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[Vol. 1 pt. 13] And I said, “Let there be dungeon.”


So, Therdaesi seemed pretty shocked when I first brought up the whole dungeon keeper thing, but she’s been silent about it our entire way back to the cave.

I’ve also got to admit that it’s pretty weird walking around with a huge spider just sort of… clinging to me. I wouldn’t mind as much if this spider would turn into a monster girl like her “older sister” here, but just being a regular spider doesn’t bring much sex appeal – correction, any sex appeal.

Therdaesi grabs my shoulder when the cave comes into view.

“You understand what this place is, yes?” she asks me.

“Yeah, hot springs. Really nice water to take a dip in. Also, glowing crystals,” I answer. “The springs part also makes a great spot for sex.”

“You… mated in this place’s water?”

“Well, kind of.”

“You… are either truly ignorant of this land or the most foolish human I have ever known.”

Therdaesi places her face into the palm of her hand.

I have a feeling that there’s something about this place that I’m not being told about.

“You coming?” I ask her, walking into the cave.

She looks hesitant to come any closer.

“First, you speak of other planets and stars. Then, you ask if I want to be a dungeon keeper. If that was not enough to realize that you are insane, you then mated in a divine landmark of Patience, and now you wish to bring a monster inside. Do you understand how truly insane you appear?”

“I mean, I might be insane for all I know. I’ve been teleported into some fantasy world where hot, talking spiders exist. The fact that I really want to put my dick inside of a spider is probably enough on its own to call me insane by most people’s standards. So, you coming or not?” I ask her, reaching my hand out.

She sticks her hand out, hesitating at first, but looks at the spider clinging to my arm and then tries grabbing my hand. I pull it away before she can, though. “Don’t want to squish the mushrooms,” I explain.

She actually looks a bit flustered. Does she feel silly for almost holding my hand despite it being full? However she feels, that gentle pink coming across her cheeks is adorable.

The two of us walk into the cave. As soon as she sees Lily, Therdaesi’s mood changes.

“Show me your character card, human,” Therdaesi orders me. "I should have asked this sooner. Far too much of this is suspect."

“Ask nicely and I might,” I reply.

“My, my. It has been a while since I have met a defiant human. You do understand that I could kill you without any effort, yes?”

“I don’t doubt it. You look pretty strong, and I accidentally killed that imp earlier from a little bit of choking, so I’m sure you could.”

“You acknowledge my dominant strength over yours yet still wish to act with such defiance?”

“You see, I don’t let people order me around. If we were having sex and I told you that I wanted to be ordered around, that would be different. But, we aren’t having sex and I’m not going to accept being ordered around. Do I make myself clear?” I ask her, staring directly into her main eyes now.

She may be stronger, but she’s also the one who takes a step back.

We glare at each other until she breaks eye contact first.

I never lose a staring contest.

Please show me your character card, human,” Therdaesi requests.

“Is ‘human’ the polite way of addressing somebody? I don’t keep addressing you as ‘spider,’ do I, Therdaesi?” I ask.

She raises a hand up to her mouth to chew on her fingernails, trying to win our second staring contest, but submits. “Please show me your character card, Damian.”

“Good girl. Don’t make me have to tell you that again.”

While her main eyes – the lowest pair that is where a regular human’s eyes would be, try to angrily glare at me, her upper eyes look excited. Their subtle fluttering goes well with the gentle pink that she’s trying to stop from spreading across her cheeks.

Somebody likes a good power struggle.

“Show her my character card?” I try.

My card pops up for both of us to see.

“You have two combat classes and… I am unfamiliar with Masseur, but how do you have two combat classes despite only being a level one human? Your talent is far above what a level one human should have as well,” Therdaesi says.

“Lust told me I could start with two classes,” I answer.

Lust told you that? Surely you do not mean to tell me that the Lust personally allowed you to start with multiple classes. Wait, what is that achievement? Chosen of Lust?”

“I wonder if this’ll work. Show her the Chosen of Lust achievement.”

“You… are not lying, are you?” she asks.

“Nope. Me and Lily there both got brought here by Lust for some sort of game, but I don’t really care about that,” I explain.

“Are there truly other stars and planets as well?”

“Yeah. I came from one of them.”

“How long ago did you leave your world?”

“I think it was about… eight hours ago? I don’t know, I don’t have a watch.”

“You have only been here for eight hours and have already progressed as much as you have? You have a dungeon core and multiple classes?”

“Sounds right to me.”

Her entire demeanor changes as she kneels in front of me with a lowered head. I have to hurry and move the mushrooms to make sure she doesn’t squish them with her abdomen – no, wait, not her abdomen. What’s that word again? Cephalosomething? Damn it. I felt smart earlier for using it and now it’s on the tip of my tongue!

“Please allow me to be the keeper of your dungeon, Damian. I only have one request for you, and I truly hope that you will consider it,” she says.

“Sure, let me hear it.” I’m liking this new politeness from her. Though, the change in attitude is kind of surprising and suspect.

“Please allow my young to call your dungeon home. They do not need much space – I simply wish for them to have security. If you would allow su—”

“No problem. Spiders don’t take up that much space, so I’m sure that we’ll be able to find some spot for them,” I answer despite still not really knowing how this whole dungeon thing works. I’m sure it’ll work out fine.

She lifts her head, smiles, and then lowers it once more. “Then I, Therdaesi, pledge to faithfully serve as your dungeon keeper in exchange for the safety of my young.”

I guess that I won’t get bond from people making pledges to me either.

“Please pardon the lack of bond. I, too, have the trait for breaking pledges,” she says.

That works, too.

I look over at Lily. She’s still frozen where she’s sitting. “Something wrong?” I ask her. Trying to figure out what Lily is so disturbed by, I look at where her eyes are focusing and see the spider resting on my chest now. For her own sake, I really hope she doesn’t answer this question how I’m fearing she will. “Are you afraid of spiders?”

Lily cautiously nods her head while scooting backward. At the same time, when I look at her, I’m pretty sure that I can see some slight excitement mixed in with her fear.

Perverted girl. Perverted, perfect girl.

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