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Esumi put as much lightning chakra as she did for her katana just to be safe and it wasn't enough. She poured her chakra through it inch by inch inside the blade until it got all sparkly and shocky. She shoved a third slit into the tree bark and had another round of success. She has learned the output needed for each of her current blades and has put her third blade in it's sheathe. She decided to always keep 1 blade on her while keeping the others in her storage sheathe.

After finishing how to use lightning chakra through her blades, which is also known as chakra flow, Esumi started to think about her current jutsus and which ones would be cooler to have infused with lightning chakra. Her current thoughts were currently on the Academy's clone jutsu, which creates an intangible copy of the user without any substance, the body flicker technique which let the user move at extreme speeds and ninja art: tile shuriken which allowed her to attach her chakra to any nearby items and control them to attack the enemy. The other jutsus she has doesn't seem like they would fit well with lightning.

So Esumi changed her chakra into lightning chakra while going through the hand signs for the Academy's clone jutsu. Ram, Snake, Tiger and.. *POOF* A copy of Esumi appeared with no real changes to it. She touched it and was slightly shocked.

"Did I make a Lightning Clone?! Sweet!"

Esumi's lightning clone is basically lightning in the shape of a person. Since she used lightning chakra instead of normal chakra it made the usual intangible copy of the user without any substance into a copy of the user that's lightning in disguise. So it is not like the water clone jutsu or shadow clone jutsu where the clones can talk, fight, and use jutsus of their own. The lightning clone jutsu Esumi made can only do what she orders it to do and shock whatever it touches.

Esumi created 3 more lightning clones and had them charge into a tree. The result of this test however was rather lackluster. The clones dissipated into lightning when they impacted the tree and electricity crawled all over the area of impact. Esumi learned that while its not a killer jutsu, it's a good one for incapacitating or distracting.

Esumi smiled a beaming smile that no one would mistake an ordinary 12-year-old girl to make when happy. It just turns out that this 12-year-old girl gets happy learning new ways to hurt people. Esumi started humming a song as she moved onto the next jutsu, ninja art: Tile Shuriken. Since there weren't any tiles around and the forest's earth isn't that great for conducting electricity through it, Esumi took out some actual metal shurikens and threw them on the ground. She went through the 5 hand seals for the jutsu while attaching her chakra to the fallen shurikens before changing it into lightning chakra. The shurikens suddenly sparked and had electricity flickering around each shurikens. Esumi threw the shocking stars of metal at a far away tree and watched them blast off in a way faster speed than they usually went and slice right through the thick trunk of the tree she aimed at.

Esumi whistled as she looked at the possible damage that jutsu could cause a person. She smiled and noticed the sun was starting to go down. She smiled at the thought of her fellow genin being on the receiving end of her "help" with Aomatsuna-kun. She walked over to see Aomatsuna-kun also finishing up his elemental training.


Broly has already finished converting his wind chakra into both sharp and concussive or solid. He was able to split a tree nearly in half vertically when he grinded his chakra together to make it sharp like what the notebook said. Unfortunately, due to not having any natural waterfalls in Konoha he was unable to proceed further than splitting trees with his wind chakra for now. He moved on to infusing his elemental chakra into each of his non-elemental jutsus after he tested each of his elemental ninjutsu he gained from the library. He changed the clone into an earth clone jutsu. Broly went through the hand signs of the clone jutsu with hardened earth chakra and *POOF* 2 copies of Broly appeared. Thanks to Broly's chakra control improvement over the four years he has been learning them he has finally been able to use the clone jutsu. If this was a time before he learned chakra control exercises, he would've needed to create over 100 academy clones so that they would look acceptable.

Broly ordered the two clones to attack each other. The two clones ran at each other with opposite arms clocked back before punching each other right in the face. When each hit landed both immediately turned back into stone and lost their heads. Their stone bodies stayed in position. Broly couldn't control the two earth clones anymore, so it seems that they were only good for 1 hit. He didn't bother making a wind clone yet. Unless he can make the clones with sharpened wind, it would be a waste of time to infuse wind chakra into the clone technique.

The young saiyan moved on from the clone technique and since the area was fill with too many obstacles to crash into for the body flicker jutsu, went to the ninja art: tile shuriken jutsu. Broly has found out that he could connect his chakra to the ground in the earth and use tile shaped piece of earth as replacement for the tiles. After he attached his chakra to the square earth pieces, Broly could either infuse his chakra into the tiles and make them harder or semi-liquid like mud. He could choose to have the tiles smash into his opponents or slow them down and trap them. If he switched to wind chakra, he could sharpen and speed the tiles up. He couldn't mix the wind chakra and earth chakra no matter how hard he tried. This infuriated Broly due to the fact that he had no idea why he couldn't mix them together.

He had the control necessary for it, but he was missing some simple piece. He couldn't use both wind chakra and earth chakra at the same time either. So Broly couldn't decided to use hard earth chakra for his tile shuriken jutsu and have some wind chakra speeding it up or sharpening it. Broly eventually decided to try again later once he progressed further in his chakra nature training. He noticed the sun was starting to set and started to walk home. But before he started to leave Esumi walked behind him.

"You finished as well Aomatsuna-kun?" Esumi asked with a smile on her face while sweating slightly and breathing quicker than normal.

Broly just nodded and started to walk towards their homes. Esumi followed behind him and started to pull things out of her storage sheathe. She pulled out a water bottle and took a drink before capping it and pulling out a body towel. She started to wipe her sweat off as they continued to walk home.


The sun is setting and Jabie is returning home from the hospital. He is excited about what possible modifications his clones have made while he was gone. He actually became so excited that he body flickered home and nearly crashed into the wall of the entrance in his apartment grounds. He walked into his apartment and noticed a very distinct lack of water anywhere on his floor which was a great sign. He walked into the kitchen and noticed the notes the water clones left. He started to get physically excited and almost jumped around in glee.

It turns out the clones did manage to modify the water clone slightly. It took plenty of failures though to get this tiny step according to the amount of x's on certain steps used, but since Jabie could do this every day eventually he will eventually improve this jutsu so well it won't even be recognized as water clone jutsu! The clones managed to decrease the amount of chakra needed for the water clone jutsu and improve the distance the water clones can be from the user. Jabie wasn't disappointed at all. Great things aren't created in one day.

He quickly went to work and created more water clones to continue testing with. He merged 5 more clones and created another 5 Clone plus 5 regular water clones unmerged. This time he didn't fall onto his kitchen floor thankfully, but he still was very low on chakra. He would be unable to assist his clones in testing except in mind. Since he read over the steps from the previous water clones in the morning that instantly dissolved the water clones, the water clones knew what not to do this time while trying to modify the water clone jutsu and also continuing to write down their steps and procedures.

Jabie started to think it was getting a bit crowded inside his little apartment. Maybe he should start testing in the apartment grounds. It is much more spacious outside than it is in here. It could also reduce the amount of water in his kitchen and living room. He decided to take his testing outside tomorrow, due to not finding a reason to not do it. He felt kinda stupid doing it inside his house all this time now though. But he blamed it on his creative genius blocking him from the common solution.

Multiple water clones burst at random intervals while 5 Clone started to replenish the diminishing water clones with more water clones. The downside to this was that those water clones had 1/10 of 5 Clone's 5/10 abilities. So they had much less chakra and it left few clones unable to perform many of the modifications they attempted. It was 5 Clone's job to step in then and use his larger chakra reserves to test the technique. He then wrote down whether or not he had enough chakra for it or leave it to the original Jabie. This went on throughout the night. Jabie fell asleep some time in the middle of the night while his clones continued testing.


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