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The Girl in the Abyss

Chapter 7


The gate opened to a bustling military district. The old-world roads were beautifully maintained and new world buildings made of white stone lined all of them. If you looked to the sides new world cobble roads led off in between the densely packed buildings. It was the most amazing city I had ever seen exceeding even Safe Haven regarding beauty. Strangely the area to my left still had grass and trees and something was being maintained in the middle of it.

“This island is the adventurer and military ward. If you're looking for weapons, enchants, armor, or a rowdy inn this is the place to be! Just don’t head to far to our right since it becomes all official military buildings.” He noticed me staring at the untouched area. “Ah, you noticed the old-world memorial! There are a lot of them which have been maintained. The 25 Heroes said they were important to the old-world country that used to be here so they are still looked after out of respect. Most people don’t know much about the “USA” anymore however a lot of their history is kept in a museum if you are ever interested. This memorial is really little but you will see some cool ones soon.”

“What are the buildings made of? They look nothing like the wall or buildings we have seen so far.”

“That’s Magic Marble, one of the 25 Heroes was an alchemist with a rare class who could convert stone to a few other types of stone. This was done so Camp Freedom would match the old-world monuments and give people hope. She turned an entire mountain into marble so that downtown Camp Freedom would never run out.”

Derik recommended shops as we made our way down a road called Ohio Drive, this area was the crafting ward. Many guilds had stores here and there were lots of different restaurants. ‘This is where chefs went to become famous according to my old teacher.’

“This is the place to be if you have gold and silver falling from your pockets! Fancy food, fancy clothing, and fancy items, all stuff no one needs but it costs a fortune anyway. There is one memorial I want you to see up ahead and then we will head to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

When we reached a road called Independence Avenue the new world buildings came to an end and we entered an old-world park. This area made it look like you stepped back in time, they perfectly maintained it and even had some restored cars on the road for people to look at. A little further in we stopped at a huge marble memorial which looked like its own building. It had big white pillars, fancy designs, and a big walkway and staircase in front of it. Once inside I saw a giant statue of a bearded man sitting in a chair and a smaller statue of a man wearing a suit to its right.

“This is the most famous spot in all of Safe Haven. The big guy outlawed slavery long before the world ended however the reason it's famous today is because of the smaller statue next to him. There was a faction in Safe Haven that wanted the slavery of Demihumans to be legal. The leader of the 25 Heroes was retired at this point and almost never made appearances but he announced he would be giving a speech here to address the matter. When the day came there was a terrible storm yet he showed up anyway in his old-world suit and told everyone why this country was founded.”

Derek stood next to it mimicking the statue’s elegant poise. “Like the fallen country Safe Haven was built over we are a bastion of freedom, equality, and peace. So long as you dream of a better world Safe Haven will welcome you.” He was forced away from the statue by a security guard. “Not long after the counsel of 25 voted to purchase a perk on the Country’s core which made any slave magic or collars instantly be dispelled the moment they step foot in any of Safe Haven’s cities. No one, not even Demi-humans, would be slaves here. It gets me all teared up talking about it! Tons of former slaves leave flowers here on the anniversary of his death.”

I looked up at the big statue and the smaller one to the right. I should’ve been happy with what these two stood for but I was only able to find anger.

‘Where were the people with these ideals when I needed them?’

I turned and walked out leaving behind Derik who was still going on about the 25 Heroes. After realizing I left he caught up behind me.

“Hey, is everything all right? Sorry, I got carried away with the history lesson, please don’t fly away! Please!”

His begging calmed me down a bit. It reminded me of Arty when I used to act mad after something silly.

“Sorry, let's continue to the guild. I don’t mind the history.”

“I can never tell with your voice, was that sarcasm? If I had to describe your voice it would be… cute wet towel.”

He was poking my arm with a stupid smile. This was probably his horrible way of trying to cheer me up.

“What does that even mean? How can I sound like a towel?”

“Imagine a short girl with a cute voice but the voice is always in this depressing, serious tone. Cute wet towel.”

“...” I pretended to fly away and he clung to my leg.

“Sorry! It was a bad joke! Your voice is great! Come back!”

People in the surroundings were laughing at the scene. After landing he apologized and told me we would be walking through the park to the tall pointed tower in the distance. There was an old-world rectangle pond that went all the way through the park and inside it you could see the reflection of the pointed tower. Around the pond old and new world memorials could be found, with the exception of new memorials this area was kept the same out of respect. After passing a large war memorial and 17th street the park ended and densely packed marble buildings returned.

“This area is all educational buildings and guilds who want to recruit here. The Adventurers Guild is the circular one around the Washington Monument. We won’t have time to tour it today but to the north is the White House where the leader of the 25 heroes lived. Today it’s a museum about the 25 Heroes and the USA. To the south is Independence Port and to the east is all government buildings. If you ever want a tour again just let me know!”

We finally made it to the guild. Like Derik said it was circular and followed the theme of white pillars and marble. Inside was very spacious and much fancier then what most Adventurer Guilds would look like however the standard sign which had food and beer carved into it pointing to the other side of the building. We made our way to the marble desk and were greeted by a dark-haired woman in modern business attire. Derik asked to see the branch manager since I was the first “Angel” they had the chance to recruit.

“It's always nice to have new Demihumans in the guild! Her office is just down the hall. I will notify her right away.” She walked off and left me with Derik.

“I never got your name by the way or is that a secret you plan to keep from me?”

“You never asked, its El--”

I paused as a familiar face and busty chest walked towards us. She looked older but it was definitely Charlotte, not many people had purple hair.

“It is nice to meet you; my name is Charlotte Milton. I have been told you have interest in joining the guild.”

“I was promised compensation in exchange for doing so.” I calmly replied, she didn’t seem to recognize me, not that it would have mattered.

“We will discuss everything in my office, both of you please come this way.”

I wasn’t used to her speaking so formally since she was always flirty or joked around when I was younger. We were led down the white hallway to a large door and inside was a normal looking office outside of the white walls and floor. We sat at a small marble table which had a blue sofa on both sides. Before sitting down herself she offered tea then sat opposite of Derik and me.

“What the guild is requesting is your racial description and in exchange we can offer payment in magic coins alongside waving the fee for membership.”

“The fee would already be waved Ms. Milton. She has a legendary class.”

“After its confirmed in a test I will add a bonus to the coins then.”

“I don’t require the bonus, what I need is information. Derik said a powerful Demon Lord challenged the nearby dungeon. I want everything you have on this person alongside the date the visit took place.”

“I should have assumed it was a Demon and Angel conflict, I have heard you’re races are always at war with each other. You are aware that the Adventurer Guild has a neutral stance on all conflicts, correct? Your membership is nulled if you get involved with wars or politics.”

“Its fine, I just need the information.”

“Then it is a deal. To join I will need you to hold an appraisal stone which will show active level, total level, Title, Name, Race, and age.”

I didn’t care if she knew who I was, all that mattered was getting what I needed to save Arty. She got up and grabbed a stone from a locked box before handing it to me. I put mana into the stone and a small screen appeared above my hand.

Active Level: 36

Total Level: 36

Title: Divinity

Name: Ellie Noir

Race: Nightmare/Seraph

Age: 20

“E-Ellie, it couldn’t be… Is it truly you? That title… Y-You were telling the truth...” Charlotte’s face turned to a mix of sadness and surprise.

“I’m a Seraph which is related to Angels as for Nightmare that is likely related to Demons.” I didn’t know for sure but it made sense based on how I looked.

“The Death Guild’s master had three different Mind Guild experts confirm you were a high-ranking death variant doppelganger. With all the killings and the form Will described it… it just made sense. I don’t know how you’re alive but if it means anything I am so, so sorry. I transferred here because I couldn’t get over the entire situation, it never felt right to me.”

Tears were rolling down her face but I had no sympathy to spare.

“Your apology doesn’t mean anything. You and everyone else stood by and did nothing as I suffered. If it's still a mystery to you, it was Morfran who had those people killed and set the entire thing up.”

“Y-Your arm, did he do that to you?”

“What does it matter? Is this deal going to happen or not?”

“Ummm, what’s going on?” Derik asked confused but he was promptly ignored.

“Ellie we can go back to Safe Haven and use this appraisal to prove what he did! We can bring him to justice! Will has never been the same since then and your party has become famous, but I’m sure they will welcome you back. We could fix everything!”

She lost control of her emotions and was suggesting things I had no desire to peruse. Their lives meant nothing to me. I just wanted to get this deal over with. Her “regret” was only making me angry.

“There is no justice left to bring and you can never fix what you all did. Can you bring Arty back or undo ten years of torture!? NO? Then let’s get this over with!” During my rage I slammed the table with my fist causing the tea to spill.

In silence, Charlotte went to her desk and filled out three papers before handing them to me. “X rank certification, access to the information you wanted, and a gold coin for… It doesn’t matter. I-If there is anything I can ever do, please do not hesitate to ask.” She stopped crying but it was clear she was emotionally distraught.

I took the papers and left the room without saying anything, Derik followed behind.

“Ellie what the hell was that?! What’s going on?”

“I was enslaved in Safe Haven because of a disgusting old man’s schemes. All the people I trusted, including Charlotte, left me when I needed them most.” I kept walking as I answered Derik’s question. I didn’t want to dwell on this matter.

“Wait!” Derik grabbed my arm forcing me to stop. “She wanted to make things right Ellie! It's not possible to undo everything you went through but are you really going to throw away your chance at having them back?!”

I turned and looked at him, for some reason he was crying ‘What does any of this matter to him?’

“You're saying I should just forgive them? I was locked in a torture room on a metal table for ten years! My arm was sawed off and they ripped out my right eye with their fingers!” I was getting angry again but before I could start yelling more he cut me off.

“My Dad, the last night I ever saw him we had just fought. I was so angry that I went out and drunk myself to sleep. Later that night he went out looking for me and was killed in a stupid street mugging. I will never have the chance to fix things, but you can still make up with them, you can have your old life back! Don’t lose that chance!”

“YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! Don’t ever try to tell me what I want, that’s for me to decide! Your job is done, get out of my sight!”

I was furious and it only increased because he was right about one thing. I desperately wanted that happiness back but it would never be with those who betrayed me.

Derik stared at the floor in silence. “I’m sorry, I went too far and assumed too much.”

Before leaving I said one final thing. “If they ever come to you for information, tell them the Ellie they knew died in the Death Guild’s torture chamber.”

As I walked away Derik went back to Charlotte’s office without a word. I made my way down the hall to the front desk where the receptionist and a few adventurers in the lobby were silently staring. It seems they heard the yelling.

“Three papers, please prepare all of them. For my rank confirmation give me the highest-ranking quest you have.”

“R-Right away!” She ran off, not long after she returned shaking.

“X rank card for Ellie Noir, one gold coin, and a copy of the reports from the Demon Lord’s visit. P-Please confirm everything is correct while I grab the quests!”

-Congratulations! Intimidation has increased to 6/10!-

‘I was not actively trying to intimidate her. I guess I earn exp for the skill regardless of if it's intentional or not.’

After hearing my rank a group of three started talking loudly from the seats along the wall.

“What’s an X rank?”

“Never heard of it, do you keep the guidebook in your bag?”

“I know the ranks like the back of my hand and X is not one of them. It’s probably some bogus rank made up for a rich family.”

“Ahh, it explains all the yelling.”

As long as this rank gave me access to money and information that’s all I cared about.

“T-The highest we have at this time is clearing the nearby legendary dungeon. I-It is considered impossible, are you sure you would like to accept this one?”

“Its fine, what’s the reward?”

“They have left three extremely rare items in our care which you may choose one of upon completion. The item’s rarities are certified by the guild however we can not show you them until it is complete. There is also an extra offer from the client who published this mission, in exchange for the dungeon core all three items will be given to you.” The young receptionist had finally gotten over her fear since I was being calm with her.

“Hahaha! Some rich Demihuman thinks she can clear the impossible dungeon!” The surrounding adventurers started laughing.

I asked the receptionist where I could find preserved food and water for my time in the dungeon and she suggested a few shops in the military ward. Done with everything I needed I gave a proper thank you and exited the building. The sky was starting to dim so I decided to find an inn in the military ward where I would be shopping. Getting emotional left me stressed out so I just wanted to take a bath then lay on something comfortable while I looked over the reports.

I eventually came across medium-sized inn titled “The Fox and the Fiddle” which had a cartoon fox holding a fiddle on the sign and advertised public baths. When I walked in was I greeted by a humanoid fox in a business suit.

“Welcome to the Fox and the Fiddle! It's rare that we get races besides humans here, what can I do for you?”

He was like Poko but instead of just the ears and tail he was fully covered in fur and looked like a red fox mixed with a human.

“A room for the night, access to the baths, and a meal would be good. If I may ask, are you a Beast-kin?”

“Close, I’m a beast-kith we’re from the same continent though. As a favor to a fellow outsider I will keep the baths open an extra 30 minutes just for you. It can get annoying having people stare while you try to relax. We’re serving dinner now so I will have my daughter send it to your room, ah, sorry, a regular room or are you looking for something bigger?”

“A regular is fine and thank you for your offer regarding the baths. I will gladly accept.”

“I’ll have my daughter let you know when its open for you. The cost will be two silver for the room and eight bronze for the meal and bath.”

“My apologies, would you happen to have change for one gold?”

‘Magic Coins were the currency for the entire world. They were generated randomly in treasure chests by God’s Guidance when the world ended. These chests can still appear anywhere in the wilderness but most generated gold comes from Killing boss monsters now and even then it's not guaranteed. Wilderness chests were common for a year after the world ended and then became extremely rare. It is believed God did this to get the new economy going. 10 Copper equals 1 Bronze, 10 Bronze equals 1 Silver, 10 Silver equals 1 Gold, 10 Gold equals 1 Platinum, 10 Platinum equals 1 Mithril, and 10 Mithril equals 1 Adamantine. I never experienced Humanity’s currency but 1 Bronze is said to be the equivalent of what 1 USD was worth.’

“It is no issue at all! I needed to exchange some silver for gold at the Merchant’s Guild anyway. Being the only respectable inn in the military ward has been good for business. Here is your key and your room is the last one on the left, if you require anything else please do not hesitate to ask.”

I bowed and thanked him before making my way up the stairs and down the hall. My room was clean and had a very comforting atmosphere. A light stone sat on a desk next to the bed so I put the papers down and let myself fall face first into fluffy sheets. It was a very comfortable mattress and blankets similar to the Culinary Guild’s beds.


*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

I got up and opened the door. A female Beast-kith stood holding a plate of roasted meat, steamed vegetables, and a loaded baked potato. She was a red fox like her father but had a feminine figure and chest covered by a modest green dress.

“Father didn’t think to ask about your diet so I tried to include more vegetables in case you don’t eat meat. I will be back to get the dishes and take you to the bath in about an hour. Please enjoy!”

I thanked her and sat at the desk while eating and reviewing the reports. The food was surprisingly delicious for the low cost. It was definitely made by someone with at least the first skill level of Cooking. The reports on the other hand were unfortunately disappointing, the visit took place five years ago and he only publicly appeared at the dungeon. It’s believed he was using a disguise for all other business so only speculations were listed.

‘If I’m unable to find any other leads I will make my way to the Demon continent.’

After finishing the meal I laid down on the bed waiting for the Beast-kith woman to return.


It's been a long time since we had a race other than Humans stay with us. After she went upstairs I had to scold my father for not asking about her diet, different races ate different things, so you always needed to ask. I personally put together her meal and brought it upstairs. When she answered the door she was still wearing her black cloak and hood so I was a little nervous.

“Father didn’t think to ask about your diet so I tried to include more vegetables in case you don’t eat meat. I will be back to get the dishes and take you to the bath in about an hour. Please enjoy!”

She gave a bow and thanked me in the same sad and serious tone she used downstairs.

‘I wonder if she is from an important family.’

I returned to the kitchen and began helping with the dishes. The hour quickly passed and father told me the baths were open for us.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The Angel opened the door holding an empty plate.

“Thank you. The food was delicious. If you serve breakfast I would like to have it added to my bill.” Her tone was still the same.

“Of course, it is three bronze for breakfast. I will pass it to my father as I drop the dishes off in the kitchen. The baths are open for us so please meet me at the front desk when you're ready.”

She handed me three bronze and followed me down the stairs. I thought she would put her cloak and weapons in her room but she left them on. She stood silently by the front desk while I handed the plate and coins to my father and then followed me again. The bath’s doors were locked at this hour so we did not need to worry about anyone besides us coming in.

“The baths follow the traditional style from our homeland. After undressing you wash yourself down before entering the bath.”

As we entered the change room I began undressing however she was hesitating.

“Is there any trouble miss?” I asked concerned. The missing arm may not be her only scar.

“May I make a request? Please keep my appearance between us.” She did a formal bow with the request.

“Of course, I will not say a word not even to my father.”

She thanked me and started undressing. Long messy hair as a white as snow fell from the hood and underneath skin just as white came into view. Her body and chest were small and her white wings with black edges were full of very soft looking feathers. I couldn’t tell if her hair and skin were normal for Angels but there was one feature I knew didn’t belong. On the sides of her head were two compact spiral horns as black as the night sky. They reminded me of two large “earmuffs” which some Humans used during the winter. When she turned around slightly glowing eyes that looked like a beautiful sunset stared at me as if waiting for a comment on her appearance.

“The baths are just through the door. I’ll lead the way.”

We made our way to the wash area by the bath, she looked a bit confused but she quickly figured it out. She washed her body without issue however the limitation of her single arm on the already hard to reach places of her wings were causing her to struggle.

“Would you like help with your wings?”

She shyly agreed and apologized for the trouble. It was my first time hearing a different tone of voice from her.

“It's normal for Beast-kin and Beast-kith to bathe together since some have areas that are too hard to reach by themselves. I thought it might be the same for your people.”

She did not reply and stared silently at the reflection in front of her. While washing her wings I was trying to figure out what this girl’s age was. In Human and Beast-kin standards she looked around 15 or 16 but even then she would be considered small for her age.

“All done, I will join you in the bath shortly.”

“It would be unfair of me not to offer you the same help.”

I accepted and she helped me wash my back. Once in the bath we relaxed in silence but she suddenly asked a strange question.

“Do you like this country?”

‘Is she considering settling down here?’

“I do, Father and I traveled here based on rumors while in search of a better life. All the money we save from the inn goes towards paying for the safe transport of my mother and clan. The looks and comments from humans can get annoying but my father and I support everything this country stands for. My home continent has its ups and downs but this is the only country in the world with such unique values. The council of 25 work for the people, there are no nobles, lords, or kings and everyone, no matter the race, is welcomed. There is even a Wood Elf set to be the first nonhuman on the council. He gathered three rare items from other continents and is offering them in exchange for a legendary dungeon core. He wants to start a city within Safe Haven that specializes in the magic and crafting techniques of other races while also providing a safe place for other races to settle. The last bonus about Safe Haven is the Ancient human crafting methods. This is the only country which is attempting to recreate ancient human items on a wide scale. Our own beds are the hard work of many different guilds!”

She was looking at me with her usual blank stare. ‘I hope I didn’t bore her after all that.’

“Sorry I went a bit overboard, it's just… after what I saw while traveling I lost faith in the world until we found Safe Haven.”

I looked down at the water remembering the horrors my father and I faced on the way here. The line between monster and intelligent race blurred at so many points.

“I see, that potential city and Elf do sound nice.”

“If you’re considering staying I am sure we could find work for you at the Inn.”

A slight smile appeared on her face when I offered but the sadness hidden behind it was obvious.

“I will get the Wood Elf his legendary dungeon core but I will not be staying, not now at least. I need to find someone who was taken from me. After that… I’ll consider the Elf’s city as a possible new home.”

‘She would get the core? Is this small girl someone that powerful?’

“My name is Ellie. Thank you for everything tonight. Its given me a chance to help create something good.”

“I’m Flora Aka. It's nice to meet you Ellie.”

After those words we sat in silence enjoying the bath.


Following a good night’s rest and another delicious meal I made my way to the front of the inn.

‘The girl I met here was kind and she went out of her way for me like Derik did. I’ll apologize to Derik next time I see him… In the end he was wrong but he was only trying to help…’

Safe Haven was becoming a complicated subject for me. For Derik and Flora this place was a beacon of hope but I could find little love for it.

‘The values they so dearly preach were tossed aside when I needed them. When I get this core I will speak to the Wood Elf directly. If Arty and I are going to call this place home there will be many changes starting with culling the rats like Morfran.’

“Ellie!!” Not long after leaving the inn I heard my name called from behind. Flora was running to catch up to me. “Sorry, I wanted to see you off and give you something. It's not very strong but I did my best to make this charm. I hope in some way its able to help you during your time in the dungeon!”

It was a small cloth charm I could hang from my wrist or a bag.

Name: Spiritual Friendship Charm

Equip Effect: Increases Spiritual Affinity by 1%.

Description: A friendship charm enchanted with weak spiritual mana.

“I don’t have anything to give you in return though.” I felt guilty for not even thinking to say goodbye at the inn.

“It’s a gift. You don’t need to give me anything.” She was wearing a kind smile overflowing with sincerity.

“Then I will gratefully accept it, thank you Flora.”

“I’ll be heading back to the inn now. If I leave my father alone for too long the place will start falling apart. Good luck Ellie, I’ll be cheering for you!” She waved as she made her way back to the inn.

Still standing in the street I looked down at the charm. In terms of power it was useless to me however I couldn’t help but treasure it. It brought me hope for a happy future.

I bought a bag, lots of preserved foods, and a big plastic water container. The bag was designed for your waist since regular backpacks and wings don’t work well together. It all cost me two silver which was a pretty good deal. Done with shopping I took to the sky and flew to the pentagon-shaped dungeon.

-Congratulations! Flight has increased to 6/10!-

I landed in the plaza causing all the adventurers to turn their attention to me. Ignoring them, I went to the checkpoint and looked for Derik who was unfortunately nowhere to be seen. Instead, a short-haired older woman in leather armor greeted me.

“You can’t enter without your group. Waiting inside would get you killed.”

“Its fine, I’m going in alone.”

“Entering alone requires S rank otherwise you’re just throwing your life away.” She quickly retorted.

I handed her my card and she looked at it in confusion.

“Your trying to use a fake ID but don’t even know the ranks? I should let you walk in there and learn your lesson but I don’t want the paperwork for a missing Demihuman! If you’re that desperate to get in go beg one of the stronger parties to take you.”

‘I thought Charlotte was trying to make amends with this new rank not piss me off more…’

I took the sky and flew over the top of the dungeon after the same notification appeared I was teleported to the entrance portal. It was a normal looking old-world door, as I approached a message appeared.

-Warning: You are attempting to enter a [Legendary] dungeon, would you like to proceed? Y/N-

I clicked the “Yes” and was teleported inside.

-You have entered the dungeon: [Legendary] Remnants of a Fallen Nation.-

The dark halls of a perfectly preserved old-world building appeared around me. The floors were a polished stone with a repeating pattern and the walls were beige. Relics representing a nation that no longer existed were all around me and it caused me to wonder how they remained untouched by the other Adventurers. I went to the nearest door to look inside. It was a normal office except for the see-through man in a suit staring at the corner. Through the back of his head I could see two green clouds where his eyes should be but all his other features were blurry. I raised my hand to cast Shattered Light but a loud popping sound from behind caught me off guard. Another ghost, this time a female, was standing in the door on the opposite side of the hall.

-Congratulations! Piercing Damage Resistance II has increased to 10/10!-

-Congratulations! Skill completion has granted 10 skill points!-

-Congratulations! Piercing Damage Resistance II has evolved into Piercing Damage Resistance III!-

-Congratulations! Piercing Damage Resistance III has increased to 5/10!-

I jumped into the office and cast consuming darkness on the room. Everything started to decay and the male ghost was instantly killed. I felt a warmth on my side letting me know there was damage. Looking down I could see blood flowing from a gunshot wound.

‘Ghosts with spectral guns!? How am I supposed to deal with that!’

I underestimated the dungeon. ‘Unless I want to use Nightmare or Seraph right away this will be troublesome.’ While thinking the situation over gunshots started raining in and I could hear countless ghostly voices wailing.

‘I need my Twilight Barrier up.’

“Serenity Infusion, Shattered Light!”

Seraph grew covering just over half my body. My mind struggled however the extra power was able to destroy the wall and everything behind it. I sat on the ground and ripped a piece of my cloak to use as a bandage.

“Combat Medic.”

-Congratulations! Combat Medic has increased to 5/10!-

-Congratulations! First Aid has increased to 6/10!-

I activated a first aid skill I learned during my adventurer training. It greatly increased the speed and effectiveness of my bandaging for a short time.

‘I was overconfident in myself. I should have bought actual bandages.’

With the wound patched I peaked my head into the hall.


I quickly pulled my head back into the room and sat against the wall while breathing heavily. There was a long bullet sticking through the twilight barrier in front of my left eye.

“That… That would have killed me in one hit.”

I was just shot in the side and a spectral bullet was now staring me in the eye. I became frustrated with my lack of ability.

I grabbed the spectral bullet and watched as it slowly vanished. ‘If I want to be strong without Nightmare and Seraph I need a better foundation. My skills may be powerful but body is most definitely not.’

I set a restriction for myself, until all three of my Origin classes were at least level 10 I would not leave this place or kill the final boss. Along the way I would level up Hunger Nullification, Exhaust Suppression, Shattered Light, and Consuming Darkness. If there was a suppression skill for thirst I would get that as well.


An odd happiness spread through me. I was going to slaughter purely for my own benefit, no self-defense, no revenge, just death because I could.

‘First, the one who shot at my head.’


With my 100% speed increase and sprint I was going at unimaginable speeds. Bullets flew at me but I was able to dodge most without issue.

-Congratulations! You have earned the skill Evasion!-

-Congratulations! Evasion has increased to 5/10!-

I reached a rotting human in combat gear holding a spectral sniper rifle.

Active Level: 80

Total Level: 80

Title: Remnant Sniper

Name: N/A

Race: Ghoul

Age: N/A

It went for a combat knife on its waist, but it was already too late, my claw pierced its head. I continued down the hall and met many Remnants. The weakest were the ghost people with handguns and the most difficult were soldiers with machine guns and assault rifles. Even with my speed I was hit multiple times but Nightmare’s regeneration capabilities quickly healed the damage. I began going days without food, water, or breaks. There was just so much to kill, hordes of remnants came like ants. I never felt more alive.

-Congratulations! You have earned the title “Undead Slayer”!-

-Congratulations! “Undead Slayer” has granted 3 free attributes!-

I finished clearing the area of remnants and checked the new title I received.

Undead Slayer – Slayer of over 1000 undead.

Grants: 10% increased damage towards Undead. 3 free attributes.

Source: Slay 1000 Undead.

‘Titles offer more benefits then I assumed. I will need to review my other ones.’

Divinity - You stand before Divinity.

Grants: Increase the level cap of one class to 100. Grants divine skill Aura of Divinity.

Source: Divine Class holder. 5 divine skills.

Dragon Slayer – Slayer of a Dragon.

Grants: 10% increased damage towards Dragons. 3 free attributes.

Source: Slay 1 Dragon.

Legend Slayer – Slayer of a legendary Class holder.

Grants: 10% increased damage towards Legendary Class holders. 3 free attributes.

Source: Slay 1 Legendary Class holder.

Slave – Completed the Slave Class Shop.

Grants: 20% increase in the effectiveness of all Slave skills. Grants one unique slave skill to suit the user.

Source: Complete the Slave Class Store.

‘I will hold off on using the Divine level cap bonus until I have a class that’s worth it. The other bonuses are a welcome surprise.’

I already distracted myself from the killing so I set up camp in an office and rested. After some sleep, food, and water, I returned to the slaughter. Days passed as I continued killing the remnants but I soon achieved the first step of my goal.

-Congratulations! Nightmare has leveled up to 10/??!-

-Level 10 Attribute and Skill Point bonuses have been granted.-

Without hesitation I continued.


Seraph was more difficult to use in small places. My much larger Serenity filled wings dragged on the walls causing them to burn. Soon a serenity fire broke out and I started getting exp for everything the fire was killing. I was currently on the 5th floor and the dungeon separated each one so it was unlikely it would spread down however this floor was turning into an exp oven. Using much stronger versions of Shattered Light and consuming Darkness I quickly cleared the floor but the downsides compared to Nightmare were clear to me now. Nightmare excelled at long-term battles against multiple enemies. My health and stamina constantly being replenished by those I killed made it so I could go long periods of time without resting.

Seraph excelled at doing a massive amount of damage very quickly but once my stamina ran out or I took to much damage I would need to rest. I sat on a metal chair surrounded by white flames watching my combat log. Countless remnants were dying as they spawned in but I realized why so much killing was giving little experience, the dungeon had diminishing returns.

‘This horrible dungeon should be rewarding my superiority not punishing me for it!’ I was becoming bored and I already ate all the snacks out this break room vending machine.

‘Might as well change the environment up…’

When my stamina was full I made my way through the white flames to the fourth floor.
Upon arriving a notification appeared.

-5th Floor has now been reset due to excessive damage.-

I repeated the pattern of destroying a floor, resting, and then going back to the previous floor. The diminishing returns didn’t reset but at least I got to move around…

-Congratulations! Seraph has leveled up to 10/??!-

-Level 10 Attribute and Skill Point bonuses have been granted.-

After the notification appeared I went to the 5th floor and disabled Seraph. It was time for me to do the rest of this dungeon with Hero of Twilight.


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