Immortal Ki Technique

by UndertheBlue

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


In life I devoted myself to my King and my martial arts, giving up everything else: friends, family, love and even wealth. After death, I was reborn into a world filled with powerful beasts and chaos. Why can't I have it all on my second chance?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Life after ago
Chapter 2: The birth of a Ki manipulator ago
Chapter 3: A Village ago
Chapter 4: Half-Truths ago
Chapter 5: Hated One ago
Chapter 6: Healing Touch ago
Chapter 7: Mage? ago
Chapter 8: A Fish Or Two Or Three ago
Chapter 9: Can I Stay? ago
Chapter 10: Hatred ago
Chapter 11: Fight ago
Chapter 12: Clues ago
Chapter 13: Confirmed? ago
Chapter 14: Deal Of A Life Time ago
Chapter 15: Time To Learn ago
Chapter 16: Absorb Some Earth ago
Chapter 17: Mage Body or Mage Core? ago
Chapter 18: Lets Train ago
Chapter 19: Rabbit ago
Chapter 20: Old Man Up The Way ago
Chapter 21: Old Man Sid ago
Chapter 22: Let's Have A Match ago
Chapter 23: A Small Wager ago
Chapter 24: Simple Game Simple Winner ago
Chapter 25: Payment ago
Chapter 26: Mud, Stone And Beyond ago
Chapter 27: Golem creation ago
Chapter 28: The Beginning Of The Incident ago
Chapter 29: The Incident That Started It All ago
Chapter 30: The Incident Part 2 ago
Chapter 31: The Incident Part 3 ago
Chapter 32: The Incident Part 4 ago
Chapter 33: The Incident Part 5 ago
Chapter 34: The Incident Finale ago
Chapter 35: Do You Want To Be A Mage? ago
Chapter 36: Are you Going To Be My Acolyte Yes Or No? ago
Chapter 37: 1st Circle ago
Chapter 38: Create A Ball Of Dirt ago
Chapter 39: Sword ago
Chapter 40: I Will Have My Revenge ago
Chapter 41: Swift Death ago
Chapter 42: The Birth Of Ki Manipulators ago
Chapter 43: Put In Work ago
Chapter 44: Disturbance In The Forest ago
Chapter 45: Arrival ago
Chapter 46: Mission ago
Chapter 47 : Lost And Found ago
Chapter 48: Testing ago
Chapter 49: Wolfs Den ago
Chapter 50: Wolfs Howl ago
Chapter 51: Ambush ago
Chapter 52: Magic Beast 3 vs 1 ago
Chapter 53: Alpha Confrontation ago
Chapter 54: On Your Feet ago
Chapter 55: Diversion & Death ago
Chapter 56: Unwanted Reunion ago
Chapter 57: What Can We DO? ago
Chapter 58: You Will Break ago
Chapter 59: Two Shall Enter ago
Chapter 60: So You've Come ago
Chapter 61: Deadly Chamber ago
Chapter 62: Desperation In The Dome ago
Chapter 63: Must Escape ago
Chapter 64: Escape The Cave ago
Chapter 65: Plan B ago
Chapter 66: Borrowing ago
Chapter 67: The Second Stage ago
Chapter 68: Into The Cave Once More ago
Chapter 69: Old Man Lets Fight ago
Chapter 70: Round 2 ago
Chapter 71: Lets Even The Odds ago
Chapter 72: Snake Rock Fist ago
Chapter 73: Step by Step ago
Chapter 74: Defeated Victory ago
Chapter 75: Aftermath ago
Chapter 76: Finish Them All ago
Chapter 77: Hope ago
Chapter 78: Reunion ago
Vol[2]Chapter#1 The Journey Begins ago
Vol[2]Chapter#2 Rize's Notes ago
Vol[2]Chapter#3 Jizhen Town ago

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Good storyline, but atrocious grammar

Good story with a creative twist, ruined by grammar


I don’t normally do these types of reviews, but the good storyline and creative twists so far compelled me to give my opinion.

I wanted to keep reading this story. I was hooked on the characters, the story and it’s potential. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it through to the last published chapter. The grammar and style was so off putting I couldn’t read anymore. 


I believe that if the author can fix it, or at least get an editor, it will be a great story. I will be reading it when he/she does so.

  • Overall Score

A different take on the classic cultivation tale

Good storytelling, with detailed descriptions of the world. 
You can see as the Author (UndertheBlue) becomes more familiar with writing as their style and quality of writing improves dramatically after the first 10 chapters or so.


Definitely worth reading, give Immortal Ki Technique a go!

you won't be disappointed :D

  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler

 Good start and interesting so far. Will wait and see where it goes.

  • Overall Score

It's a good fantasy but it's pretty standard with scenarios. Two that come to mind is having the wise elder to guide you who you can happen to help and the second is the girl orphan who is grateful to you so you train her to be your ideal warrior. I hope no more is going to pop up because this like autofill on isekai fantasy.

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Entertaining story, BADLY needs editing!

I'm enjoying the story, although I keep getting "kicked out" of that enjoyment by silly typos and very basic grammatical errors.

It's a lot of basic its/it's style issues, along with some basic misspellings and strange sentence constructions.

Still, the setting is fun and while it's obvious the character will be overpowered, he's not there yet :).

  • Overall Score

fun read. average book.

it's an interesting read, but has some problems with punctuation, especially at first.

but if you get through it, the story is built well. characters are good, and the way to power seems interesting. it is not well written though, clearly amateur writer, so a lot is either too much explanation, or pretty random. mc often gets painted as "superamazeballs", as beginners are wont to do, but luckily it is not too bad in this one... 

sadly, writer sells second volume and does not make it abailable for free. it is not worth buying unless it gets an actual editor dedicated to cleaning it up. that's my opinion anyway.

Bill Ngo
  • Overall Score

This story is very boring and for those who are somewhat interested in this just go search "Isekai" in whatever site you read on and pick one off that list because it may be better then this. What you read here is found in the other 1000 stories you have seen around and any saving grace this novel can have is the characters but that also fails because the characters are bland and boring as well. If you at the very least had a cute character that we can fall back on then i can probably force myself to continue just for that character but this story has nothing new and good about it. It's average at best and trash at worst, you can decide if you want to read it.


The story idea itself can be great but the way you executed it is just...Meh. If i want to read an average or even a bad story there needs to at least be something good in it that can keep me in weather its 1 good character the fights or even just the world building, who knows. well You can read this if your bored but you are better off watching some youtube or something if you are really that bored