going to get a bit technical. You asked me to teach you, so I will. Take off my pants, but be careful of the wound.”

“Alright,” she said, carefully pulling his waistband, yelping when his cock sprung free. Garth was already ready for action, and his member was glad to be set loose from the restraining cloth.

“Wow, that’s..” she said, her pupils dilating as she reached for it.

“Not just yet,” Garth said in a strict tone, causing Sandi to freeze, hand hovering so close to him he could feel the heat. “Take the pants the rest of the way off, the waistband cuts into the side of a man’s thighs and is slightly unpleasant. The ideal blowjob is sans pants.”

Sandi complied, shimmying his pants all the way off, her nipples brushing his thighs as she worked, tracing intense sensation up his legs. Garth fought back the urge to raise his legs and bump them against those soft orbs of flesh.

“Alright,” Garth said when she finished. “Now you can come take a closer look.” He spread his legs around Sandi, and she leaned forward until she was lying between his legs, propped up on her elbows. From Garth’s semi-seated position, he could make out the lovely mounds of soft skin pooling on the bed in front of her, tantalizingly close to his cock, along with her massive rounded ass that looked like it would be heaven to plunge into, deeper and deeper, until he was knocking on her cervix.

This was fun.

“Now the lecture,” he said as Sandi began to play with his cock, pinching the tip between her fingers and turning it this way and that as she inspected all eight inches. Garth’s cock was a grower, fitting nicely in his pants when it wasn’t in use. Hard, it had a bit of an obelisk shape, a tiny bit wider toward the base than the tip. Natalie had never been able to deepthroat the whole thing on account of it’s stiffness near the base, but she did her best.

“Aw, a lecture?”

“You asked, I teach. First thing, get some spit on your palm and wrap your hand around it firmly but gently.”

Sandi’s long pink tongue uncoiled from her mouth as she watched him, licking up her hand in a sensual way that gave Garth goosebumps. The girl was definitely a natural. She then got a good grasp on his base, sending shivers up his spine.

“Now stroke it up and down, gently, make sure the spit is working well as lube, if you start dragging the skin around a lot, it’s probably hurting me.”

Basic, high school level shit, but you gotta start somewhere.

“Okay,” she said cheerfully. “So this is a blowjob?”

Garth chuckled, shaking his head. “This is a handjob.” She gave him a suspicious look, but didn’t stop stroking his shaft. Her inhumanly soft skin sliding up and down his cock made his toes curl.

“There’s almost no such thing as just a blowjob. If you ever need to talk, or make the blowjob feel better, you’ve gotta know how to do a handjob.”

“Seems pretty easy,” she said, glancing up at him. “And you seem like you’re having a good time.”

“That is…true,” he said, fighting down a wave of pleasure. “But we haven’t gotten to the blowjob.”

“How do I do that?”

“You put your mouth around my cock, put your lips over your teeth, tighten down with your lips, and bob your head up and down. You’re basically simulating a woman’s pussy with your mouth.”

Sandi’s eyebrows raised, but she wiggled forward, her warm breasts coming into contact with Garth’s thighs. She angled his cock toward her mouth, awkwardly made a ring with her lips and then sank down on it. All. The. Way. Down.

“Holy-“ Garth groaned in pleasure.

Sandi’s head came back up with a pop of released air. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, that’s good, actually. Most girls can’t go all the way down like that. You must not have a gag reflex.” Or need to breath, for that matter. Garth was starting to feel a bit too lucky. Wonder if that’s what her dad feels like all the time.

“Is that bad?” she asked shyly, remembering to stroke his cock while she spoke.

“I fucking love it.” Garth answered.

“Cool.” Sandi said, returning her mouth to his cock, her lips smoothly going from the base of his cock all the way to his head, then back down again, stuffing him down her throat as she went.

By the power of Greyskull! Garth thought, lights dancing in his vision as she slowly sped up, gaining confidence.

“Pacing will determine how long I last. Go slow if you want me to feel good for a long time, go fast and hard if you wanna make me cum right away.”

Sandi nodded, keeping her pace gentle and slow, occasionally pulling back too far and slipping off his cock with a pop.

I could get used to this, Garth thought as he leaned back and enjoyed himself.

“Looks like you’ve got the basics down well enough,” he said, catching her attention.

She pulled away and gently stroked his cock, a bit of drool hanging from her tongue.

“Now I have one more thing to teach you, and the rest is experimentation.”

“What’s that?”

Garth held up three fingers. “There are three parts to driving a guy wild. First is sight, which you’re a natural at. Human men are very sight oriented, and the sight of a beautiful body drives us stupid crazy. You’ve got the look people would kill for, the only way you can get better would be to actively try to maximize the amount of stimulus I get when I look at you.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, her brows furrowed. Garth might be getting a bit technical, but this was good information to know.

“Human men like faces, tits, asses, legs, and feet.” Garth said, pointing at each of them. “I don’t really get the foot thing, but apparently it’s pretty popular. If you arrange yourself so that I can see more of those, it’ll make the blowjob more intense for me.”

Sandi brought her legs up beneath her, pushing up her hips and spreading her legs out while arching her back to push her breasts forward. Where she human, Garth would have cried photoshop. As it was, it gave him a pretty good view of each of his listed features.

She looked up at Garth, her green eyes wide and trusting. “Like this?”

“Just like that. You can push your breasts around my cock for added impact if you feel like giving me a treat. There’s something called a titjob that we can get into later. Anyway, the second thing is how a blowjob feels, you can get better at that with practice and doing things like playing with my balls, using your tongue, and stuff like that. We can set that one aside for now.”

“Okay,” She said, reaching her left hand underneath Garth and fondling his balls, sending tickling pleasure up his spine.

“The third and last thing is the most complicated one, and that’s getting in my head.” Garth pointed to his head. She looked like she was about to do something so Garth hastily clarified.

“Not literally in my head. I mean give my mind stimulation. Usually with your words. It’s called dirty talk, and some people have a harder time with it than others.”

“Oh, how do I do that?” She asked, squishing her breasts around his cock and experimentally sliding them up and down.

“Generally the first two are good enough, Oh, Beladia that feels good.” Garth’s eyes felt like they were going to roll back in his head as she began stroking his shaft with her soft tits, dribbling drool into the valley of her breasts. Girl was a fast learner. At least when it came to sex. Maybe it was because she had a barometer to tell exactly how turned on he was at any given time. She could feel it.

“If you wanna do dirty talk, generally you tell me something exciting. Something that will push me over the edge.”

She thought about it for a moment, her breasts moving up and down faster and faster.

“This feels really good.” She said with a smile as her hips slowly rocked. “Doing this feels amazing, it’s like your pleasure is feeding back into me. I love giving you blowjobs.”

“That’s pretty good. I think I’m gonna-”

“I can barely resist the urge to take a bite.”

What-Oh crap.

Garth glanced up and just barely made out Sandi’s real body looming over him, only able to make out the faint, nearly invisible shifting pattern of mana. When did she get so close?

“Sandi.” Garth said. “I want you to listen very closely.”

“Yeah?” she asked, stroking his cock with a feverish intensity, her long tongue lapping at his head every time it peeked between her soft breasts.

“I want you to take your real mouth, and put it around the wooden headboard, okay?”

She frowned for a moment before she nodded, and the mass over him leaned forward, putting her mouth around the solid wood framing his bed. Garth leaned out of the way.

“Now the first part was good, but the thing about wanting to bite me was more scary than sexy. Try telling me about something you want me to do to you.” Garth said, watching Sandi’s real body carefully. The Succubus twitched a little, but didn’t move.

“When I was a little girl, I spied on dad putting mom in her breeding harness. She looked like it felt so good. I want you to tie me up until I can’t move and breed me. I want you to mount me, cum deep inside and make me pregnant while I’m helpless,” She said breathily, jerking him off frantically between her slick breasts.

That pushed Garth over the edge. A rush of pleasure overwhelmed his senses, and Garth came into her mouth as Sandi’s jaws twitched closed reflexively around the headboard, filling the room with the sound of splintering wood.

Garth gasped as Sandi’s lure leaned back, shaking in apparent orgasm, straining to keep all his focus on Sandi’s real body, which was slowly chewing the headboard above him.

A moment later, her Lure stopped twitching, and her eyes refocused on Garth. “Oh, that was wonderful. I think I like giving blowjobs…wait.” She noticed the torn apart headboard and the splintered wood in her mouth, and started spitting it out, apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, I almost- I didn’t…I wasn’t…” Her face went crimson as she spat out pieces of wood on the floor.

“It’s cool, I handled it. With the right prep-” like a giant chew toy “-I’d be more than happy to get that blowjob you owe me.”

“I owe you?” She asked.

“Yeah, you finished me off with a titjob, well done, by the way. But! You promised a blowjob, ergo, you still owe me one.”

She shook her head, the corners of her mouth turning up, and she looked like she was about to say something when there was a rattle, followed by a knock at the door.

“Yo, plant guy,” Tyler’s voice intruded in their moment. “I wanna talk to you.”

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