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[Vol. 1 pt. 5] A human’s body is a boring body. (Mature)


I’m not impressed by its attributes, but that is the least important thing about unlocking new feral forms for me to use.

“Zrip, I know we’ve had our differences, but we both want the same thing right now, so let’s work together,” I tell him, holding my hand down to help him up.

Zrip accepts my hand with one hand while gripping his cock with his other hand and looking at Lily.

“I’m not going to have much time, so Lily, I’m going to need to get you prepared beforehand.”

“Prepared?” she asks, looking at me with a confused expression.

“I can’t waste time trying to strip you while I’m transformed, so I need you to get naked first. We’re also going to have to find a good spot to do this at.”

“Zrip know good spot-place! Follow-walk!” Zrip says, floating away through the trees.

I’m tempted to just leave him and go the opposite way with Lily, but she looks so excited about this situation that I’d feel bad ruining it for her.

Let there be a consensual threesome featuring a cute girl with the body of a goddess and two monsters!

Lily and I follow after Zrip.

He leads us to… well, nothing, really. It just looks like more forest. “Human girl take clothes-rags off then step here!” Zrip explains.

“He needs you to take your clothes off,” I relay to Lily.

She looks bashful about it, but then I remember what I read about forest imps in the bestiary and look down. Now that I’m paying attention, I see a suspicious pile of leaves. When I look up, I see a net in the tree just waiting to drop down on an unsuspecting victim. Strangely, though, I don’t see anything connecting the two. How is the net in the tree going to get activated?

Wait, now that I’ve noticed both the leaves and the rope, I see a rope hanging down the front of the tree that connects them.

Alright, alright, just let me get to the monster sex already. Another window pops up, I see the words “experience,” and I close it as quickly as possible. Yay, more experience. Let’s get to the fucking already.

“Whenever you’re ready, Lily,” I say, looking over at her.

She’s already naked.

I was right. Her tits are even bigger now. I’m used to bras making tits look bigger, but her bra made hers look smaller. Those things are huge. Even a horse’s dick would get lost in there! Well, maybe not really, but still. They are massive. Easily the biggest tits I’ve ever seen in-person on a real girl that weren’t fake.

Yet, despite them being so huge, there is little sag. They hang down a bit like any huge tits are going to, but it’s as if being in this world is allowing her tits to stay perky no matter how large they become. They don’t look like bolted-on perky, of course, but still a bit perkier than they realistically should be looking.

I’m not going to complain, and by the amount of precum leaking out of Zrip’s cock, I doubt he’s going to either.

Speaking of which, damn that cock is leaking. Is mine going to be like that when I transform? I sure fucking hope so.

“Forward-walk!” Zrip orders.

“He says to walk onto those leaves,” I tell Lily.

Lily holds her hands up to her chest and nods. She’s clearly nervous, but she steps forward regardless.

She’s a brave girl when it comes to sex.

How is one girl so perfect?

Lily takes another step forward when nothing happens, then another, and another. It doesn’t help that she’s taking very, very small steps. Maybe she’s not that brave, but I still have to hand it to her.

Then she activates the trap and the net drops down on her! Not only does it drop on her, but it moves on its own to tie her up before lifting her up into the air.

Ropes around her wrists and ankles keep her held up in the air, facing upward, and then two more ropes that are tied around her thighs keep her legs spread apart. It looks like some very, very light bondage is going on here.

Self-tying bondage traps. This world is awesome.

Zrip flies up to where she is being held, cock in hand, and positions himself between her legs.

“Hey!” I shout at him. “Don’t break the pledge! I told you that you couldn’t—”

“Zrip knows! Annoying-boring human,” he shouts back down at me before flying a bit farther over her. Rather than rely on his wings to keep him in the air, he sits on her abdomen and it looks like he reaches for her tits.

I can’t see what he’s doing, but I do see Lily trying to squirm around within her binds.

Guess it’s time to get up there and join in on the fun.

“Feral Form,” I say.

“Forest Imp.”

My clothes disappear as my body shrinks down to a fraction of its size, my skin turns green, my hair is replaced by a bumpy scalp and horns sticking out from my forehead, and two wings sprout out from my back. Most importantly, when I look down, I see one hell of a shower. It may be limp right now, but it’s got a solid eight inches and a good girth to match it so that it doesn’t look too skinny for how long it is.

It doesn’t take long for my new bump-covered, green cock to erect as I look up at Lily and imagine burying my tool inside of her.

The only downside of this is that I have to be quick. I have about two and a half minutes before I’m unconscious from a lack of mana, and ten seconds have already passed.

At least using these new wings of mine comes as naturally as being inside of this body.

I fly up to where Lily and Zrip are and get a good look at what he’s doing to her before I get between her legs.

His hands are holding onto the sides of her breasts to push them together around his cock, and with how big her tits are, only the very tip of his cock is poking out through the top of her cleavage every now and then when he thrusts forward. A small puddle of his precum has already pooled below her neck. Even just leaking his precum as he fucks her tits, there is already more cum there than human men could ejaculate over several orgasms.

This is going to be great.

While Zrip fucks those massive mounds of hers, I hover between her legs and grab my cock to slip it against her lower lips. She’s already drenched here, so I’m not too worried about getting her ready.

Though, I do wonder if I should worry about – ah, fuck it. I can’t wait any longer.

The tip of my cock, which is humanoid in every way aside from the green color and bumps all over its shaft, presses against her entrance. I only push the very tip in before stopping to get a good hold on her hips. Having such tiny hands is inconvenient here, but I manage and then push my hips forward to thrust the rest of my cock inside of her.

Lily doesn’t make any noise, but she does arch her back violently enough to almost buck Zrip off of her as her thighs try to close around me.

A window annoyingly pops up, but I push it to the side for now.

I look down and see a mixture of her arousal and her blood seeping out from around my cock.

Part of me feels bad knowing that I just took her virginity with something this big, but at the same time, she had to have known this would happen and can tell me to stop at any time.

I peek around Zrip to get a look at her face. While there are a couple of tears running down her cheeks from what I can only assume is horrible pain, the lustful gaze she’s giving me tells me that she wants me to continue.

You’ve got it, Lily.

I tighten my grip on her hips and start thrusting in and out of her. I didn’t think that she would be a virgin, but having this virgin tightness clamping down on my cock feels amazing. I’m sure that the bumps all over it only add to her pleasure as well.

Lily lets out her first moan since I’ve penetrated her, and hearing that, I try to aim my cock to continually hit the spot that made her moan.

It works.

“Nngh, mm-fh?!” Lily sounds startled, and when I try looking up at her face, all I can see is the bottom of her chin as Zrip hovers behind her head. He’s holding onto the sides of her head and keeping it tilted back so that he can easily bury his cock in her throat, and I can even see the outline of his length bulging up against her neck. The sticky mess between her breasts is available for all to see as well now that he’s not there holding them together anymore.

I may not have much time, but it’s been so long since I’ve actually been inside of a girl—and even longer since I’ve had one this tight—that it doesn’t take much for me to reach my limit.

Another voice comes out from my lips when I grunt from pleasure. It sounds as crackly as Zrip’s does and nothing like my own. It may be slightly deeper than Zrip’s, but other than that, I sound just like how I look.

My cock almost reaches up into her womb when I thrust it as deeply as I can get it. Cum flows out from my cock like a hose and her body convulses as her pussy’s walls tighten even more around my length. Looks like having a monster flood her pussy with his seed is enough to make her climax.

Have I mentioned that she’s perfect yet?

More crackly groans and grunts leave my lips as it feels like my dick just won’t stop cumming. I feel like this must be more cum than I’ve managed to cum in the past two years combined, and it floods out from around my cock as there just isn’t any space left in her pussy for it.

Fuck, I can’t even enjoy my orgasm.

How do I even stop this? Uhh, “Feral Form… stop?”

I turn back into my regular, boring, human self with my clothes on and everything just like it was before. Even my dick is back in my pants with only a slight tingling of pleasure left from the heaven I was just experiencing.

Being a human again is not the only problem.

The other problem is that I turned back into a human while about twenty feet up in the air.

“Feral Form, Forest Imp!” I shout as I fall.

I transform into an imp just a couple of feet above the ground. But now, I've got to hurry and switch ba—

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