The Sun Prince

The Sun Prince

by Katsueki

Kuro’s true form makes him an outcast — and a deadly weapon.

Left for dead by his own mother, Kuro survived and grew up only by hiding the color of his fur. Society has been trained to fear — and kill on sight — foxes like him.

When Ren stumbles into him trying to destroy the demons plaguing his kingdom, Kuro fears the end. Instead, the human boy proves himself a loyal friend.

But when Kuro’s secret slips out, the Shogun sees only the weapon he needs to vanquish his enemies, including Ren. Now Kuro's chance at survival comes at the price of his only friend's life.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1 - Stupid rabbit spirits ago
Ch 2 - Human cheaters D:< ago
Ch 2 Pt 2 - The Cat Girl ago
Ch 3 - Humans can't climb trees ago
Ch 3 Pt 2 - Demon Hunter Ren ago
Ch 4 Pt 1 - Prove It ago
Ch 4 Pt 2 - Run! ago
Ch 5 Pt 1 - A pox on all dogs ago
Ch 5, Pt 2 - Are you insane??? ago
Ch5, P3 - Life is not an epic, Ren ago
Ch6 P1 - More clever than an earth of foxes ago
Ch6 P2 - "You know not what you provoke, foolish mortals." ago
Ch7 P1 - Trapped like demon wasps ago
Ch 7, P2 - The fate worse than a pack of dogs ago
Ch 8, Pt 1 - The covenant ago
Ch 8, Pt 2 - Yumi ago
Ch 9 - The Sun Prince ago
Ch 10, Pt 1 - "I know what you'll do to me." ago
Ch 10 Pt 2 - A warm den makes everything better. ago
Ch11 P1 - Fox dominance ago
Ch11 P2 - They float! This is the most amazing thing of all time! ago
Ch13 P3 - Men with men? ago
Ch12 P1 - Human scribbles ago
Ch12 P2 - Don't kill me, I'm protecting you! ago
Ch13 P1 - Kuro's fancy like that. ago
Ch13 P2 - Don't send a fox to do a Shogun's job ago
Ch 14 P1 - An auspicious day to die ago
Ch 14 P2 - This. Is. History! ago
Ch 15 - Your very existence ago
Ch 16 P1 - Kuro faces his worst fear ago
Ch16 P2 - Could they please go back to Ren's coming out? ago
Ch16 P3 - All Kuro wanted was dinner ago
Ch 17 - Not even a wall to lean on ago
Ch18 P1 - Go! ago
Ch 18 P2 - Empty ago
Ch19 P1 - Good boy ago
Ch19 P2 - All the Delights ago
Ch19 P3 - Ghost!!! ago
Ch20 P1 - Dangling Quests ago
Ch20 P2 - "He's not wearing a loin cloth." ago
Ch20 P3 - "My eyes!" ago
Ch20 P4 - Whoever Drops First Is Obviously Wrong ago
Ch21 P1 - Yes, Actual Evidence ago
Ch21 P2 - Kuro's New Mission ago
Ch21 P3 - Is It Rude to Throw Up the Shogun's Breakfast? ago
Ch22 P1 - Yumi Is a Gossip ago
Ch22 P2 - Gossip Saves the Day ago
Ch22 P3 - Interrogation Shouldn't Be This Easy ago
Ch23 P1 - That Thing ago
Ch23 P2 - Execution Grounds ago
Ch24 - Don't Look Away ago
Ch25 P1 - The Way of Heaven ago
Ch25 P2 - Human Trap ago
Ch26 P1 - Rebellion ago
Ch26 P2 - A Very Temporary Respite ago
Ch26 P3 - Not Even a Cat God Will Save You ago
Ch27 P1 - The Better Plan ago
Ch27 P2 - Wait, Step 2 Is What???? ago
Ch27 P3 - Like an Excited Kit Denied Attention ago
Ch28 - Yumi Needs A Guardian, Quick! ago
Ch29 P1 - The Kusanagi Strikes ago
Ch29 P2 - Ren's a Machiavellian Mastermind??? ago
Ch30 - Friend ago
Ch31 - Not Yet. ago
Ch32 - Broken. Broken. Broken. ago
Ch32 P2 - Finally ago
Season 2, Episode 1: Traitorous Tail ago
Anything but that!!!! ago
Maybe it won't be so bad... ago
Out of the den, into the fire ago
A Duel With Death ago
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. ago
Just because they're nice... ago
Bow before me! ago
Luck of a Black Kitsune ago
Playing With Yourself ago
Success? I guess? ago
Oh Come On! ago
Delusions of Grandeur ago
The truth revealed! ago
And just when you think you're safe... ago
Black Kitsune luck isn't all bad... right???? ago

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Great story line, world building and character development. Looking forward to more!


It is a really good story. Greatly written and interesting characters, but it laks that WOW factor.