A dungeon core story: Magic with a hint of Science

by zeddthemage

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Dungeon LitRPG Magic Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Sometimes, you only feel alive after you have died and got granted a second chance.
After a gamer and aspiring chemist dies and is granted a second chance in the form of a dungeon core, he decides to make the most out of it.
Along with a knack for gaming and creatively using 'game mechanics', he also brings forth the power of chemistry, biology and physics to a medieval-like world where magic is real and where people level up to get stronger.

This fiction has LitRPG elements and will contain stat based fantasy, some gore, some humour and most importantly of all, an MC who likes to unleash his inner mad scientist.

Special thanks to Kaiverta for making my cover and on such a short notice; It looks amazing

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  • Overall Score

I have read what is available up to now (CH 14) and I am looking forward to reading more.

It is in interesting concept with good potential for the future.

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Like dungeon? Like this story!

If you like dungeonbuilding with a hint of story, here you go.

It doesnt have much in terms of plot right now (the introduction of the heroine doesnt count) but it has a stable foundation with the worldbuilding.


I really like dungeons so i really like ''even" such a 'simple' story.

Every story isn't simple for the author, so keep up the work laughing

Dustin Compagna
  • Overall Score

So, first off, to balance out RUSTICSOLDIER's review a bit.  There is honestly one chapter that has the interaction with the Goddess and other Gods at this point havn't been a part of the story.  Heck start of the chap tells you MC "Major culture shock there, since I'm a resolute atheist. Does this mean that capital G o.d. exists as well?" it follows to also lay down a bit of the rules that Gods work by and reason they don't involve in world.  Sooo, I would reccommend to actually read more than two chapters before a post of a story being unenjoyable as a whole, but to each their own.

As for everything, what is out (ch.14) has shown fairly solid development.  Grammer is solid, probably an error here or there but I didn't particularly notice any.  MC applies knowledge he is expected to know based on his background and uses the things he learns appropriately.  Initial moral dillema over just killing everything that comes in sets him up to not just being a murder bot and is followed well with some parts of the growing dungeon being geared a bit towards messing with people. Dungeon challenge to bathe 4 snow leapords (lol, they are big cats, have fun adventurers) and a couple other amusing yet somewhat dangerous things to progress.

Operating the dungeon has a nicely involved and unique method of interacting with things and growing.  New rooms take time and aren't just pay x cost for x room, etc.  Side character still needs development, but it is only chap 14 so can be fleshed out along the way and give more understanding and reasons for the action(s) she made and will make.

Author is good enough to put a rather nice quality map in footnote after major changes were made that help to follow the dugeon build if you get lost in the text a bit was very nice.  Personally I like to be able to see how the dungeon looks and such little things that add up along many chaps.

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good story has great potential 

it's about a man that dies( no suprise there) and get's riencarned as a dungeon but he's a former sicentist and uses that to his advatage as well some of the mytolighy from earth

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Tons of Exposition dumps

Style consists of exclusively exposition dumps thinly veiled as internal dialogue and conversation.

Story is the barest of progression between exposition dumps.

Characterization is bad.

Grammar is fine.

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  • Overall Score

No story. Little character interaction. Instead of: "A" happened, so MC did "B" to counter, thus "C" reward. It seems like the author is stuck repeating: preemptive "B," followed by an unearned "C" reward.

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Okay I didn't get far. Author had a fixation on flaming God as much as he could cram it in.  Built his own idol. Which seemed to be a swim suit model. I don't mind fantasy fictions there fun. Bur this was like a spoiled angry teenager ranting about his parents not buying him a Lamborghini. 

At first it was displeasing. But it kept dragging on. Much like this review. Only my review shorter.