Vacant Throne

by TowerCurator

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic Supernatural

Alyssa Meadows, a worker at a local home improvement store, returns home one evening to her home invaded by burglars. A bad night gets worse when, after accidentally killing one, an angel appears before her and tells her she is destined to die. Alyssa takes exception to that and saves herself, only to find out that angels don’t like destiny being messed with. She finds herself shunted off to an alternate world filled with magic and monsters to preserve Earth’s future.

Chapters here will be posted slowly as it requires a bit of fiddling to get the formatting correct. They are also posted twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, on along with a handful of extras.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
000.001 Prologue - Tenebrael ago
001.001 Near Death Experiences - Alyssa Meadows ago
001.002 Near Death Experiences - Tenebrael Appears ago
001.003 Near Death Experiences - Off the Books ago
001.004 Near Death Experiences - Balancing the Scales ago
002.001 A Whole New World - Stranger in a Strange Land ago
002.002 A Whole New World - Exploration ago
002.003 A Whole New World - A City..? ago
002.004 A Whole New World - Inn Keeping ago
003.001 The Festival - Work Work ago
003.002 The Festival - Supplies ago
003.003 The Festival - Magic ago
003.004 The Festival - Closing Ceremony ago
003.005 The Festival - Breakdown ago
004.001 Leaving Teneville - Home Sweet Home ago
004.002 Leaving Teneville - Another Angel ago
004.003 Leaving Teneville - Back to Teneville ago
004.004 Leaving Teneville - Lessons from the Future ago
004.005 Leaving Teneville - The Mountain Pass ago
004.006 Leaving Teneville - Harping On ago
005.001 Lyria, The Grand City - The City ago
005.002 Lyria, The Grand City - Poor Porridge ago
005.003 Lyria, The Grand City - The Observatorium ago
005.004 Lyria, The Grand City - Waters Street Gang ago
006.001 Interlude - Tess ago
007.001 Real Monsters - Waters Street Gang II ago
007.002 Real Monsters - Lovely Ladies ago
007.003 Real Monsters - Meet and Greet ago
007.004 Real Monsters - Escape from Lyria ago
008.001 City Under Siege - City Defense ago
008.002 City Under Siege - Knights Solaris ago
008.003 City Under Siege - Dangerous Streets ago
008.004 City Under Siege - Intelligent ago
008.005 City Under Siege - Brechen Overlook ago
008.006 City Under Siege - The Burning Shadow ago
008.007 City Under Siege - The Black Prince ago
009.001 Interlude - Iosefael ago
010.001 Brewing Trouble - Potion Delivery Service ago
010.002 Brewing Trouble - Failed Recruitment ago
010.003 Brewing Trouble - Fractal Mirror ago
010.004 Brewing Trouble - Mental Fracture ago
010.005 Brewing Trouble - Madame Webb's Fine Threads ago
011.001 Freedom of Choice - Intimidation Techniques ago
011.002 Freedom of Choice - Gathering Storm ago
011.003 Freedom of Choice - Helpless to Help ago
011.004 Freedom of Choice - Contract ago
011.005 Freedom of Choice - Empty Mirror ago
011.006 Freedom of Choice - Infinite Regress ago
011.007 Freedom of Choice - Rigor Mortis ago
012.001 Interlude - Kasita ago
013.001 A Little R&R - Fear and Self-Loathing ago
013.002 A Little R&R - Assassin's Greed ago
013.003 A Little R&R - A Friend with Needs ago
013.004 A Little R&R - Praying for a Cure ago
013.005 A Little R&R - Sisters ago
013.006 A Little R&R - Apologies ago
014.001 The Demon Angel Brings - Avoid The Bedehouse ago
014.002 The Demon Angel Brings - Doctors of Death ago
014.003 The Demon Angel Brings - A Deal with an Angel ago
014.004 The Demon Angel Brings - Shadows in the Dark ago
014.005 The Demon Angel Brings - Breaking and Entering ago
014.006 The Demon Angel Brings - Turning the Tables ago
014.007 The Demon Angel Brings - Three Heads Are Better ago
015.001 Interlude - Oxart ago
016.001 Murphy - Gaunts ago
016.002 Murphy - Fractal Vision ago
016.003 Murphy - The Fairy ago
016.004 Murphy - The Society and The Gaunt ago
016.005 Murphy - Lightshow ago
016.006 Murphy - Captains of the Guards ago
016.007 Murphy - Ascent ago
016.008 Murphy - Healing ago
017.001 Into the Desert - Cleaning Up ago
017.002 Into the Desert - Draken ago
017.003 Into the Desert - Back to the Potion Shop ago
017.004 Into the Desert - Modern Technology ago
017.005 Into the Desert - The Soul ago
017.006 Into the Desert - Rest Stop ago
017.007 Into the Desert - Pushed to the Limits ago
017.008 Into the Desert - Quiet Pillars ago
018.001 Interlude - Oz ago
019.001 Outpost - Pursuit ago
019.002 Outpost - Confessions ago
019.003 Outpost - Height ago
019.004 Outpost - Solid Ground ago
019.005 Outpost - Cavernous Plots ago
019.006 Outpost - Annihilator ago
019.007 Outpost - Annihilation ago
020.001 Interlude - Irulon ago
021.001 Dismantling - Three of Them ago
021.002 Dismantling - Lip Reading ago
021.003 Dismantling - Captives in the Church ago
021.004 Dismantling - Toymaker ago
021.005 Dismantling - Immolating Gloves ago
021.006 Dismantling - One-Sided ago
021.007 Dismantling - Webbed ago
021.008 Dismantling - Broken ago
021.009 Dismantling - Chop Suey ago
022.001 There and Back Again - A Deserted Conversation ago
022.002 There and Back Again - An Unrefusable Offer ago
022.003 There and Back Again - Toilet Talk ago
022.004 There and Back Again - Heart-to-Heart ago
022.005 There and Back Again - Bullet-to-Heart ago
022.006 There and Back Again - Alcohol ago
022.007 There and Back Again - Conspiracy Theories ago
022.008 There and Back Again - Inventory Shuffle ago
023.001 Interlude - Adrael ago
024.001 City Matters - Pizza Party ago
024.002 City Matters - Return ago
024.003 City Matters - Unloading ago
024.004 City Matters - Potionspeak ago
024.005 City Matters - A Lease on Life ago
024.006 City Matters - Potion or Placebo ago
024.007 City Matters - "Fela!" ago
024.008 City Matters - Navigating the Maize ago
024.009 City Matters - Pacification ago
024.010 City Matters - Dinner and a Feather ago
024.011 City Matters - Donations ago
025.001 New Faces - Mathematics ago
025.002 New Faces - Adrift ago
025.003 New Faces - Setting the Bar ago
025.004 New Faces - French Toast ago
025.005 New Faces - Tineye ago
025.006 New Faces - Flawed Plans ago
025.007 New Faces - Divine Inspiration ago
025.008 New Faces - A Princely Meeting ago
025.009 New Faces - Chronosphere ago
025.010 New Faces - Charnel House ago
026.001 Interlude - Brakkt ago
027.001 Familiar Faces - Ticket to the Moon ago
027.002 Familiar Faces - Patching Up ago
027.003 Familiar Faces - Home Sweet Home ago
027.004 Familiar Faces - Impromptu Lessons ago
027.005 Familiar Faces - Despair and Hope ago
027.006 Familiar Faces - Thrown Back ago
027.007 Familiar Faces - A Lack of Concern ago
027.008 Familiar Faces - Extortion ago
028.001 Peaceful Days - Potion Delivery Service II ago
028.002 Peaceful Days - The Blacksmith ago
028.003 Peaceful Days - Busy Days ago

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Slice of Transported to Another World Life

This Review is written after having read the 52 chapters available on the Authors Site.

Tower Curator (Commitment):


I'm going to keep this somewhat concise; while the formatting and readability could use some work on Royal Road, TowerCurator does have a consistent first person point of view narrative with various key characters having their own chapters. These chapters appear to occur when an event of importance occurs out of view or access to the protagonist Alyssa Meadows, and help to flesh out some of the (as of now) supporting cast. The prose is written with little to no errors in style, with consistant tense, conventions, and literary technique being used to show rather than tell the story of Vacant Throne. I personally have found the use of style, and the consistancy of style above the standard of Royal Road, with no real faults to mention.


As I mentioned in the title Vacant Throne so far appears to be a unique take on the 'Transported to a new world' trope so often found on Royal Road. The story so far is centered around Alyssa Meadows, as the reader takes a backseat and watches as she explores the world and its unique circumstance. There are various teasings, certainly initially that the serial might blow up in scale, something TowerCurator has successfully done in the past, and so far the serial has maintined its initial momentum and is picking up speed in a way that doesn't feel contrived. I would not go so far as to say that the serial is epic in scale, and that it can't be put down, but so far Vacant Throne has consistantly kept my attention through its multiple arcs.


There is not much to say on the side of grammer for Vacant Throne, and the abscence is a point in its favor. The serial has consistant use of and respect for the various grammatical standards and rules, and at no point have I had immersion broken because of it. This is a serial which flows smoothly, making use of a variety of sentance structures and techniques. I have no more to say, the grammer is, at least from the layman's perspective, on the level of many published novels.


In some ways Vacant Throne has a jarring mix of well rounded and flat characters. Likely due to the 'showtime' that some characters have such as Tenebrael and Irulon, there are some characters which currently feel one dimensional, given that we have only seen one side of them. Alyssa on the other hand feels almost hyper-realistic, having raw reactions that reveal who she is and what the pillars of her personality are. I don't want to analyse every character, but suffice to say that there is a varied cast with room for character growth, and I look forward to the way TowerCurator will achieve this.


At the time of writing I feel that the serial hasn't even touched the surface of what TowerCurator has planned. Alot of this confidence comes from the prior serial I mentioned, and because of the way TowerCurator has in the past taken the time to create fully formed characters and fleshed out worlds over the course of many chapters. I would suggest that if TowerCurator does want to publish their serial to Royal Road that they look at adjusting their format to increase readability for PC and phone users.

Ciao Limited
  • Overall Score

Characters let down by repeated contrivances

I'll try and keep this short and sweet, but I'm neither so it probably won't go well. Spoiler tags for ease of digestion, not actual spoilers.

First of all, the Pros:


Spoiler: Spoiler

 The world, as mentioned by other reviewers, is an interesting take on both the isekai genre as well as high fantasy in general. Things don't take the typical turns on this front, as made most obvious by the presence of elven engineers and the absence of dwarves entirely (at least as of the Taker arc).

This world has a lot of things that you don't typically see in, not just isekai but western fantasy in general. Add in the very unique take on religion and you're ultimately presented with a, if not fascinating, then at least refreshing world.


Spoiler: Spoiler

 From what I could tell after reading up to the Taker arc, the plot is ultimately about getting home. Unfortunately, because certain reasons, even if Alyssa, our protagonist, actually managed to get home, she'd almost certainly be permanently killed. So it boils down to a series of "but firsts", which, given the content, actually has a lot of potential.

 Now on to the Cons:


Spoiler: Spoiler

 Alyssa, for the first bundle of chapters, is a pretty good character. She reacts decently to what she's presented with and, while she's willing to hurt others to secure her own safety (sort of the entire inciting incident), she's far from some sort of sociopathic mass murder that a lot of other protagonists ultimately become.

She had that restraint going for her... Right up until it stopped being reasonable and started being outright detrimental to the story.

It was at the moment when she'd killed more people than most infantry soldiers, not even inculding the goblins, but still couldn't hit something with a friggin shotgun at point-blank range due to nerves that I started to check out.

The first "woe is me" moment is fine. The second shows that she's properly human. The third is the beginnings of tedium. The tenth is flat out aggravating.

Other characters see some action by the end of the Taker arc, but most of them are set dressing. They have personality, but they don't actually contribute much.


Spoiler: Spoiler

 The arcs in this story move very slowly and yet have no regard for time, in some cases unreasonably so. In one instance the author would have us believe that something like 5 arcs all happen in the same day, or at most two days. It's flat out unreasonable.

Then there's the content. Though most of them are reasonable enough, the Taker arc is by far the most frustrating for me. Without spoiling anything, just know that there's a point where it feels like I'm watching the Goku/Frieza fight all over again. Except instead of Badass Goku, we have incompetent Alyssa that can't hit the broadside of a barn with a friggin shotgun.

Let's not forget the old "You can't see me/Yes I can, because plot armor" gambit the villain pulls on Alyssa.

She literally bends light around her using fractal magic, yet he can see her because reasons? It's just one of several flimsy justifications for dramatic moments in a fight that our protagonist by all rights should have won.

That whole fight was my "Nope, no more" moment.


Like I said, I'm neither short nor sweet. If I had to boil down my review to its most fundamental concepts, it'd be:

+ Unique worldbuilding

+ Interesting twist on isekai and getting home trope

- Mildly annoying protag that becomes plain aggravating

- Arc structure that plays with time too much or not enough

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An Emotionally Mature Survival Fantasy

I've currently read 61 chapters on the Authors Site.

I really got pulled into this one, our MC is tossed off to a new world (without use of a truck). It avoids most the tropes that often come along with this start and adds a unique tone and focus to an increasingly saturated genre. The story is a lot less indulgent than many tend to be and focuses more on character interactions and survival so far, the top ten story it is closest with in tone would be The Wandering Inn.

Character Power/Growth
Alyssa quickly starts off with/gets enough power, knowledge and connections to make an impact but even with some unique advantages she is quite far from overpowered. I enjoy how much room for growth was left and how well it has been handled so far.

Other characters are actually important and have agency! Chapters from other perspectives have been exceedingly rare so far but they aren't often needed given how well they are developed from our MC's pov. Interactions don't always go how you would expect and reasonable disagreements are common.

There is no reincarnation or growing up period, no new family. Alyssa is and continues to be a fish out of water in a lot of ways. The world is strange even if it doesn't deviate too far from typical fantasy settings. Differing perspectives and values continue to be a theme. That said, I have greatly enjoyed the setting so far, even the relatively tiny portion of the world Alyssa has explored.

Grammar and Style
This is not this TowerCurator's first story and it shows, the writing is immersive and errors quite rare. The story tends to be on the mature side in how it handles conflict, things can get violent and the descriptions are vivid without getting gratuitous.



  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great Portal Fantasy That Deserves More Attention

Vacant Throne is a solid portal fantasy that handles the 'transported to another world' aspect a bit differently than usual, leading to a very interesting premise that has been very well used so far. 

The writing style is easy to follow and decently sized chapters are released regularly. The grammar is good. The story somewhat alternates between action and slice-of-life in a way that is well executed. One of the story's biggest strengths is its main character who approaches problems maturely and pragmatically. Finally, the scope of the story has been rapidly expanding over the last few arcs in a very exciting way.

 I would strongly recommend this story, as it definitely deserves some more attention.

(as of Chpt 22.05)

Hendrik Ottersbach
  • Overall Score
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Good execution with a bad protagonist

How am I going to tell this?


Okay, right from the start. The story is, in a technically sense, extremely well written. There are no errors and the style of writing is entertaining, if in some places a bit bland. The world building is well done and a lot of interesting ideas are thrown in the mix.


Now the bad part: I genuinely dislike the protagonist. It is very similar to the reason I dropped your other story halfway through. I read hundreds of pages in both stories and over the time my exhaustion with the protagonists will force me to drop the story. My critic: I don't see them growing. Neither in character nor in strength.


First about the growth in character: Like other reviews already mentioned, having a problem with killing in self defense is a couple of times believable. But not again and again and again. That's simply unrealistic and hinders the story. Even after killing half a dozen times and being in fights over life and death she misses with a shotgun over a distance of a room, because she is so nervous.


The other part I dislike is her unbelievable low drive to get stronger. In part 12 or 13 the mimic admires her strife to better herself and it could not be father from the truth. There is a real possibility that she could get drawn in a life and death struggle, one of her main goals is learning magic, she got a whole week of time (it was explicitly said she had at least half of every day) and she is utterly incapable of drawing even one tier 0 spell in that time. Or after being admitted in the library simply going there and starting to Lear seems just to much of a hassle. The protagonist apparently loves being ignorant about her main weapon and has to run and cry about everything to the princess. Seriously, if you made the princess the protagonist I would love this story. And this utter lack of will to improve brings me to my next point.


The lack of growth in strength:


I know that I am a bit spoiled by all the litrpg I'm reading but still. She does apparently not want to improve herself and it shows. She is capable of casting spells of the highest tier, but scribbling them down is to much of a hassle, or going in the library to look them up. It is just straight away stupid. How I would do it, if I was the protagonist: Go in the library, take a photograph with the smartphone of every high tier spell, make the two week journey back to your house and use your printer to make a couple hundred copies of every spell. The journey back and forth would take a month, but you would never again have problems if some random dude with a knife walks up to you (and yes she got a problem with that, even if she should be one of the greatest arcanist). It is simply unbelievable, why she takes such stupid risks with the options she has. And from the other story I know, that it will not be getting better. I hoped the Vacant Throne would do better in that regard, than the previous story, but I simply see the exactly same problems that plagued the old work. I think it's a shame, because I seriously believe that he is a good author, but as of chapter 13.5 I'm going to drop the book. Maybe the next will be better. 

  • Overall Score
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Great, well written story

This story has received surprisingly little attention on this site, it's really good, not plagued by the usual writing style/grammar issues most stories on this site have, not a single writing mistake has jumped out at me throughout the entire 50 chapters I have read. Even the interludes were actually well handled. No complaints there at all.

It's a pretty nice take on the isekai genre; one where the protagonist doesn't just get all things good and convenient thrown at her because 'god' (does get some things though, but no special abilities or anything, not really; also this is not a litrpg, there is magic though). It's a more mature approach to the genre with less wishy washy wish fulfillment bullshit in it (in fact I haven't seen anything of the sort in here, even 50 chapters in our protagonist is still mostly trying to scrape by without getting killed, or worse)

At the same time, I don't feel there's anything particularly specially good about the story, it's mostly a lot of little good things coming together to make a good whole, there's nothing that I find particularly amazing or exciting here by itself.

The characters are rather basic, the protagonist is basically a normie, there have been no sexual themes related to the protagonist (as of yet), e.g. no smut or romance, and it does not seem to be heading down that path either. I would say that this is a very good protagonist, she is relatable, moreso than the typical anime protagonists that will drop everything to help the first damsel in distress they encounter, or avoid any kind of sex like death itself despite being quite obviously sexually furstrated. No it's basically just a completely normal modern girl, thrown through a series of unfortunate events where she is forced to make a lot of difficult decisions (and she will actually make those decisions too, there's no "killing is evil" trope here, because when she's in a "them or me" situation, she will usually make the appropriate call, the same way any normal human would do.)

I do have a few issues with worldbuilding and side characters however, but it's more about issues of things that aren't there rather than something being poorly done. For example, she's in a dark world where slavery is rampant and racism towards non-humans (typically referred to as monsters...) is orders of magnitude worse than the racism nazis had towards the jews. And this is used as an excuse for your average person in this world to be a complete piece of shit as a person. But the thing is, realistically speaking there would always be people taking the other side. It should be especially apparent if you look at modern society where nobody can agree on anything anymore. Or if you just look at history, in nazi germany not every german hated jews. On the one hand, I like it how even the 'nice' people that the protagonist meets are most likely going to hate non-humans religiously (in the literal sense...) which creates an interesting dynamic where almost nobody is likeable in the entire world; but it's quite realistic as well, I mean 'good christians' would spank their children and crucify witches too back in the day (the fucking monsters...). It's a social norm, and I like how the author is willing to explore such topics, but on the other hand it feels a bit too one sided.

While the characters aren't just black and white, good or bad, I wouldn't exactly call them three dimensional either, it's more like a lot of them follow less conventional templates than I'm used to, but templates still, if only a bit more complex than usual. And then there are of course plenty of the regular template characters, mostly (entirely) on the 'bad guy' side of said templates.

So yeah, characters and politics/factions (or lack thereof) are definitely a bit of a weakness of this story, but it's not because they are bad, they're good compared to what we've grown used to around here. No it's because a lot of things are missing, that if present, would make for a more compelling story.

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Far above average RRL story - B+

This story is better than 90 percent of the "transported to another world" stories on this website, and better than 85 percent of online stories I've read in general.


The technical writing is basically perfect; I spotted only one small  plural possessive error which was a tricky one and forgivable.

The characters are generally realistic. There's been little to no flanderization/strawmanning/whatever you want to call it. The main character is intelligent and capable without being "overpowered". She makes mistakes but actively reflects on and learns from them in a transparent and satisfying way. 

I gave a less than perfect rating in the "Story" category because the MC's main goal seems to be "learn magic", which is alright but doesn't really give me any idea of what she's going to be shooting for throughout her time in Teneland. OTOH this does a good job of illustrating how directionless a person would be if they actually were put in the MC's position, so with that in mind I only dinged it a half star.

To the author: You're a very good technical writer, your characterizations are quite good, and your world building is interesting. Thanks for sharing this story, and I hope to see it continued! 

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One of the best authors on the internet

TowerCurator is finally on RRL! Ok so I have read everything on the author’s site and the story is amazing with great character development and a well thought out story progression. The grammar is impeccable and the world building is very well thought out. Also the punctuality of the author is great. You should read it because it’s amazing. And while you’re at it vote for it on Also, if you liked this you should read towercurator’s other work “Void Domain”.

  • Overall Score
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Amazing. How is this not more popular?

I’m not sure why this story hadn’t come to my attention until just recently. However, I feel like it is seriously under appreciated and should be more popular. The story feels similar to Metaworld Chronicles in terms of its pacing and story arcs, but I personally like this novel better. Highly recommend. It gets better as you get further into the story.

  • Overall Score

Very good for being so unknown!

Another person mentioned this was "slice of transproted to another world life". Honestly that scared me a bit. I was afraid this was going to be some kind of "slice of life" story. But its really not. The MC is constantly embroiled in plots and happenings.


This is absolutely an action/adventure and a very good one at that! I would definitely recommend this.