A marvel rise

by Willox84

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Alexandre Grey was reborn in the marvel universe, only he didn't get any cheats. No almighty system, no super badass power, nor any transmigration into a powerfull marvel character. To add salt to injury he is far back in time to any good origine story line, and hes not friends or a close relative to any futur super power individual. He just a normal human, the only edge he has is a vast knowledge of the comic books world of marvel. So he come up with a plan, the setting is basically on nightmare mode to achieve. But if he succeed he has a chance, a small  slime chance to reach the ranks of most powerful being in the marvel universe.

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  • Overall Score

I'm not going to rate lower then two stars because I could not get past the first couple paragraphs which is not enough to get a sense of the story. That said, are you guys kidding me here? In what world is this a five star novel? I'm not going to go into detail but I am just going to post the first paragraphs as is. 

"A ten year old boy was starred down at a news paper article, he was in his house living room floor. The paper article was about an new up and coming compagnie, stark industries Alexander Grey or just Alex was stun speechless.

"How is this possible." He mumble, for the first ten years he figure that he had come back in time on earth. But the truth was right before him, he didn't come back in time he travelled into a completely different dimension.

"wah thi this is so not fair im in the fucking marvel universe and i don't get nothing, where my mutant power or system, why god why!" He was rolling on ground with tears and snot, it a good thing that for the past ten years he had show off a above level of intelligence. While he did show off, it could easy be trace back to him remembering his past life. He had grown to a 40 year old man before dying of a heart attack. So understanding his school work and having A+ on all subject was easy, since before he was living in the year 2020 when he died. And now he was in the year 1929, and so since he had show a high level of intelligence and maturity his parents didn't mind leaving him home alone for a few hours."

Fortunis Mortis
  • Overall Score

The story has a interesting premise. Where it runs in to problems is the atrocious grammatical errors, I'm guessing not a native English speaker.

Add to that chapters 3 through 17 are basically just plagiarized knock off scenes of Captain Americas movie damn near word for word with the MC inserted in to the story as a 3rd party and it becomes mediocre at most. It picks back up at the following chapters with the MC going back to his life. We'll see how it goes.

Lord of a Thousand Blades
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What in the nine hells mutilated your English?

The horrifying thing laying before me can not daserve the 4 star rating it curnetly holds, the reasoning for this is as follows (follow carefully now): it . . . is . . . painful . . . to read. I strugled throughout two chapers and may safely say you need to hire an editor. You may have a dimond in the rough and it may get better, however I am reviewing a book--not it's best chapters--two parts matter in any writting the most: the beginning and end. Your begining is an abomination, burn it with fucking fire, this may seem harsh--it is.

  • Overall Score

Can be difficult to read

The grammar and spelling is atrocious, along with the fact that it jumps around. Half of the story is just a poorly inserted character into the Captain American movie.

  • Overall Score

Whats happening to Royal Road?

I don't know how this site stooped so low. How can they rank something like this as one of the trending fiction?

Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

Fair warning:  I only read the prologue.  Then skipped ahead and read the first paragraph of chapter 12.

That's all it took.  The grammer is some of the worst I have seen.  It doesn't improve judging by what little I could force myself to read.  How this made it to the trending section, I'll never know.  Save yourself the trouble, and find something else.

  • Overall Score

Needs edditor badly. But good

That Grammer ..... Seriously solid story so far I'm actually liking it but the author is clearly not a native English speaker . I'll go through and send eddited chapters after work . Should consider getting a edditor in the future .


Update: edditor found and story has improved .

  • Overall Score

This is irritating and aggravating to read

author's first language is not english so you have to put in really good effort to understand what's going and which line is being said by whom.

the author puts too much effort into praising marvel heroes, i know you're fan but don't put too much [email protected] to the extent of defying.

the author is putting too much effor into nerfing MC because he doesn't want MC to be too much op by the time of main storyline so he keeps making him look stupid and dumb and a victim of politics but it gets annoying and irritating after a while. you may think what you did was ok because MC has future knowledge and can bear through it but it also portrays american government as morally bankrupt by stealing everything from their agent for his 2 decades or more of his work, his accomplishments, his honor, position, savings and investments and also booted out with no pay, this is the result after he saves himself due to 3 pardon letters. MC or not no sane human can tolerate that and stay good but MC here is bright and looking good which simply not how human psycology work.

  • Overall Score

The story so far in is brilliant, loving the interaction with characters, stays true to the feel of them from the films & comics without being a direct insert into the original stories.



This desperately needs proofing and editing, small sections of it are incomprehensible and other larger parts are difficult to follow as you're having to figure out what was inteded to be said. 

That aside, it is still a good read and once checked and edited I can see it being a great one. I look forward to more!

  • Overall Score


Essentially it was a rough ride from the start to the end , but there is a noticeable improvement in terms of grammar albeit not as perfect as i wish it to be . 

For me the idea of a marvel reincarnation is a first for me that's why i find it fresh and i know most of you will drop it cause of the bad grammar and i don't blame you for that . we will just have to see if the author is serious about what he is writing and try to mend the grammar , you can add this novel to your follow list who knows you might come to love it after the rework ( if it does happen )

as for the story , hmm it feels rushed as if the author picked the meat of the story and forgot the salad it's yummy but also unhealthy in the long term . for me personally i gave it 5 stars just cause it helped me with a night where i could not sleep and for that i wanna thank you mister Author . 


my review is messy since it's the first time i wrote one anyways i just love this novel .