Agnes of Raegma

Agnes of Raegma

by Rubylicious

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


This is a story about Agnes. 

Story has been dropped. A rewrite is in progress. 

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Miss Ruby

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Prologue ago
Chapter 1~Into the Light ago
Chapter 2~Feelings? ago
Chapter 3~My little sister. ago
Chapter 4 ~ Purple...? ago
Chapter 5~ Acceptance ago
Chapter 6~ First revelation ago
Chapter 7~ Men in Black ago
Chapter 8~ Realize... ago
Chapter 9~ Strength ago
Chapter 10~ A familiar person ago
Chapter 11~ Like every other day... ago
Chapter 12~ Me ago
Chapter 13~ Visions and Hesitations ago
Chapter 14~ The Visitors ago
Chapter 15~ Prelude to disaster ago
Chapter 16~ Acquaintances ago
Chapter 17 ~ Once upon a time ago
Chapter 18~ Truth ago
Chapter 19~ Vetranos ago
Chapter 20~ To relive the journey ago
Chapter 21~ The beginning ago
Chapter 22~ The true beginning ago
Chapter 23~ The first ago
Chapter 24 ~ Lost and Found ago
Chapter 25 ~ the slave ago
Chapter 26~ Welcome to the Colosseum ago
Chapter 27~ A new acquaintance ago
Chapter 28~ A new life ago
Chapter 29 ~ A new life II ago
Chapter 30 ~ Luken ago
Chapter 31 ~ Luken II ago
Chapter 32 ~ Luken III ago
Chapter 33 ~ The Road to Disaster ago
Chapter 34 ~ The Road to Disaster II ago
Chapter 35 ~ The Stage is Set ago
Chapter 36 ~ Only Bermia Would Know ago
Chapter 37 ~ The Stage is Set II ago
Chapter 38 ~ The Stage is Set III ago
Chapter 39 ~ The Play ago
Interlude ago
Chapter 40 ~ Prisoners of the Play ago
Chapter 41 ~ A Day in the Life of a Princess ago
Chapter 42~ How to Talk to a Demon ago
Chapter 43~ The Ramifications of a Bored King ago
Chapter 44~ The Ramifications of a Bored King II ago
Chapter 45~ The Ramifications of a Bored King III ago
Chapter 46~ Goodbye ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
This is not a chapter. ago

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Read and judge. Worth Reading

It’s an ok story. If your a choosy reader like me maybe you will like this. I  have this something intriguing feeling I can’t point out that keeps me read this story. I like female protagonist :) I read lots of story most of them I can guess what’s possible next scene but in this case, I can’t.


I’m not a grammar Nazi so I don’t have comment on that. As long as I understand the story and its well deliver I give 5.


Preliminary rating of 4.5, as the story is still very much in it's infancy at the time of this review. The grammar and spelling are pretty good. The setting was a bit surprising, I did not expect the story to be set where it is. The main-character shows promise and so far not much is known about the side characters, but I have a feeling that this will change.

+1 imaginary star for female protagonist, there are way too few stories with a female main character.


A story worth remembering

This story is a bit different from the other stories on here. The setting is in a modern world, but it is not about virtual reality. The mc is a female, but it is not gender bender.

The story seems well thought out. It is still early, so the story is focusing on developing the main character. The story hints at more fighting scenes in the future, and the reactions made by the characters are realistic. Grammar wise, I didn’t notice anything wrong with it.