Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush

by Untolddead

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Previously called I Died and Reincarnated as a Plant

The path of reincarnation is hard to predict. We follow John as he finds him self reincarnating as a plant. Soon he meets a bull that wants to eat him. This causes a chain reaction bringing many unique characters to John. What will happen to this poor plant on his path of cultivation?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 Well I Guess I Died ago
2 Sprouting ago
3 The End and Beginning ago
4 Volatile Energy ago
5 Hiding ago
6 Eaten out of House and Home ago
7 Treasure Hunting ago
8 Fall to Winter ago
9 A Deadly Winter ago
10 Spring ago
11 A Village Forms ago
12 Franklin's Mysterious Dreams ago
13 A Boy's Confidence ago
14 A Village with no Doctor ago
15 Guardian Spirit or Dangerous Beast? ago
16 A Mother's Secret ago
17 What is the Truth? ago
18 War Story ago
19 Old Friend Returns ago
20 Tour ago
21 On the Hill ago
22 The First Banquet Under the Hill ago
23 Banquet's End ago
24 Day at Home ago
25 Master and Disciple ago
26 Foreboding Nightmare ago
27 Treasure Hunter's Master Arrives ago
28 Breakthrough ago
29 John's Cultivation Dilemma ago
30 I'm the Village's Teacher!? ago
31 Anna Awakens ago
32 Teaching starts ago
33 Cultivating Mercenaries ago
34 A Bush's Limit ago
35 Treatment ago
36 Proposal ago
37 John's Melancholic Memories ago
38 Felix arrives! ago
39 Felix's Grand Inscription ago
40 John Died. ago
Plant Soul Division Side story ago
41 Anna's Second Meeting ago
42 We Meet in Dreams ago
43: Drums of War Begin to Sound ago
44 Girl Discovers a Secret ago
45 A Sick Day ago
46 Donna Fibs ago
47 Heartfelt Communication ago
48 The First Marriage ago
49 Party ago
50 Drunk Fairy and Future Consequences ago
51 Foundation Stage ago
52 Anna's First Spar ago
53 Lacking Potential ago
54 What must be done before winter part 1 ago
55 John's teaches his best technique ago
56 Inception of a Technique Part 1 ago
57 Inception of a Technique Part 2 ago
58 Inception of a Technique Part 3 ago
59 Inception of a Technique Part 4 ago
60 A Vow to ones self ago
61 What must be done before winter part 2 ago
62 What must be done before winter part 3 ago
63 Elanor's Secret Training ago
64 The First Treasure Hunt Begins ago
65 A Surprising Battle ago
66 Elanor Loses her Composure ago
67 Spelunking ago
68 We Need a Forge! ago
69 Laurel returns ago
70 Elanor's Resolve ago
71 Secret Boon ago
72 Battling the Universe ago
73 Calamity ago
74 A Ray of Light ago
75 A Bush and a Girl ago
Side story Donna's Scary Bunny Problem ago

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Andrew Reise

Story seems interesting but poor syntax

The story seems interesting enough.  It's laid back cultivation, at least at the start.  However, I have a huge problem with the syntax errors in the novel.  It's not just one or two of them.  The author frequently switches between present and past tense.  I tried to ignore it at first but it happens frequently, at least in the two chapters I read.  There are other syntax errors all over the place, like incomplete sentences, incorrect comma usage, and more.  I just couldn't keep reading it.  

Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy

I just couldn't read anymore.

This book has a problem that a lot of newbie writers fall into not making a plot. This is a perfect example. The MC just kinda...sits around. Literally. He can't move from his spot. There is NO threat to ANYONE but 1 character (as of chapter 30 something), who accidentally got a skill that will destroy her if she doesn't learn how to cultivate. And she's having that fixed. It feels like the author has no real idea where the story is going and is just writing willy-nilly. It is kinda good as a slice of life. But there's no life and no slice. It's just "MC get stronk". I'm not emotionally invested in anyone, not even the MC, and it just felt tedious to read. Honestly, just give it a try. You might like it at best, and at worst it's a time killer. The author makes the story "feel" good, but it just slows down to an utter crawl. Forget rising action, this story died at the starting line.


After a while it feels like the MC stopped actually being the main character. He turned into an old grampa or something that advises people in the village. So I guess you can say that there's too much writing about side characters that I don't really care about. There's been more set up for a plot about the Emerald family than for the MC. I would say that at this point there's basically four MCs and they all have their own side characters as well so there's like 10+ people that the story jumps around to.

Perhaps it's because I started reading this to see a plant cultivate but I don't really care about the side characters. That drags the story down because there's barely anything about the plant cultivating in it anymore. That being said when the author does write about the MC and his past I was pretty interested. I read up to 51 but dropped the story halfway through. I picked up where I left off and did a lot of skimming to 51.


it's an interesting plot, and i'm looking forward to seeing more of it!


Better than most wuxia but...

...that's not saying much.

Review as of chapter 40.

Read the book if you like reincarnation and a main character that doesn't kill people left and right. But don't read it if you can't stand bad grammar or style.

Grammar(2.5/5) - I'll knock this one out first because it's the most glaringly bad part of the story. To quote the author, "I'm afraid you might have to put up with some bad grammar"(chapter 40 author's note). That, by the way, is an understatement. The grammar in this story is terrible. The author regularly switches between present and past tense and splatters his sentences with commas. The author also occasionally combines multiple people's dialogue. Without exaggerating, this grammar would fail a sixth-grade English course(assuming the teacher has standards).

But for all the errors, it's still perfectly readable. If you've read machine translated novels, your brain will skip over the errors as if they weren't there. It'll take most people some getting used to, but at the end of the day, you can understand everything the author is trying to say.


Story(4.5/5) - (I'm sooo biased) The story is great. I'm a sucker for reincarnation, and this story pulls off being reincarnated as a plant amazingly. (A plant! I love this shit!) The book also has a solid amount of comedy, and it's done well as well. The plot is getting stronger with the recent flashback chapters, and I'm looking forward to where it goes.

Additional notes: There's no harem. The MC not overpowered. There's no central driving plot or overarching goal other than cultivating.

Style(3/5) - Grammar gets in the way of the style. Even if the grammar was perfect, the style leaves much to be desired. The descriptions are badly done, and sensory details are lacking. I recently edited some high school creative writing papers. They did a far better job in both the grammar and style departments.

Additional Notes: Badly done ecchi(sexual scenes).

Characters(3.5/5) - Spoiler: Spoiler


Good Even if you don't like cultivation

The style is good.

The story is well thought out, fairly original, and the world feels very real.

The grammar is okay. Some poor comma usage, their there they're confusion, possesive plural confusion but words are in the correct order and used correctly.

The characters are very memorable. Each character has a distinct, varied, and compelling background and motivation and all characters have names that are easy for an english speaker to remember unlike every other cultivation novel.

The foreshadowing has been exceptional with some already satisfying deliveries. The author has demonstrated an ability to expand the world, the stakes, the story, and characters time and time again without exposition dumps and without overwhelming the reader with details. Overall this story has been a delight to read from start to present (ch38). I highly recommend reading it! 


I wonder how this story will play out... But!

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I really like where this is going. Can't wait to read the next couple of chapters. (I read until chapter Spring by the way so this is what i rated)


I write this review to warn others about this story, it is not meant to judge/review style, story, or characters.

The thing I will judge, however, is the grammar. It is written in Third-person present-tense, I think. The reason I am not sure; is because the author often switches to third-person past-tense, and sometimes throws in some good-ole Third-person omniscient in for good measure making for some jarring and sometimes downright confusing sentences with which the next problem doesn't help.

Due to the bad punctuation, it is often required to re-read sentences multiple times to understand what the sentence is actually supposed to mean, which combined with the other problems make this fiction a borderline chore to read.


Not bad, I find it kind of entertaining how he's actually a plant instead of instantly evolving into some kind of monster immediately. It's... astonishingly laid back for a cultivation story. I mean, sure, there's a number of references to the standard arrogance and disregard for weaker people, but the actual characters in the story all seem pretty chill. There's some grammar issues, mostly things like the author using the wrong homophone, like, sores instead of soars, and the chapters are pretty short, so there's a lot less story than you might think given the number of chapters, but if you're interested in a fairly slice of life cultivation story, you might like this one.


Its actually a good one BUT ! theres a problem of grammars and mostly character building and the PLOT...


Character building is decent BUT MOSTLY ILLOGICAL ... example ive read till chapter 40sh something and STOP just to post a review... what my problem bout this novel was that its PLoT in terms of Character reactions and action... for example if u meet a senior on ur dreams then u should be reapectful cause u dont know how strong that senior is right? U will show respect and docile act to ensure that the senior is pleased, right? NO ! the woman named anna reacts the opposite ! Shes getting angry cause her sons promise of training from a senior is taking too long and shes impatient ! She even scold he senior ! Guess what!? The "senior" even apologize !!!! Although he is just acting atleast go with the act ! Theres more...


He let his existence as a bush known to a CULTIVATOR ! Guess what happen next ?! The girl named elanor(is this right?) Even argue like she is talking to a fellow HUMAN ! What ?! A Cultivator stumble upon a "intelegent" cultivating plant and what her mindset ?! BULLSHIT ! she even called her MASTER and guess again !!! Her master acts the SAME ! 


CLEARLY at the early chapter stated that a cultivating plant is VERY rare because they are onlt spotted at a secluded place ! Cause whenever they are discovered, they get pluck right away and transport inside a sect to monopolise it !!! Yet what is this PLOT go into ?!?! 


This is all PURE BULLSHIT !