Broly In Naruto (COMPLETED)

by maggitt147

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The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly has been reincarnated into a baby in the world of Naruto. Watch as he leaves his mark on the Shinobi World as Aomatsuna Hakuseki.

I have posted this on and webnovel dot com and fanfiction dot net also.

My second novel is called "Powers of Majin Buu in a Fantasy World!?" and it has officially finished!

My latest novel is called "Craftsman System In My Hero Academia." and has officially released!

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Top List #2000
Word Count (15)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Reincarnated Legendary Super Saiyan as A Baby?!?! ago
The Freakish Black-Haired Tailed Boy ago
The Hokage's Deal with the Cruel Saiyan Boy ago
Gathering Slaves ago
Training With a Legendary Saiyan In A Forest of Death ago
The Broken Deal & A New Fight!? ago
Uncontrolled Rage & Cooldown Time ago
Academy Time!!! ago
Another Bet & Training Seals!??! ago
Second Day of the Academy! Sparring!? ago
Second Day of Academy Done! & A New Demon!?!? ago
Tricking the Shopkeeper!? More Training?! ago
Super Secret Ninja Mission!? More Fights!? ago
Finishing the Fight!? Punishment!?!? ago
Graduation!!! Secret Test?!?! ago
Learning New Jutsus! ago
Becoming Genin!! ago
First Mission! Reunion!?!? ago
End of Battle!! C-Rank Mission!?! ago
Duel!? Mission Preparation! ago
Pre-Duel! ago
Broly vs Team 7 ago
Training Arc (Part 1) ago
Training Arc (Part 2) ago
Training Arc (Part 3) ago
Training Arc (Part 3.2/4.1) ago
Training Arc (Part 4.2) ago
Training Arc (Part 4.3) ago
Training Arc (Part 5.1) ago
Training Arc (Part 6) ago
Training Arc (Finale) ago
Sudden Summoning?! ago
Tomorrow is the Chunin Exams! ago
Chunin Exams First Test! ago
Second Stage of Chunin Exams! ago
Conclusion between Devil and Snake! ago
Lost the Battle but Won the War?!?! ago
Passing the Second Exam! & Preliminaries!?!? ago
More Fights! ago
Preliminaries (Part 2) ago
Preliminaries (Part 3) ago
The End of the Preliminaries! ago
Broly's Adventure?!?! ago
Strange Dogs!? Future Investments? ago
Jabie's Short Adventure! ago
Esumi's Awesome Mission! ago
Esumi's Awesome Mission is Almost Over! ago
Prelude to the Final Exam ago
The Final Exam is Here! ago
The Conclusion of Esumi vs Lee! ago
Amai Jabie vs Neji Hyuuga ago
Halfway Into The Final Exam! ago
Coming To A Close With The Exams ago
Invasion By The Sand And Sound!! ago
The End of the Invasion! ago
Sneak Mission!! & Meeting With Akatsuki!?!? ago
Babysitting! He's Awake!? ago
A Light Warm Up! The Impending Week of Something! ago
The Showdown Between Sannin and Demons! ago
The Return To Konoha! The Journey Away From Konoha! ago
Leaving the Village! ago
Traveling to the Land of Earth! A Village Full of Experts!? ago
Broly vs Dan! It's Heating Up! ago
The Start of A New Empire! ago
Three Years Later!! Returning to Konoha?! ago
The New Gang of Demons! Abrupt Stop Along the Way?! ago
Fighting with the Akatsuki!? Forced Betrayal!? ago
Esumi vs Sasori of the Red Sand ago
On the Way Back Home! ago
Trip Down Memory Leaf! ago
Gathering Even More Power! ago
A Brewing Storm?? ago
Avenging Them... Chunin Exams?! ago
Chunin Exams Break!?!?! ago
The Start Of Something Big?!?! ago
Preparation For War! Assassinate A Kage?!?! ago
The Akatsuki's Invasion!!! ago
Infiltration Of The Stone Village! Masked Man!? ago
Another Infiltration?!?! ago
Attacking Kumogakure!! ago
Attacking Kumogakure Pt 2!! ago
Attacking Kirigakure!! ago
Plans for Konoha! Taking Sunagakure!! ago
Visiting Konoha! ago
Visiting Konoha! Part 2! ago
The End?!?!?!?!?!!?!? ago
The Final Really Really Last Chapter. ago

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it hurt looking at a weak broly

 when broly was born he could survive a planets destruction how many thousands of times stronger is he in the new movie just in base form then theres the matter of his transformations everytime i think of broly i question why im reading a fannovel about a character weaker then he really is even as a baby

TYE rannical
  • Overall Score

What's really the point???

Broly was born with a power level strong enough to destroy the earth, I don't know how your going to let brolly face any challenges in the naruto world.