Eretriah online. A LitRPG book.

by AngelDraconious

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead LitRPG Magic Virtual Reality

Anya has never played a video game before and now, on her first day in Eretriah Online, she is losing a fight against some slimes. Thaezos, a dwarf and experienced player, helps her.
In the year 2057, many countries have gone bankrupt. Powerful multinational corporations control governments from their megalopolises and in the remaining territories, living conditions are hard and almost unbearable. When Black Scythe releases the first VR-MMORPG, Eretriah Online, many citizens think it’s their opportunity to thrive.
Thaezos, the leader of a gang, has some suspicions about the new technology and decides to play. Anya is the hope of her family because she is one of the few fortunate girls that can attend high school. Her parents decide that she must play the game on her school break to win money and fame.
When Thaezos saves her, he never imagines that the red-haired girl with ‘useless magic’ has the potential to become one of the most powerful sorceresses of Eretriah.

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Ethan Marshall
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Only time will tell how this story will develop. It's alright so far, not bad but not particularly intriguing yet. There a decent amount of details and the game info looks pretty good so far. The first two chapters seem to have taken it's time to try and properly set things up, which is good for stories that tend to be in the long-term. Not really interested in the character from what I've seen so far, but hey maybe she'll grow over the course of the story. If the story does focus largely on "Little Red" I hope there are good characters that can bring out the more interesting sides of her.

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Read on Amazon first, it was pretty good.

I read this book while it was on Amazon. I thought it was pretty good, not sure why it was taken off and but on RR though.

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A little silly despite the harsh setting.   A very Mary Sue world with pks being rare.  And plenty of resources for all.   That said, it's an enjoyable story so far.   Will keep reading.