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Not a Chapter: Author's notes - Book 3


A note from BladedPen

And here we have it, the end of the Book of Gideon's rewrite, self critique, future rewrites, and Book 3: Hell's Pursuit. 

Good day everyone. I wanted to thank you all for your patience. The rewrite is officially finished--finally!

Rereading through the original material, I've enjoyed the improvements, from where I started, to where I am now, and the writing group that has helped me improve. There is always room for improvement.

I disliked the way I published the rewrites, but I couldn't see a better alternative. But that's OK, the first rewrite is done. I have plans on improving several chapters and Amy's arc. I found what felt off. Amy and Gup were fun to write, but I feel like I was missing Lucifer, the main reason to have Amy in the first place.

For the final Epilogue, I had replaced the church pursing Gideon with Lucifer. I felt they had a better relationship, the stakes and dangers are higher, and it felt too packed by book 3. Too many faces crowding the camera, so to speak. The church will have their own focus soon.

The rewrite of the second book will be a more brief affair, tightening up grammar, and consistency from the first book. I may change a bit of the narrative. Maybe end Soltana's arc with her walking. Things to think about. Overall I'm pleased with finally completing the book.

Now, onto Hell's Pursuit.

I'll be releasing Prologue soon.

Gideon and crew are on their way to Lo-Nine, having finally made a discovery of their precious cargo. And Baxter has lost track of Saddiffer, somehow. Steak has made some upgrades, as did Patricia. Gideon struggles with the trauma of his adventures, with Deborah doing her best to heal his fracturing mind. Prosine continues to upgrade the Decima in preparation of conflict. The crew then have to contend with missing supplies.

Soltana and crew continue their flight to Lo-Nine, preparing to meet the other Seal holders. Soltana witnesses L'yophin's transformation into a faekind. Basil and Diniel mend the wounded hearts of the crew while Phela comforts Maw. L'yophin confronts the child of Ruth alongside Diniel. Soltana then attempts to wake the comatose Ruth. A sudden conflict in the storage bay alerts everyone.

Amy enjoys her extravagant tea party with her new collection of demons. Gup, Breatherman, Belph, Lictor, and Revent all enjoy a quiet time of shenanigans. Gup now shows some semblance of intelligence as she gives him more and more currency. A sudden visit from a certain bestie drags her and her crew on an adventure to Lo-Nine.

Demons and Angels all hear of the potential meeting at Lo-Nine. Two disparate and antagonist groups make their way to the meeting site.

Lucifer. God of the fallen angels pursues Gideon and the other Seal holders. Nothing will stand in her way.

Genius Loci. God of the resurrected Proturan race goes to Lo-Nine just for kicks. His new champion, Barthin, the former fallen angel guards his new host.

Slate. ▓▓▓▓ . The unknowable, the unamable, the unsatiable, and ever hungry god seeks more and more. Lo-Nine sounds interesting. And delicious.

A note from BladedPen

Thank you all for your support. Expect a new release next week. 

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