After Megiddo

After Megiddo

by BladedPen

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The Passing of the Old; The Beginning of the New.

Beautifully illustrated by Michael Lynch, Stephen Garrett Rusk, Steven Davidovics, and Alex Diadev.
Gideon McDonough is the last average human in existence. Stranded on a dead moon, forced to fight for his survival, he is cursed with haunting dreams when asleep and tortured by demonic entities when awake. He and his crew aboard the Decima seek a way home. Or at least a reprieve from the madness.
Sol awakens, stuck deep under the crust of earth, cursed to relive her day. Her systems are damaged and she is long lost. But not forgotten. A mining incident sets her free into a strange world, deep underground. As she is repaired, she begins to remember her mysterious past. She and her new friend discover more than they bargained for.
Amy is not your typical fallen angel. Small. Ugly. Simpering. What should have been an eternal prison sentence in The Lake of Fire turned into a new chance at freedom as new breeds of demons free Lucifer in a mixed act of arrogance and ignorance. Now she is free, ready to terrify the universe once again; or at the very least inconvenience this new reality with her presence. Because a fallen angel of the Liberal Arts can do a lot of damage. Maybe. Perhaps. Chaos and tea parties abound. All for the glory of Lucifer.
The disturbing dreams and visions all foreshadow a dark future.
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Table of Contents
159 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
After Megiddo: Groundwork - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: AI - Shindow ago
After Megiddo: Empire - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Conflict - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Free - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Decima - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Lost - ? ago
After Megiddo: Marrooned - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Found - Sol ago
After Megiddo: Stabilize - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Jailbreak - ? ago
After Megiddo: Sealed - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Packsquad - Baxter! ago
After Megiddo: Estate - Sol ago
After Megiddo: Tetragrammaton - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Awake - ? ago
After Megiddo: Animosity - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Repairs - Sol ago
After Megiddo: Temple - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Supremacy - Gup ago
After Megiddo: Confront - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Name - Sol-?? ago
After Megiddo: Trap - Demon ago
After Megiddo: Teaparty - Amy ago
After Megiddo: Trapped - Baxter ago
After Megiddo: Regrets - L'yophin ago
After Megiddo: Engage - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Duel - Amy ago
After Megiddo: Bargain - Baxter ago
After Megiddo: Elucidate - Soltana ago
After Megiddo: Rescue - Shindow ago
After Megiddo: Skirmish - Amy ago
After Megiddo: Submission - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Creature - Soltana ago
After Megiddo: Warden - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Raze - Amy ago
After Megiddo: Redeem - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Herdetor - Amy ago
After Megiddo: Void - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Expend - L'yophin ago
After Megiddo: Freedom - Gideon ago
After Megiddo: Ruin - Amy ago
After Megiddo Epilogue: Tracking - Pyron Dethos ago
Preview: The Book of Soltana ago
Not a Chapter: Lessons Learned ago
Underrealm: Prologue - Cleansing ago
Underrealm: Gift - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Chassising - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Toil - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Song - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Vessel - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Gob -L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Blueprint - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Hybrid - Monster ago
Underrealm: Sparring - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Directive - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Prowler - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Char - Borscha ago
Underrealm: Haze - Maw ago
Underrealm: Walk - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Skylon - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Hogboon - Maw ago
Underrealm: Guests - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Run - Ruth/Maw ago
Underrealm: Chrysalizing - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Imps - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Seeker - Basil *Bonus* Excavation - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Pursuit - Basil ago
Underrealm: Compiler - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Boon - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Rummage - Ruth/Maw ago
Underrealm: Abduction - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Dinner - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Seed - ? ago
Underrealm: Journey - Ruth/Maw ago
Underrealm: Seen - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Ancath - Ruth/Maw ago
Underrealm: Mental - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Seraphim - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Showing - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Emerald - Neon ago
Underrealm: Cherubim - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Hostage - Shindow ago
Underrealm: Hive - Ruth ago
Underrealm: Threat - Soltana *Bonus* Barter - Ruth/Maw ago
Underrealm: Rekindle - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Rivals - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Artifice - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Fallen - ? ago
Underrealm: Infant - Ruth/Maw/S'yliska ago
Underrealm: Rise - Deborah ago
Underrealm: Cocoon - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Pillage - Diniel ago
Underrealm: Abezethibou - Ruth/Maw/S'yliska ago
Underrealm: Endtimes - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Slate - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Pinned - Ruth/Maw/S'yliska ago
Underrealm: Arms - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Powerful - Baxter ago
Underrealm: Guardian - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Punishment - Azazel ago
Underrealm: Hatch - L'yophin ago
Underrealm: Friends - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Undead - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Council - Genius "Neon" Loci ago
Underrealm: Aftermath - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Discussion - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Takeoff - Ruth/Maw/S'yliska ago
Underrealm: Exit - Gideon ago
Underrealm: Birth - Soltana ago
Underrealm: Epilogue - Resurrection - Genius "Neon" Loci ago
Underrealm: Earth ago
Underrealm: Glutton ago
Underrealm: Abbadon - Amy ago
Hell's Pursuit: Teaser 01 - Combative ago
Not a Chapter: Author's notes ago
Not a Chapter: Author's notes ago
Not a Chapter: Author's notes - Book 3 ago
Hell's Pursuit Prologue: Stories - Shindow ago
Hell's Pursuit: Tesseract - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Springs - Amelia ago
Hell's Pursuit: Enroute - Soltana ago
Hell's Pursuit: Nature - Saddiffer ago
Hell's Pursuit: Invitation - Amy ago
Hell's Pursuit: Afterlife - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Reward ago
Hell's Pursuit: Probing - Genius Loci ago
Hell's Pursuit: Sermon - Amelia ago
Hell's Pursuit: Faekind - L'yophin ago
Hell's Pursuit: Mana - Shindow ago
Hell's Pursuit: Waylay - Soltana ago
Author's notes: Not a chapter ago
Hell's Pursuit: Pursuer - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Nostalgia - Amy ago
Hell's Pursuit: Seeker - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Destination - Soltana ago
Not a chapter: Author's notes ago
Hell's Pursuit: Lo-Nine - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Isolated - Soltana ago
Hell's Pursuit: Raid - Amy ago
Hell's Pursuit: Lore - Aoife ago
Hell's Pursuit: Arrival - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Ingress - Lucifer ago
Hell's Pursuit: Family - Soltana ago
Hell's Pursuit: Fibonacci - Shindow ago
Hell's Pursuit: Escher - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Bout - Baxter ago
Hell's Pursuit: Choices - Soltana ago
Not a chapter: Author's notes ago
Hell's Pursuit: Deception - Ruth ago
Hell's Pursuits: Break - Amy ago
Hell's Pursuit: Archive - L'yophin ago
Hell's Pursuit: Lamp - Phela ago
Hell's Pursuit: Mammon - Soltana ago
Hell's Pursuit: Humbled - Ruth ago
Hell's Pursuit: Bulldogging - Gideon ago
Hell's Pursuit: Violation - Ruth ago
Author's notes: Not a Chapter ago
Hell's Pursuit: Exacta - Genius Loci ago

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Zachary Dugas

Space opera at its finest.

 First of all I need to correct some of the previous reviewer‘s opinions on what genre this novel is. This novel is not sci-fi this novel is instead a space opera. A space opera is a sub genre of sci-fi novels that instead of just having technology and futuristic world’s and designs focuses more on the epic large-scale story of entire universes and or civilizations.

Wikipedia says this about space operas:

Space opera is a subgenre of science fictionthat emphasizes space warfare, melodramaticadventure, interplanetary battles, chivalric romance, and risk-taking. Set mainly or entirely in outer space, it usually involves conflict between opponents possessing advanced abilities, futuristic weapons, and other sophisticated technology.


And that is exactly what this novel is a space opera. And it is fucking glorious.  What we have here is nothing short of Orson Scott card level world building we’re talking Hubbard style sci-fi novel stuff here. The main character is thrust into the world With little to no understanding and we are along for the ride and what a ride it is.  Like most sci-fi novels that were born in the era of golden sci-fi the 1930s through the 1970s this novel has a lot of biblical references as well as a deep scientific understanding which is crucial in sci-fi and has been for the large part forgotten in modern writings of the genre. Science-fiction was originally intended to be futuristic but at the same time grounded not like Star Wars Which is actually fantasy and if you don’t agree you can fight me. 

The only real issue I had with it in the 15 chapters I read this far what is that in the beginning the main character Gideon was a little bit of a Twatt. Though this is understandable due to situations I just didn’t care for it too much. Thankfully by the time I got around to reading this a lot of the chapters had been rewritten or reworked and I can’t help but feel that it helped this novel immensely. It is nice then I got to read the more smoothly polished version of this novel but I have a feeling that even if I had read the chapters before they were edited I still would’ve love the hell out of it.


 Oh no I must say that it is amazing to see a real proper novel on Royal Road instead of the standard offering that we get. On top of that it is amazing to me that we can revisit such a great genre in such a way on this site everyone and I mean absolutely everyone needs to read this even if you don’t care for space opera’s or sci-fi novels you should read this solely for the world building and character growth which is some of the best on the site. 

I will be favoring and reading this as well as the other novel that you’ve started posting can’t wait to see what happens and thank you for such a novel as this.


Arashi Zaros

after read to chapter 28, the story are very good and since I haven't read sci-fi much so don't know if some of the tech thing was already there or not, but one thing for sure is the scale are galactic empire, and at year 9000, so expect some crazy tech there, and like other have said, most of the aspect are very good, at the Amazon lv, with some occasional error that can be fixed quickly. Finally the character feel very real, Unique and have their own likable and bad part, especially that dog though (he is a very good boy, in his own way :D )  

one thing I wondering is why there are near to no comment here, such a good story need to be known more, and he also need a good feedback more so he know where he do wrong and improve it
(oh and the story is a bit slow, so be patient, at least he update daily with decent length)


When your space opera crash lands into the religious section, you get something like The Book of Gideon.  Following along with each point of view change can force a reread of a previous chapter, but I still look forward to seeing the progression of each.  Also BAXTER IS A GOOD DOG

J P Koenig

Old School Scifi in the Best Way

Before I get on with any of my own commentary, I must start with READ THIS BOOK.

The author's writing style is strongly reminiscent of the most brilliant old-school scifi epic novels I've read.  The story is epic in scale, with the grandiose visions of fantastic, far-flung and futuristic worlds brought down to the human scale with flawed but relatable characters.  The detail work of the worldbuilding is simply astounding.

The characters all have story arcs that the reader can empathize with, as they wrestle with who they are and what their place is in life, while they deal with the circumstances they find themselves in.  The dialogue is sharp, well written and engaging.

As far as grammar and writing on the technical level, it is perfect, or so close to perfect I didn't notice any errors as the story carried me along.  The level of polish in the writing gives a professional feel, without any of the issues common to RR authors.

The Good:

  • Masterful Worldbuilding
  • Interesting Characters
  • Great Story with depth and complexity
  • Beautiful style

The Bad

  • Couldn't find anything wrong to put here


Seriously, go read this book!


Good at all the above. I don't want to say much. Its a very good read. 

Give it a try. 

Style: lots of details and nice creation of the world. 

Characters: I liked them enough to write a review. 

Story: Good enough to keep me wanting to know what the plot was. 

Grammar: Seriously. I don't csre about grammar. I read stories not Morse code. But it is excellent if you ask me. 

Overall one to add to my list. My only prob as always with some of the science and sci-fi aspects. I am a bit picky on those. But its enough for me to read, I believe it will satiate a range between a 2.5 alpha. 



Strong worldbuilding within

The strong point of this fiction is the worldbuilding.

This fiction shows of a lot worldbuilding and a good grasp of science. I liked some of the references to Christian lore. The main character is well writen, showing his motivations and personality, and his dog companion is an adorable touch.

The style is consistent with a good flow from scene to scene. The story has a clear plot, and conflict. The grammar is well above the norm here at RR, I didn't feel jarred out of the story even once.


Perhaps the epic you've been waiting for~

Finished chapter 20, and certainly this was one interesting ride. This story is very different from your typical science fictions, or fantasy, or any kind of genre you can put on it. Now, I'm not at all knowledgeable on Space Opera, so this is my first time reading this genre. Perhaps that's why I felt like this was a refreshing, different kind of story. But I suppose that this isn't a common sort of genre either.

Anyway, first off, this is well written. At first, the beginning felt drawn out, just ever slightly so, but since I don't mind descriptions--I'd rather have more than necessary than none at all--this isn't a big issue. However, I did notice that the writing style, or maybe length is better fitting, would switch from heavy description or detail to short snippets, mostly in the form of back and forth dialogues. It broke the reading fluidity slightly for me as it went from legato writing to staccato, using music as an analogy. A chapter example would be 18.

Another element which messed up ready fludity for me was the abundant use of formatting. I commented on this in a chapter as well. Perhaps due to me not being used to so many kinds of formats in a story, it was more personally bothersome than generally bothersome. Either way, I feel like a lot of the formatting wasn't necessary. The story explained enough of the nuances and moods to not need extra emphasis--instead it sometimes made it over the top or distracting. The only chapter where I thought it created quite a brilliant effect was the thum's chapter twelve. For the most part, having different formats for different "types" of characters could've very well been normal text without detracting from the story. Reducing formatting, just something to consider maybe.

Characters. I was dubious at first, but they're actually done quite well. I even liked the secondary characters more than the main of Gideon--I find that good MCs are tough because they're subject to the whims of the plot and must follow it some form naturally while retaining distinctiveness and depth of character rather than "acting" the lead part very well. Sol was rather intriguing to me, and I liked how she exhibited such thoughtfulness and quiet courage even while being robotic. Very well done. Chapter 8 was a good scene for emotions; I agreed with one comment about being oblivious to family/friend care around you as the main lead. Lastly, Baxter best boi.

All in all, a worthwhile, very different kind of read. It may not perfectly fulfill my personal taste as a cup of tea, but as long as the formatting is not bothersome for you, and you like quality sci-fi with well weaved-in biblical elements that serve wonderfully as contrast, distinctive characters, good technical writing, then yes, this is the story for you. Enjoy!


The devil is in the details

This is some of the more intense world building I've ever experienced.  The prologue lends an interesting start, and I am compelled to read the first chapter afterwards.  The first chapter itself is awe inspiring, with a terrific usage of dazzling world building.  This review is primarily for what I've read so far.


Style:  The details are masterworks, every aspect of reality seems to have been taken into consideration.  I gave three stars because as I was reading there was a lot of information and it felt as if detracted from the action.  It was a little hard to keep track of the story with all of the extraneous information.  


Story:   The entire first chapter I'm wondering what is going to happen with the flight.  I'm engrossed in whether it will be a success or if Gideon will die horribly.  The conclusion was frustrating.


Grammar:  I do not consider myself an expert on grammar, tone and voice I consider to be surmised under the idea of style, the grammar itself seemed perfect and there was nothing I couldn't understand in the writing.


Character:  Gideon seems a bit ungrateful, in the first chapter, this will leave room for growth in his development and I do hope to find that he understands just how blessed a life he has.  His plight feels somewhat self induced, the characterization is exemplary if that was the goal.  My only real concern is that the question of why he is doing this potential suicide mission and possibly throwing away his comfortable life left me wondering.  Another reason to keep reading.

Seth Seong

Alternates between deeply unsettling and adventurous

Reviewed at: Not a Chapter: Author's Notes

Wow. I'm not going to be able to read much more because of a serious lack of time but I did want this review to go out so that people that are interested in this can take a deep look. I've made it far enough into the story to have witnessed some pretty crazy things.

It's a story about deep, deep future. It's got archangels, demons, unknown alien civs, incomprehensible tech, and overall, it's an incredibly ambitious work that really takes sci fi to the extreme.

The grammar is SOLID. The writing itself, SOLID. One thing that didn't jive with me very well was a series of tone shifts - it went from really heavy, disturbing dream sequences to adventurous and bright with fun chibi-style characters with plenty of pluck. For some who can handle it, that's a lot of fun since it keeps the reader on their toes.

The story's written not as a 'hyper polished' final draft, but the formatting is SOLID and 99% looks clean and well edited.


Depending on how comfortable you are with 'extreme' content, this may or may not be for you. If you're looking for a sci-fi adventure romp with noblebright characters, this definitely has it for you - provided you're willing to witness not just one, but two characters sign contracts with beings that declare themselves 'the devil'. There's a bit of gore, too. I'm not a Christian by any means anymore, but on a personal level, it's difficult to continue simply because it makes me so uncomfortable. I know some people out there love this kind of stuff, and if horror tones and grand, arch-angelic conflict is your cup of tea, this is for you. But if you're looking for something a little lighter, or a little more 'hard' sci-fi, then this may not be for you.

After Megiddo is a classic space opera/sci fi story that builds a strong and interesting world - universe - with scenes that are interesting and keep you interested in reading more. Fans of Sci-Fi or Space Operas should definitely give this a try! 
Overall: 4.5/5
Characters: Gideon is a realistically written protagonist. He has hopes and dreams, insecurities and issues. Side characters are well developed and interesting. The various races that we encounter early on are interesting too, from those that are mysterious to those that are all powerful and frightening. 4.5/5
Grammar: Grammar is generally good. I can't think of any glaring mistakes that I encountered. There are a few occasional comma splices but that's common in any story. Overall, the grammar is good to great. 4.5/5
Story: The story is interesting. The first chapters are full of questions that are set up in a way that makes you want to read more and makes you want to get those answers. Just when you think you have a grasp of things, a new element is introduced that adds further complexities and further reasons to read on. 4.5/5
Style: The style is one of the biggest assets to this story. It is a bit jarring at first, but once you get used to it, it's very effective and enjoyable. The author's prose is interesting and his descriptions are well done. I could see a non-native English speaker struggling with the story because of some linguistic choices, but they give things an interesting flair that usually work out to the author's benefit. I really enjoy the way each of the first five or six chapters start, interesting snippets that continue to build the world and allow us to feel some of the confusion Gideon himself experiences. 4.5/5