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[Vol. 1 pt. 15] And I said, “Let there be dungeon.”


“Darling,” Therdaesi says, “why did I just get asked to confirm that I wish to be a dungeon keeper?”

“Because I’m making the dungeon,” I answer.

“You… are making it here?”

“Yeah, why not? I can’t think of a better spot.” Then again, it’s not like I’ve looked for other spots.

Look, I’m not the most patient guy there is.

“Have you forgotten what I said about this cave being a divine landmark of Patience? Followers of Patience visit this place every—”

“It’ll be fine. Probably,” I say, looking at her and seeing her hand hovering over a window. I guess I can see it since it’s tied to what I’m doing.

“This dungeon will not last more than a week if you create it here. All you are going to do is earn the hatred of all Patience followers.”

“They sound like a bunch of prudes if they get that upset over a dungeon for some safe fun. Also, I need a place aligned to whatever a world vein is, and I doubt those are common. Would there really be any place aligned to a world vein that isn't already getting used somehow if they're important?”

“It is not what type of dungeon that matters, it is the fact that you wish to take over a divine landmark to create it. As for the world vein situation... I do not know.”

“I see, I see. So, you going to accept it or do I need to find a different keeper?” Maybe I’m being dumb and impatient, but I hate when people try talking me out of doing what I want to do. If I want my dungeon to be here, it’s going to be here. The power of consentacles will prevail wherever they may be… just not on the internet.

“You are being foolish, not brave.”

“I’m just being stubborn. We have no idea when or if we're going to find an unclaimed world vein, it needs to be near the rest of your spiders in the first place, and this core only has one durability. We might piss a couple of people off, but it's our best choice right now unless you can tell me where another world vein is. As far as I know, you can't even tell if you're at a world vein or not which would make it even more difficult to find another one. I had no idea this place was aligned to one until I tried founding the dungeon. Now, either accept it or don’t.”

Therdaesi furrows her brows and bares her fangs, but then she touches her window and accepts. “I cannot believe that I am actually agreeing to this.”

“Then why are you?”

“I – I do not know. There is just something about you, I suppose. Know that I will flee with my young should we need to. Our survival is more important than both yours and your dungeon’s.”

“That’s fine.”

“You are alright with us fleeing?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I don’t want anybody to die, so if something bad is happening and you’re afraid for your life, you should get out to safety.”

She brings her right palm up to her face and sighs. “You are such a strange human.”

“Yeah, well, you’re such a hot spider.”

“Is that supposed to be a comeback?”

“Nope, just a compliment.”

I only catch a glimpse of her smile before a window pops up and blocks my vision of her.

A map pops up on a window in front of me showing the cave, area outside of it, and the rest of the solid underground behind the cave. Looking at the map, it seems like this cave just barely reaches into the belly of a small hill.

An up and down arrow is on the right side of the window. I press on the up arrow and the map switches to a top-down view of the hill above the cave. I press the arrow again and it shows the tops of the trees above the hill.

I press the down arrow twice to reset the view and then a third time. The map goes black, so I’m assuming that it’s showing the solid underground beneath us.

The view gets reset once more. I also notice that the map has a subtle gridline over it. That should make this easier. “How about… here?” I ask out loud and press on one of the squares near the back-center of the hill.

A three-by-three square pops up centered at where I pressed.

Lily, Therdaesi, and myself are all teleported to the edge of the room I just created.

A large circle taking up most of the room’s center vanishes and is replaced by a swirling vortex of purple energy. All that is left where it was is a small “bridge” connecting where we’re standing to a small platform hanging over the middle of the vortex.

Atop the platform is a fleshy pedestal with tentacles sticking out from it, wiggling every which direction, and then Tenta is hovering a few inches above the pedestal.

I’ll ask questions afterward. For now, a five-by-four room pops up on the map when I press on one of the squares to the south of the current room we’re in. A small hallway automatically gets formed between that room and this one.

Something about this just feels natural now. A hallway forms when I drag my finger across the map, I can create rooms by just selecting at least two-by-two groups of squares, and… I realize that I should probably take the future into consideration. I don’t know if I’ll be able to change any of this later, so I need to be careful.

I want this dungeon to be the best dungeon that there ever was and ever will be, but at the same time, I need to take into consideration that I am living in a world where some may wish to come in here and try to kill us all.

That part really sucks.

I wonder…

My finger drags across the map until it reaches the room with the hot springs. Looking at the window, the room points automatically get decreased by twenty-four when the dungeon gets connected to it. I guess the actual cave officially counts as part of my dungeon now.

I expand a bit of the cave so that there is a nice and symmetrical room right past the entrance. Above that, I connect it to a small room that can be used as a living space of sorts.

Shame that this dungeon probably won’t come with furniture.

Alright, let’s think about this. A dungeon that not only needs to be the perfect sex dungeon but also needs to be actually defensible in the worst-case scenario. I still need a place for all of Therdaesi’s spiders, too. “Hey, how many spiders do you think are going to come live here?” I ask her.

“A few hundred. I do not know the exact count, darling,” Therdaesi answers.

Yeah, spiders do tend to give birth to lots of babies at once, so that makes sense. “And they’re all like your little sister there, or are some of them like you are?”

“I am the only one of my kind that I know of. No others currently have this form.”

Alright. So, I need a room that’s just big enough for a few hundred hand-sized spiders. That probably sounds like somebody’s worst nightmare.

I look over at Lily. She’s shivering and looks to be on the verge of tears.

So cute.

Alright, since I don’t plan on the spiders actually being in any danger, I create one room to the right of the entrance and then a smaller room down a hallway past that. It’ll be nice and out of the way there, so it should be a safe room for her spiders that won’t disturb any guests as long as they don’t leave that room.

Though, I have no idea what I’m going to put in the room before it, and there isn’t really anything stopping people from going left at the entrance to reach the boss rather than right which will take them through what I want to be my defenses. I want visitors to go right from the entrance through rooms of monsters, take a big loop around and maybe visit the boss if they want to – for sex, of course, and then head left from there into the hot springs. Then they’ll be back at the entrance nice and clean.

Well, all that’s left is to connect the future-monster-room to the hallway in front of the boss room, and now my room points are all gone. Each square on the map ended up being one point.

I think I know what I want to do with these, but I’m curious why the water isn’t popping up here since the other two items I used are.

All fifty points get used in spreading some more of those calming crystals throughout the dungeon. I figure they’ll be a good source of light while also preventing fights, hopefully.

I create a row of three Heated Pools in the small room above where the hot springs are. That way, people will be able to wash off in those pools before heading into the hot springs. I doubt people are going to want to relax in some nice hot springs while somebody else sits in them washing tons of cum off of themselves.

So, if a higher tier means a stronger race, then the tarantula would be the best choice for a strong boss. But, this is a dungeon revolving around consentacles. Is there really any choice? I choose the Flesh Tentacle Pit for the boss. As for inhabitants… if hundreds of those spiders are going to be moving in here, and they’re apparently at the top of the list there for monsters, how are they not a more dominant force in this area?

“Therdaesi, if Midnight Tarantulas are tier three, why do they need protection?” I ask.

“Tier is not everything, darling. In the same way that a level ten rabbit would likely lose to a level one wolf in a fight, a spider that is only a fraction of the size of a human is going to be beaten with ease unless it injects its venom into its opponent. Tier is more representative of rarity and potential than power, but power does affect it. A single bite from one of my young would be enough to kill a human within a couple of hours,” she explains.

“Got it, thanks.”

In that case, I go ahead and choose the tentacle lasher, minogida – whatever that is, and… wolf. Not only does that offer my sex dungeon here a little bit of something for everybody, but I want to turn into all of those. Well, maybe not the minogida since I have no idea what that is still.

Uhh. I guess I’ll put the minogida in the entrance room, the wolf in the next room over, and the tentacle lasher in the hallway before the boss’s room.

Alright, so I think I understand most of that aside from that glitched section. I guess that even this world’s system is prone to glitches… though I have no idea how that works. Then again, I don’t really understand how any of this—

Alright, so I think I understand how most of that works. Well, I have no idea how this whole system works in the first place, but everything there seems pretty straightforward. Well, maybe not the mana and dungeon points parts. Fortunately, there is a trusty – what?

Garbled text spreads across a window floating in front of me that I can’t—

Fortunately, there is a trusty way of figuring out things I don’t know about.

A sharp pain strikes my temples.

“Is something the matter?” Therdaesi asks.

Even Lily is looking at me with concerned eyes.

Something feels wet. I wipe my hand across my mouth and look at it only to see blood, and when I touch my nostrils, I find where the blood is coming from. It's been years since I've last had a random nosebleed. Thought I grew out of those, but apparently not.

“Just uhh, just a nosebleed. Anyways, I think the dungeon is done. Now what?” I ask.

“Now what? Now… I am not sure. I suppose that now you do what most dungeon masters have done throughout history,” Therdaesi explains.

“And what would that be?”

“Lure victims into your dungeon to sic your monsters unto them, train your monsters and send them out as raiding parties to attack nearby settlements, fight them yourself to grow stronger – there are many ways to go about this.”

“Yeah, I’ll pass on all of that. This is going to be a fun dungeon, not the stab and kill sort of dungeon. I guess I should probably go and meet my first employees, though. Well, second set of employees. You two are my first employees,” I explain, looking at Lily and Therdaesi. “By the way, how do you know so much about dungeons and all this other stuff?”

“I like to read.”

“How’d you even learn to read?”

“That is a tale for another time, darling. You said you wish to meet your ‘employees,’ yes? Then let us go and meet those you wish to pamper.”

“Who said anything about pampering them?”

“Trying to provide for them lives free of bloodshed, as monsters in this world where none else will hesitate to kill them, is to pamper them.”

I shrug. “Guess I’ll be pampering them, both of you, and anybody else I hire as well.”

“I need not be spared from the realities of this world, darling. I have already slain far too many to be pampered.”

“That so? How many have you ‘slain’ then?” I ask. Surely, she couldn’t have killed that much. I mean, she’s just a single spider.

“That is a tale for another time, darling.”

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