A Soul's New Home

by BigFatKoala

Original HIATUS Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A soul that has been alone for a millennium was given a chance to live in the world with a body of its own choosing. As such, the soul chose a body capable of living through a millennium. A vampire, an immortal yet not invincible.


This is a story of how a soul lives its potentially eternal life in a world that it doesn't know anything about.

Updates every two days (sometimes three days) with no set time

Chapter length will be between 2000-3000 words 

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Brendan Laufer
  • Overall Score

this story does a really good job at showing how someone with no understanding would act if born into a world with info but no experience do go with it

when i read the first chapter i was intrested but also conserned that the writer would take the path that somany do and just make the MC evil because screw it they have little understanding of morals and there for should be an evil asshole. I ended up being happy that the writer did not go down this path making the MC someone that is  not good but also is not evil asshole with no personality

over all i think its a good book

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Short Version:

Everything seems well thought and well written. Pacing is good and chapter length is excellent.

Characters are well done with time taken to develop them in a good fashion, and Grammer is solid in a similar fashion. Over all, really good.

I recommend!

Long Version:


I quite enjoy the style that the author is going for. It fits into Japanese light novel vibe quite well and is easy to read.

Some people might find the white space... Substantial, but I think it fits the general tone of the novel rather well.


Not a massive amount in the way of story has happened yet, but because of how the main character and pacing is currently, there's no need for anything super super extreme to happen to draw in our attention. Just seeing the escapades of our main as she learns about the world, makes friends and gives bitegasims is more than enough for my little heart. world building and lore seems pretty solid, though like story, it hasn't been touched on a massive amount.


Grammer is solid, and like I said in style, sentence structure is too. Although I noticed a couple of instances were word choice went sideways, they were were so few and far between that it's no big deal.


If you've ever read that 'reincarnated as a sword' book, our main is rather simmilar to the cat; blunt and too the point, adorable and cluleless.

Many of the other characters are a joy to read as well, each having thier own unique unique personalitys, likes and dislikes (mains, sides and secondarys)

All and all, the characters presented so far seem well thought out with detail put into each and every one of them.

As this novel is mostly character driven, the author has done it service by making all the characters introduced able to easily drive the novel, no problem.


This novel is definitely worth a solid read through. There are no outstanding issues that I can see and everything seems to mesh well together.

I recommend!!

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Good Premise. Not Good Execution.

This review was drafted at the end of How and What They See 15. So, 38 chapters or 328 pages according to royalroad.

How do I begin? I was looking for something to read and found this story in midst of combing through the absolute sewer of royalroad's dumpster. Not to offend the users of this site but a whole lot of stories here are trash. To find something relatively unique and interesting in this sea of filth was a small miracle.

I liked this story because it was a divergence from the typical isekai genre and really focuses on the characters. The main character, Snow, is OP but is different in that the story doesn't drive into a power fantasy to the extent that other stories have. The growth in Snow's strength is equal to the growth of her character.

That being said, this could also be to the detriment of the story if the characters aren't handled correctly. I love character-driven stories to death and I can never hate on the attempt. Besides the pedophilia (which was written out), I am sad to know how flawed this story was on a fundamental level.

Snow spent a few thousand years in the void then was given life into a fantasy world as a vampire. She's an innocent and native soul, I get that but that immediately raises the issue on how we could relate to this child. This is why mother figures Sun and Night, or Lilia and Roosevelt respectfully, are the primary drivers for the development of Snow. Without solid motivations, characters are stale. So, the inclusion of Sun and Night, I give a thumbs up to.

However, this development is undermined by the fact that Snow's bite alter their behavior. We don't know what to think about Snow now and nothing is being developed. Snow is simply being followed by 2 brainwashed mother figures and we as an audience do not know how to react to Snow as a character.

A fix that would make this a hundred times better would be to have the bite subplot be built over time and not introduced so early so we can get to know these people.

This story being flawed is not the inherent state of this premise but the execution is lacking. A few fixes could fix this but I lack the author's ability to do so.

I know you don't think all this through or else that pedo chapter wouldn't have happened. This story hasn't even finished the first major arc and I have given up. I think you have potential as a writer but you have some maturing to do.

F-rank Human
  • Overall Score

A cute and fluffy story with some gore

Um... the title of the review kinda says it all?

  • Overall Score

Might be to your liking, might be not

/* This review was written when only chapters up to "How and What They See 9" were avaliable. */

A few expectations to be set before reading this story:

1. MC is a blank-slate type - no memories. This is the first time she is trying this whole "living" thing, you know?! Some kind of magical crutch is helping her mind by feeding her names for things she sees - tree, window, etc. Her blankness is not clearly defined - she often displays complex behavioral patterns at the start of this story that cannot be explained by just experiencing events of this book. Themes of her blankness and magical crutch are fuzzy. Personally, when I was reading this story, I'd appreciate if author would spend some love to write an extra chapter in the beginning that explains rules and connections of her intelligence better.

2. If author has a choice - to add fancervice, or not to add fancervice - he adds fanservice. Fanservice usually invokes themes of "Girls Love", and "loving your two mothers" (which is close to "incest" theme, although girls related are not strictly related), and "vampire aphrodisiac bite". Theme of "Girls Love" tends to be more physical and simple, than emotional and complex.

3. Gore is very tame. Guro was mentioned only once, and was contained in one or two sentences, in the most non-offending, subtle and non-specific manner.

4. When MC experiences her first meaningful defeat, her unconscious body goes into auto-pilot mode, rises from the ground, and punishes all her enemies. When she awakens later, all is good in the world.

5. Locals tend to fall in love in MC upon seing her face.

6. Important female characters in this story, exept for MC, behave as if they have a submissive stroke in their personality. Given the janre, setting, age and anime-like feel of this story, it's not outside of expectations, but it's a thing to keep in mind.

- - - - -

Overall, I think this story is intended to be a lighthearted OP novel, where MC is not under the pressure and some sexy themes going on in the background.

This story is not my cup of tea - mostly due to my personal preferences and expectations.

But language is quite fluid, and I can see how readers that have their expectations set, and feel ok with the "rules", might enjoy this story.

  • Overall Score

I liked this story up till the pedophilia

To set the stage here, I feel like F-Rank Human's review said it well. "A Cute and Fluffy Story With Some Gore." That's what this was until it took a turn towards- well.., you read the review's title. The MC, Snow, is by all accounts an innocent and naive child. Yes, she's also a bit of a bloodthirsty vampire who happens to have a soul that is quite old (a fact which is effectively irrelevant since that soul had no real life experiences during its long period of nothingness,) but it's made quite clear in the story that she is mentally and physically a child regardless. She's described as such clearly throughout the story, as she plays with other children, and is basically adopted by her two travel companions. She's a young impressionable child who is learning about the world and looks up to her adopted parents.

It's a cute story. Or... it started as a cute story. Then came the weird sexualization and pedophilia, which reached a very literal climax in "How and What They See 4." It would be one thing if the story was clear on how totally fucked up this is. But that's not what happens. It's clearly intended to be somewhat of a touching/bonding/whatever moment between the protagonist and her... adoptive mother? This is clearly not a story about how terrible pedophilia is. Instead, it's basically swept under the rug of normalcy and acceptability because 'well, she's enthralled to a vampire so *shrug.*'

Haven't read anything past that chapter and don't plan to read further. Obviously, I would not recommend the story, especially to those who have experienced trauma from things like rape and molestation.