The Abyssal Dungeon

by TheDeepDarkReef

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Something is stirring in the world of Vol, strange happenings and unusual events outside the norm cropping up far more often than ever before. This is the story of a dungeon, one birthed in an unnatural location, and its subsequent journey into the deep.


This is my first venture into writing for fun, and I'm hoping to keep this running until I run out of juice. With that said, I very much enjoy dungeon novels, and wanted to do one a bit outside the norm. Hope you enjoy!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Birth ago
Chapter 1: Fumbling ago
Chapter 2: Meeting ago
Chapter 3: Learning ago
Chapter 4: Invasion ago
Chapter 5: The Dive ago
Chapter 6: The Cleanup ago
Chapter 7: Returning Home ago
Chapter 8: The Star of the Show ago
Interlude: To Mourn ago
Chapter 9: Growth ago
Chapter 10: The Little Things ago
Chapter 11: A Polite Visit ago
Rok Chapter: Crocodile Tears ago
Chapter 12: To Recuperate ago
Chapter 13: Montage ago
Chapter 14: Fruit ago
Rok Chapter: Bureaucracy and Memories ago
Chapter 15: A Day in the Life ago
Chapter 16: Open Seas and Frozen Reefs ago
Chapter 17: With a Bang ago
Chapter 18: Musings of an Idle Muse ago
Rok Chapter: The Big Day ago
Chapter 19: Larks and Lures ago
Chapter 20: Many ago
Chapter 21: Changes ago
Rok Chapter: The Teams ago
Chapter 22: Land and Sea ago
Chapter 23: Preparations and Surprises ago
Chapter 24: In Review ago
Rok Chapter: The Discussion ago
Chapter 25: In the Spirit of Change ago
Interlude: Word Spreads ago
Chapter 26: A Wyvern's Curiosity ago
Chapter 27: Tentacles, Tendrils, and Trials ago
Chapter 28: Crystals and Scales ago
Chapter 29: The Serpent's Quest ago
Rok Chapter: Discovery ago
Chapter 30: Partners ago
Chapter 31: The Murky Mustang ago
Chapter 32: Mysteries ago
Chapter 33: Riding ago
Chapter 34: Deeper ago
Chapter 35: Crystallized Consequences. ago
Chapter 36: Irritation and Explosions ago
Rok Chapter: Surprises ago
Chapter 37: The Changes of a Drake ago
Chapter 38: Night-Life ago
Interlude: The Fae of the Surface ago
Interlude: The Fae of the Sea ago
A Change in Schedule ago
Chapter 39: New Life and New Changes ago
Rok Chapter: Live Updates ago
Chapter 40: A Proud Man ago
Chapter 41: Sharks, Floors, and Spawning ago
Chapter 42: A Reptilian Rivalry ago
Chapter 43: A Clash ago
Rok Chapter: Jrake's Day ago
Chapter 44: Crabs and Sails ago
Chapter 45: Minding its Matters ago
Chapter 46: Sela's Misfortune ago
Chapter 47: The Noisy Night ago
Chapter 48: Shells ago
Chapter 49: Hatching ago

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Interesting, creative and well written

As of Chapter 24, I have caught up to the latest chapter and I have to say that this novel has stayed true to my first impression in that it is really good, like, really good for a dungeon novel. I found myself connected to the characters, I found the grammar to be very decent, I found myself on the edge of my seat, I found myself interested in the world. The part I enjoyed the most was progress, as with any other dungeon novel, I loved reading about how the creatures changed, what they thought they could do better and how they went about doing just that, I loved reading about how the creatures socialised, how some competed for dominance over the other, how the creatures trick each other, this novel brought me back to LLS and how the main characters changed (A creature evolution story), and that's a good thing considering it's my favorite novel out of the 400-ish that I have read on various sites, even after a year of having read it.

I really have no problems with the novel as a whole, not even minor issues. I would recommend this novel for anyone looking for an interesting and fairly unique dungeon creation story, especially if you like to read about how creatures evolve from a common fish or eel to something too scary to put into words.

The only problem, which I could see being rectified at some point, is the cover. I am going to be honest, the only reason why I clicked on to this novel was because I had gone through 50 pages of the recently released novel chapters to find a good regularly updating novel, I only clicked on this one because I couldn't find anything else to read, but I am very glad I did. Also, I would recommend you alter the description slightly to make it known that this is a water dungeon, before reading the first chapter I had assumed this novel was about a dungeon in some kind of black void or a black abyss, or space, not the ocean.

In conclusion, a really good novel so far, I hope it stays that way, also this novel has a really good release pace, better than quite a few novels that have shorter chapters than this one.

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Been a very enjoyable read so far

Very enteraining with an interesting premise. An interesting and intriging take on a dungeon novel. Looking forward to reading more of the future chapters. Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

Overall it is a great story. The only thing is that it show slight world building, but that it only due to the limited amount of chapters and the main focus being on the dungeon core itself.

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Interesting ideas not compelling

review as of ch27

The style is fine.

The story is practically non existent beyond

Dungeon: "I want to grow, turns out it's really easy" Adventurers: "this dungeon is weird and dangerous, better let my gaurd down"

Grammar is pristine.

The story fails to present any characters in a sympathetic or relatable manner. The dungeon and his monsters are inhuman with arbitrary goals due to their total lack of experiences or meaningful struggles. Every adventurer character seems to only be motivated by fear of monsters and/or love of money. There is one character that is an exception to this rule.

  • Overall Score

Great story and storytelling

Really really good!! Great grammar and pace of the story, and I love the creatures. Hope the author doesn’t drop the story and I hope to see many more creatures, specifically trench, creatures. 

  • Overall Score

Well written dungeon story

Very nice so far. Looking forward to the next chapters

  • Overall Score

Binge read this in a day. After reading further release I have to say that it is one of the most unique dungeon core books available. If you are a fan of dungeon books or litrpg this is most definately a must read.

  • Overall Score

The books been a really good read so far. The author has quite a few interesting ideas for a dungeon story.

  • Overall Score

As intriguing as the premise is, the first few chapters are so bafflingly short and poorly formatted that my gut reaction is to check back in a few months for revisions and hope for a strong editing if not full rewrite. 

Winged Thing
  • Overall Score

Better than other dungeon novels!

Very much enjoyed it, and if you liked Bound Dungeon you will too!